Chapter 652: Caring Old Brother (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 652: Caring Old Brother (4)

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When He Changdi finally understood Prince Jin’s words, he instantly felt enlightened.

His expression suddenly became grave, while he felt guilty and terrified inwardly.

He clenched his fist and finally restrained his erupting emotions. He asked in a cold voice, “Ah-yi, how’s the investigation going?”

A dangerous glint instantly emerged within Prince Jin’s previously jeering and teasing gaze.

“Both Leyao’s injury and Jinyi’s fall from the horse were prearranged, but I haven’t been able to track down the real mastermind. I can’t be certain that the mastermind is Sixth Brother.”

A dangerous and icy glint flashed through He Changdi’s deep gaze.

Prince Jin tapped on the round table with one of his slender fingers, “However, there’s something I don’t understand. I can understand them scheming against you, but why are they also harming Jinyi? Even if Xiao Bojian still has lingering feelings for Chu Lian, he didn’t need to risk his life. Moreover, he did it in front of Father.”

This was indeed a mystery. During this lifetime, Chu Lian didn’t have any relationship with Xiao Bojian at all. Furthermore, she had nothing to do with all the fighting and scheming for power. However, she had been unknowingly implicated into this struggle for power. Even He Changdi, who was a reincarnator, couldn’t figure this out.

“What do you think?”

He Sanlang shook his head, “You don’t have to worry. I’ll protect Lian’er.”

Prince Jin didn’t continue speaking. They remained silent for a while before Prince Jin began telling him to leave.

“Alright, hurry up and leave. I have to rest. I can’t sleep while looking at your ice block face.”

He Changdi stood up and left with a frosty expression.

There was still an hour before the bonfire banquet that the emperor is hosting. He wanted to go back to check on Chu Lian, but he still felt somewhat awkward about the situation.

He Sanlang looked around, then turned and walked towards Captain Guo and Zhang Mai’s tent.

Captain Guo’s wife was completely unrelated to the imperial family, so he had come to the spring hunt alone this time and stayed in the same tent as Zhang Mai.

He walked up to the tent and looked at the familiar curtain. He remembered the time he had spent at the northern border with his brothers in the military.

He Changdi’s stiff expression slightly loosened up.

The soldier at the entrance recognised He Changdi, so he immediately went in to report his arrival after giving him a salute. A moment later, the soldier lifted the curtain and he strode inside.

Captain Guo and Zhang Mai were sitting around a small table, while drinking wine and eating roasted meat.

They were spending their days quite leisurely.

When Captain Guo saw that it was He Changdi, he quickly waved at him, “Zixiang, come and sit down.”

He Changdi strode towards the small table and sat on the floor together with them. A woolen carpet was spread out on the floor of the tent, so it wasn’t cold.

He pursed his lips as his gaze swept over the two familiar-looking plates of roasted meat on the small table.

Captain Guo was a rough old man who didn’t really observe other person’s moods, so he bluntly said, “Your wife had someone send them over. It’s so damn delicious. You’re such a lucky guy.”

As he spoke, he ripped off a piece of roasted meat with his hand and threw it into his mouth, while also displaying a blissful expression.

Frustration piled upon He Changdi at the sight.

He decided to just lower his head. If he didn’t see it, then he wouldn’t be bothered by it.

Zhang Mai, who was beside them, was much more sensitive than Captain Guo. He carefully observed He Changdi and creased his brows, “Zixiang, what’s with your appearance?”

He Changdi normally wasn’t very concerned about his appearance, but he would at least maintain a clean and tidy appearance. Under decent circumstances, he wouldn’t treat himself poorly.

Most of all, he had Chu Lian to take care of him. After returning to the capital, he had been wearing fine clothes and eating delicious foods.

He had a well-proportioned figure with broad shoulders and slender waist as well as a handsome face. Although he always kept a cold expression on his face, he possessed a charming air.

As long as he dressed up a little, he would look the same as any noble gentlemen.

Some of his peers were even imitating his style in secret.

Taking for example, the green jade thumb ring that he wore on his hand. It was originally just something that military officials would wear to protect their finger when shooting. Ever since He Changdi had started to wear that thick jade thumb ring throughout the year, even the literary officials in the court had also started wearing jade thumb rings.    

Rather unlike his usual neat appearance, He Changdi looked quite ‘rough’ right now.

He looked even worse than when he had been at the northern border.

He Changdi had a cold expression on his face. After a while, he uttered a response, “I have a subordinate whose wife is angry at him. Over these past few days, he has been absent-minded and doesn’t know how to coax her.”

After he said that, Captain Guo stopped eating and exchanged glances with Zhang Mai. They both looked at He Changdi as if they had seen a ghost.  

What the heck? Did this guy even know how to lie? His story sounded too fake. Wasn’t the subordinate that he mentioned... himself...?

Captain Guo and Zhang Mai couldn’t help the twitching of their lips.

So even the highly skilled Marquis Anyuan, who was firm and decisive on the battlefield and talented at training troops, faced such mundane problems.

After a brief pause, Captain Guo and Zhang Mai started getting excited.

It was so rare that He Changdi needed their help with something! They had to do their best as caring older brothers and help solve his problems.

Captain Guo adjusted his expression, “Oh? Did your subordinate mention about his wife’s current situation?”

He Changdi narrowed his eyes as he thought with a stiff expression, “She’s ignoring him, not cooking for him, and not speaking to him.”

Captain Guo became even more enthusiastic as he listened, “They’re a young couple, so it’s normal to have a few quarrels. And it’s typical for women to be slightly unreasonable. She might already be regretting it, but she’s too thin-skinned and embarrassed to say anything.”

“Right, a man should be thick-skinned. You need to take the initiative to apologise to her, then sway her with some sweet words.”

He Changdi frowned. He clearly had doubts with Captain Guo and Zhang Mai’s suggestions. In his heart, Chu Lian wasn’t a woman who liked to make a fuss without reason.

Captain Guo noticed that there was still some suspicion on his face, so he gritted his teeth and revealed his ultimate trick.

“Listen to this old brother. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, then work it out in bed. If one time doesn’t work, then do it twice! Anyways, this trick is especially effective with your sister-in-law.”

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