Chapter 659: Let Me Lean on You (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 659: Let Me Lean on You (1)

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Sima Hui smiled and didn’t deny it.

After spending some time together in the north, Sima Hui had gotten some understanding of Chu Lian’s personality.

She didn’t continue pressing Chu Lian about her relationship with her husband and turned the conversation elsewhere. “Lian’er, I wasn’t trying to pry. I’m just a messenger sent by Fourth Prince, here to inform you of some facts.”

Chu Lian looked confused as she faced Sima Hui.


When Sima Hui noticed the dazed look on Chu Lian’s cute little face, she knew instantly that her silly friend wasn’t in the know.

She sighed inwardly, cursing at He Changdi in her mind for keeping everything hidden from his wife. That man had stuffed all his bitterness and hatred into his heart and suppressed it there. If not for this special situation and Prince Jin’s inside knowledge, then this couple’s relationship might really have gone beyond the point of repair.

“The silver mine that He Changdi and Prince Jin have been hiding in the north is being investigated.”

Chu Lian’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Was she joking?! A silver mine?! The discovery of any silver mines had to be reported to the court immediately so that the Ministry of Revenue could make an official report of it to the emperor. The emperor himself would then order the cabinet to pick a few suitable officials to lead a team to develop the mine.

The law here was that no one could develop mines on their own, not even the princes!

He Changdi was way too bold! He actually developed a private mine of his own with Prince Jin!

Thinking back to when they were in the north and how He Changdi’s subordinates had kept disappearing, a chill sprung up in Chu Lian’s heart. It was her fault for not reading the story to the end and not finding out if there was any information related to the silver mine.

No wonder he had been so generous with his money back then. He had bought her accessories and even that storefront… When she had asked, all he had said was that the money was his and that he had gotten it through legitimate means that had to be kept secret.

Well, now she knew exactly why it had to be kept secret. That money had come from the silver in his illegal mine!

If the emperor really wanted to pursue the matter, he could definitely mete out a heavy punishment. Taking away his official position as well as his noble rank were all within expectations.

“Does His Majesty know?” A tremor had developed in Chu Lian’s voice.

Sima Hui nodded gravely. “His Majesty found out right before the spring hunt.”

Chu Lian immediately realised how serious the matter was. Her own expression took a turn for the worse.

“And Imperial Concubine Wei knows about this matter as well,” Sima Hui calmly added. This bombshell made Chu Lian want to collapse.

She couldn’t hold back her gasp.

“But you don’t have to worry too much. Prince Jin and Marquis Anyuan have already controlled any news leaks, and there aren’t many who know about it. His Majesty has also quietly given them permission to hand over the silver mine to the court through the proper channels instead.”

Prince Jin was still the emperor’s flesh and blood after all. Although this incident had turned the emperor’s impression of him towards the negative, the benefits brought to the country by discovering a new silver mine were enough to grant him some merit for the achievement, enough for the emperor to overlook his mistake.

Chu Lian suddenly thought back to the morning she had seen He Changdi accompanying Imperial Princess Leyao.

Sima Hui seemed to have guessed her train of thought.

“Marquis Anyuan has been accompanying Princess Leyao for the past two days, partly because of the emperor’s order, but also due to Imperial Concubine Wei’s threats. Imperial Princess Leyao got crippled because of her own reckless actions. Unfortunately, because Marquis Anyuan was nearby when it happened, Imperial Concubine Wei feels that it was Marquis Anyuan’s fault for not saving her in time.”

Chu Lian’s eyes widened. She really couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

There were really all these various reasons behind his recent cold behaviour towards her?

Why didn’t He Changdi talk to her? When she wanted to open her heart to him, he had kept avoiding her.

As if she were some scary beast.

Sima Hui noticed that Chu Lian had lowered her head and closed her eyes. Her lips were pressed tightly together. The general knew that her friend had taken her words to heart.

“Alright, I’m not going to say anything else. The rest is between you and your husband. If you have the time, go and have a good chat with him.”

Sima Hui stroked Chu Lian’s smooth hair before lifting the curtain entrance of the carriage and jumping straight out, smoothly landing on her mount. She wielded her horse whip gracefully, and her horse shot forward to join the rest of the military officials further in front.

When the spring hunt party passed the gates of the capital, they each returned to their own estates.

Only a few officials still had to follow behind the emperor and enter the palace for further orders. Chu Lian was intending to wait at Xuanwu Gate for He Changdi so that they could return home together. Unfortunately, Laiyue came out with a special message from He Changdi, telling her to head home first.

Chu Lian thought it over for a moment before shooting a look at Laiyue, who was waiting respectfully at the side. Instead of instructing the driver or the guards to move, she started questioning He Changdi’s manservant. “Where did you go last night?”

Laiyue looked up in shock at the question, but quickly lowered his head again to hide the flash of panic in his eyes. He tried his best to calm down and answered, “Replying to Third Young Madam, this servant didn’t go anywhere. This servant went to sleep the moment it got dark?”

The usual soft and watery gaze in Chu Lian’s eyes was gone, replaced by a frigid glare that could rival her husband’s. When it landed on Laiyue’s frame, he couldn’t bear the pressure and started trembling uncontrollably.

Laiyue’s head shrunk even lower. Chu Lian didn’t continue speaking and simply stared.

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