Chapter 657: Playing Pitiful (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 657: Playing Pitiful (1)

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Within a side room in the courtyard, Chu Lian was about to get to bed under Wenqing’s careful attendance.

She had been feeling tired throughout the day, and had even received a surprise ‘assault’ from He Changdi during the night. Her mind had been on edge for a near 24 whole hours. Now that she finally got to relax, the exhaustion piled up upon her.

However, the moment she laid down, there was a rumble of thunder, and then came the pitter-patter of raindrops against the roof tiles.

Chu Lian stared blankly at the ceiling. She blinked her almond-shaped eyes several times, then pulled up the blanket to cover her ears in an attempt to isolate herself from the annoying sound of rainfall.

Wenqing stood to one side, contemplating whether to speak or not. She had already received news of Third Young Master coming over and waiting outside the gates.

It was evident that Prince and Princess Wei had no intention of keeping He Changdi’s actions from Chu Lian.

The final say was left to Chu Lian. Even though Wenqing was concerned about the well-being of her master, as a mere servant, it wasn’t her place to say anything.

Chu Lian reached out and made a gesture for Wenqing to go and said, “You’ve worked hard today. Go get some rest too.”

Wenqing sighed inwardly. The quarrel between Third Young Madam and Third Young Master must be really bad this time. Even at this point in their relationship, there were still obstacles between the two of them.

“This servant will retreat for now. This servant will have a rest on the chaise right outside; please call for this servant if you need anything, Third Young Madam.”

Once Wenqing’s footsteps faded away, Chu Lian pulled down the blanket covering her face.

As she looked at the peaceful turquoise-colored canopy, her mind was filled with chaotic thoughts.

She forced her eyes shut, but the pelting rain and cracking thunder still managed to pierce her ears, each assault like hammers slamming down on her heart.

Chu Lian tossed and turned but she just couldn’t fall asleep. Her mind was consumed by the words reported by a servant who had come by earlier.

“Honoured Lady, Marquis Anyuan has come over looking for you. The princess ordered the guards to stop him from entering and the guards have advised him to leave, but it doesn’t seem like Marquis Anyuan intends to do so. He has been standing at the entrance for an hour. Do you have any orders?”

It had never occured to Chu Lian that it would rain tonight, and that it would be such a heavy downpour.

That lunatic He Sanlang wouldn’t actually be so silly as to stand in front of the gate all night, right?

The entrance only had small eaves hanging over the door to serve as protection from the rain.

Wouldn’t he be soaked by now?

It was already spring, and summer would soon come, but it was still easy to fall ill by staying out in the rain like this.

Even though they had Great Doctor Miao, the Great Wu Dynasty wasn’t like modern times. They didn’t have any advanced medical equipment. Thus, even the smallest cold could end up taking a person’s life.

Chu Lian’s thoughts went wild. The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became.

The maidservant had said that Laiyue was there as well. That fellow wouldn’t just stand there and watch his master get soaked, right?

He Sanlang would have to stay by His Majesty’s side as a guard the next morning as well…

After tossing and turning restlessly in bed for another fifteen minutes, Chu Lian couldn’t continue lying down anymore. She got up and listened to the pouring rain, praying that it would lighten up, but the heavens paid no heed to her wishes. The rain outside didn’t get any softer at all; it felt like it grew louder instead.

Chu Lian finally had enough. She shouted for Wenqing who was resting outside.

Wenqing quickly entered. From her attire, it was obvious that she hadn’t gone to sleep at all.

Chu Lian gripped the blanket tightly with both hands, took a deep breath, then ordered, “Wenqing, go to the entrance and check if he has left.”

Wenqing’s eyes brightened up. She quickly answered in the affirmative and bowed to Chu Lian, then immediately walked off to complete the task.

Chu Lian watched as Wenqing left impatiently and sighed. They had probably guessed that she would be too soft-hearted to ignore this situation.

Oh well, what’s done is done, She had never had the heart to watch He Changdi suffer anyway.

At the entrance, the originally suave and charismatic He Sanlang was now so soaked that he looked like a drowned rat.

The two locks of hair framing his face now clung to his skin due to the rain, and water droplets were streaking down his stubborn expression and dripping from his chin.

He raised one hand to wipe away the rainwater on his face.

He maintained a frosty expression in the pouring rain, but his back was straighter than ever.

Even the two guards couldn’t bear to watch him do this to himself.

“Marquis, please come over here for cover. The spring rain is chilly, and it will be easy to fall ill if Marquis stays there.”

He Changdi didn’t move an inch. It was as if the two guards didn’t even exist.

The two guards were at a loss for what to do, so they secretly had someone report this to the higher-ups.

Unexpectedly, the servant who went to pass the message returned and told them to leave Marquis Anyuan alone. As long as Honoured Lady Jinyi remained silent, this would be none of their concern, even if he stood there the entire night.

The two guards shared a look. They had no choice but to keep their mouths shut.

Laiyue was standing there holding two umbrellas and was incredibly anxious as well. He was completely soaked, and he had tried to persuade Third Young Master to take an umbrella or go back for now, but He Changdi stayed unmoving like a stone statue.

Like a fool, Laiyue held the umbrellas without opening them, accompanying his ‘crazy’ master to stand in front of the entrance.

If it wasn’t for the fact that these guards refused to let him enter as well, he would have already gone in to look for Third Young Madam with tears in his eyes.

Right as Laiyue began to fall into a daze, he caught sight of someone in his peripheral vision; it was a familiar figure to him.

He abruptly raised his head, and his eyes met with Wenqing’s searching gaze.

Laiyue immediately brightened up. He waved at Wenqing from outside the courtyard like an idiot. His smile was so wide that it revealed all of his white teeth.

Wenqing served Third Young Madam personally. Since she had come here at this time, it had to be by Third Young Madam’s order.

It seemed like Third Young Master hadn’t gotten soaked for nothing. The rainbow had finally come after the storm.

This had truly been an arduous mission.

Wenqing glared at him, then shifted her gaze to He Changdi. She sized him up, then turned away and left quickly.

Laiyue moved closer to He Changdi and said with a silly smile on his face, “Third Young Master, did you see who that was? It was Wenqing.”

He Changdi sent a chilly gaze at him, and Laiyue immediately curbed his smile and shut his mouth.

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