Chapter 667: Heartless (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 667: Heartless (1)

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House Ying had not completely fallen out of noble society up till now purely because of the strenuous efforts of Old Duke Ying.

It was a sad story. Although House Ying was large in number, there weren’t many who were actually capable.

Even Chu Lian’s ‘father’ Chu Qizheng was considered one of the better ones in the family, so the abilities of the rest went without saying.

Meanwhile, Old Duchess Ying was full of wariness and vigilance. She wasn’t willing to use funds to prop up other branches of the family that had more potential. This made the rest of their clan very unhappy with House Ying.

This caused a vicious cycle within the family.

Finally, when a rare promising young seed had popped up from amongst Old Duke Ying’s disciples, they hadn’t been able to catch hold of Xiao Bojian either. Now it was too late even if Old Duke Ying tried to force Xiao Bojian into the family himself.

When the emperor’s imperial decree reached the Ying Estate, none of the members of House Ying felt sad or shocked. Conversely, they were all extremely elated.

A bestowed marriage!

Furthermore, it was the emperor himself who had personally decreed it. The groom was even a royal prince, a true member of the imperial family. Although there seemed to be something wrong with his mind, it wouldn’t affect his standing due to his birth.

As long as Miss Yuan married him, she would become a third-ranked Royal Princess by marriage!

That was an honour that most of the Chu family ladies wouldn’t even be able to beg for.

Even Chu Lian’s own marriage couldn’t compare to that honour!

Everyone in the Ying Estate was beaming with joy. Even the stewards started ordering the servants to decorate the estate and make it seem more festive and harmonious.

Even Old Duchess Ying was chuckling. She praised Miss Yuan for being lucky in front of all the other ladies of the estate.

The second branch was even looked upon more favourably due to this engagement.

The only ones who had faces full of worry and despair were likely Second Madam and Eighth Miss Yuan now.

Chu Yuan was sprawled across Second Madam’s lap. She had already cried until she was all out of breath. Sobbing, she begged, “Mother, I don’t want to marry that idiot! Mother, I’m not going to marry him! Please, help me think of a way out! The one I like is Brother Xiao!”

Second Madam’s eyes were red and swollen. Miss Yuan was her only daughter, her very lifeline. The others in the estate had been blinded by riches and status. None of them were truly concerned for her daughter’s plight.

Other than his birthright, there was nothing about Royal Prince Shou that could compare to even the most common man!

How could she just watch as her daughter’s life was ruined?

She stroked her daughter’s messy hair and said, “Yuan’er, don’t panic. When your father returns, Mother will ask your father to intervene. Your father has an official position and he has many connections. Even that Lord Pan has some relation to him. Mother will definitely get your father to think of a way so you won’t have to marry that half-wit.”

Right as mother and daughter were huddling together and crying, Chu Qizheng returned to the second branch’s courtyard.

His entire being seemed dull and lifeless. He had lost his high spirits and his eyes seemed soulless. Hidden in his sleeves, he was still gripping the official document that had caused his daze.

His face seemed to have aged a decade since that same morning.

The menial maidservant who was sweeping the courtyard came over to greet him with a smile. She even tried to get a bonus by congratulating him. “This servant congratulates Second Master, Second Madam, and Eighth Miss on the good news!”

Chu Qizheng’s face immediately contorted into a monstrous expression, veins popping out on his forehead.


The maidservant stood frozen on the spot for a moment. When she finally processed what happened, her face paled and she scrambled away in fright.

Chu Qizheng returned to his room, cloaked in anger.

Another maidservant greeted him at the entrance, but Chu Qizheng didn’t even say a word in return. He simply strode right into the room.

Within the bedroom, Second Madam was still comforting Miss Yuan with a hug. When Second Madam saw that her husband had returned, she immediately patted her daughter on the back and stood up to welcome him. Then, she lead in with a complaint. “Dear, you have to help Yuan’er, otherwise her entire life will be ruined!”

The rumours about the foolish Royal Prince Shou had already spread all over the capital.

What kind of life could a lady expect by marrying a fool? It wasn’t even guaranteed that they might be able to have children!

Second Madam had been completely shocked out of her wits by her daughter’s sudden engagement. Adding on to that her own urgency, she hadn’t noticed the stormy expression on Chu Qizheng’s face when he entered.

Chu Qizheng was already immersed in his own troubles. His wife’s complaint only added on to the mountain of frustration in his heart and acted as the spark that lit his rage.

In a burst of temper, he forcefully shoved his wife aside.

Although he hadn’t learned martial arts, he was still a tall man, and he had put enough force into his action that, with a single move, he actually managed to push Second Madam off her feet and onto the floor.

Second Madam hadn’t expected such a violent reply from Chu Qizheng. She laid sprawled over the carpet in the bedroom where she had landed, eyes wide with disbelief as she stared at Chu Qizheng. She clearly hadn’t recovered from the physical and mental blow.

“What’s wrong with becoming a Royal Princess? If not for the imperial decree, could Miss Yuan even hope to marry into a prince’s family?” Chu Qizheng’s voice was both cold and heartless.

His words pierced like needles into the hearts of Second Madam and Chu Yuan.

Both mother and daughter had their eyes wide in shock, especially Chu Yuan. At that moment, she even suspected whether the cold middle-aged man before her was truly her father.

Her father had always spoiled her and protected her. Whatever she wanted, her father would always do his best to get it for her. However, the man before her had suddenly told her to marry a fool!

“Father!” Miss Yuan let out a heart-rending wail.

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