Chapter 661: Pregnant (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 661: Pregnant (1)

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Chu Lian felt uncomfortable under his direct gaze. Her face instantly flushed and she turned her head away to avoid his eyes, but He Changdi caught hold of her chin and started raining kisses on her.

He started at the corner of her lips, then sucked on her full bottom lip and nibbled on it. Just as he was about to push deeper into her mouth, He Changdi seemed to recall something and quickly let go of Chu Lian.

Still immersed in the steamy bout of affection, Chu Lian couldn’t make sense of what happened. Her originally bashful eyes fluttered open and she turned her confused, misty gaze upon He Changdi.

He Changdi’s heart softened and he stroked her smooth, reddened cheeks lovingly. “I have a cold. I’m afraid I’ll pass it to you.”

It was then that Chu Lian found out why he had suddenly moved away.

She pressed her pink lips together. Using He Changdi’s momentary distraction, she raised her body and attacked his thin, slightly pale lips.

Her little lithe tongue reached into his mouth, twisting around in exploration. He Changdi stiffened at the intrusion as the desire in his eyes thickened.

The thirst he had tried to resist was back in full force thanks to Chu Lian’s simple gesture.

As he delved deeper into their kiss, He Changdi heard the woman in his arms say in a slightly muffled voice, “I’m not afraid of a cold.”

A corner of his lips hooked up in a smile as he turned the tables on his invader and completely dominated her mouth in return.

Their battle continued until Chu Lian was gasping for breath.

He Changdi loosened his hold on her a little. Her sweet, fragrant breath fanned out in puffs right against his nose. He continuously placed tiny kisses at the corners of her mouth and cheek.

Chu Lian took a breather as she laid bonelessly against He Changdi’s shoulders. It took some time before the flush on her cheeks faded away.

Neither of them broke the silence. Instead, they took comfort from leaning on each other.

It wasn’t long before Chu Lian dozed off, still leaning against He Changdi.

By the time their carriage reached the Anyuan Estate, darkness had already fallen outside.

Seeing that Chu Lian was still sleeping soundly in his arms, He Changdi couldn’t bear to wake her. He wrapped her up tightly in his cloak and carried her into the estate.

Even before they had reached the main courtyard they shared, Chu Lian had already woken up. However, thanks to He Changdi’s bold actions, she was too shy to open her eyes and continued feigning sleep.

The main courtyard of their new estate was still called Songtao Court.

Once He Changdi entered their courtyard, he ordered the servants to call for Great Doctor Miao.

While Chu Lian had been in the pink of health initially, she had suffered some damage on the trip to the north. It had taken a period of nourishment in order to get her health back to normal. This time, she had also suffered some fright at the hunting grounds. Although the imperial physicians had given her a clean bill of health, He Sanlang was still worried for her.

Thus, he asked for Great Doctor Miao to take a look at Chu Lian the moment they were home.

Since they had moved out of the Jing’an Estate, Great Doctor Miao had followed them to the Anyuan Estate. Chu Lian had arranged for Great Doctor Miao to have his own courtyard and even a special medicine room. At his age, Great Doctor Miao didn’t have much that he was interested in, aside from medicine and good food.

With the small and simple family of House Anyuan and Chu Lian’s cooking, the Anyuan Estate was the ideal living space for Great Doctor Miao.

Thus, Great Doctor Miao was rather grateful to the couple. When He Changdi requested his presence, he came quickly.

Chu Lian ‘woke up’ when she arrived back at Songtao Court. Since the ones serving in Songtao Court were all her close servants, she didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about around them.

She gave a slight cough to hide her remaining awkwardness.

“When Uncle Miao comes over later, let him check your pulse.”

The eternal ice on He Changdi’s face seemed to have melted away completely. There was a slight smirk in its place, and he simply nodded in reply to her request without any contest.

Senior Servant Gui had already taken Jingyan and Wenlan with her to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Great Doctor Miao was still strong and healthy despite his age, and he arrived at Songtao Court with his medicine box in no time. The moment he entered the parlour, he saw Chu Lian and He Changdi sitting at the head of the room.

His first reaction was to give them a glare and lightly admonish them. “What did you do to yourselves? Wasn’t it supposed to be a simple trip out? Look at what’s happened to you both! Others might think that you’ve gone to battle instead of just hunting!”

The couple had been around Great Doctor Miao for some time now, so they treated him like a senior member of their family. When Great Doctor Miao reprimanded them like this, all they could do was smile sheepishly back.

Great Doctor Miao set his medicine box on the table and sat down with an air of authority. He faced the couple and asked, “Who’s first?”

Chu Lian turned to look at He Changdi, who took the hint and walked over to Great Doctor Miao’s side.

Great Doctor Miao took up his hand and remained silent as he read He Changdi’s pulse. After a short while, he said, “It’s nothing major; you caught a cold from the weather because your body wasn’t in the best condition. You tired yourself out and put stress on your body by worrying too much. Just have a good night’s rest and take some medicine and you’ll be fine.”

After saying that, Great Doctor Miao turned his attention to Chu Lian.

“Now, how about you? How did you get yourself into this state? I just got you back to good health and this is how you repay me?”

Chu Lian lowered her head in shame from the doctor’s scolding.

He Changdi quickly tried to defend his wife. “Uncle Miao, it’s all my fault. Don’t scold Lian’er.”

Great Doctor Miao harrumphed.

“Aren’t you going to come here?”

He Changdi vacated his seat next to Great Doctor Miao, and Chu Lian stood up and sat in He Changdi’s place. She extended a fair wrist and placed it on the handkerchief on the table.

Great Doctor Miao focused on reading her pulse. Suddenly, he frowned and pressed harder on Chu Lian’s wrist. It took him much longer to read her pulse than he had for He Changdi. He continued checking her pulse for eight whole minutes and even checked both of her wrists.

He Changdi noticed the grave expression on his face. His heart leaped in alarm. He could barely wait for Great Doctor Miao to finish reading Chu Lian’s pulse before he asked, “Uncle Miao, did something happen to Lian’er?”

Chu Lian hadn’t thought much of the long diagnosis. She hadn’t had much appetite these two days and was a little giddy sometimes. To her, it seemed like the symptoms of low blood sugar. She had eaten more according to what Physician Li had recommended and the symptoms had mostly disappeared.

However, Great Doctor Miao was a genius in the medical field, so she started feeling uneasy from how serious he looked.

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