Chapter 651: Caring Old Brother (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 651: Caring Old Brother (3)

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There were still two hours before tonight’s bonfire banquet.

He Changdi was sulking while sitting inside Prince Jin’s tent. Although his handsome face was as cold as ever, but it was also very pale and haggard.

Prince Jin lifted the tent flap and saw his good friend was sitting beside the table in a daze.

He glanced at him calmly with his blue eyes, “What’s wrong? Why do you look so lifeless?”

He Changdi’s thin lips were tightly pursed and his eyes were lowered, as if he was a statue that couldn’t speak.

Prince Jin took off his cloak and handed it to the attendant beside him. After that, he walked towards He Changdi and carefully examined him from head to toe a couple of times.

His clothes were disheveled. He appeared haggard and miserable. He had an unkempt beard and bloodshot eyes with dark shadows under them. Tsk… What in the world had happened to this guy?

As soon as Prince Jin sat down, a maidservant brought over a warming soup.

He hadn’t even lifted his spoon when He Changdi gloomily said, “Give me a bowl, too.”

Prince Jin was stunned now. He held the spoon and looked at his close friend with furrowed brows, “With the meals that Jinyi cooks, you still want the food prepared here?”

When Guilin Restaurant had still been open, he would go to the restaurant to satisfy his cravings. Even a dignified prince had to visit a restaurant in order to satisfy his appetite. On the other hand, He Changdi was actually going around outside to eat other people’s ‘crudely made’ food. What a joke.

He Sanlang was indifferent to Prince Jin’s teasing and said faintly, “I haven’t eaten anything for a whole day and night.”

Prince Jin: …

“Would Jinyi starve you?” That girl was a foodie. She was probably stuffing her face whenever she was free. There was no way she didn’t prepare any food. Even if she didn’t make it herself, she still had two maidservants, who had learned some of her skills, beside her!

No matter what, He Changdi wouldn’t be starved.

He Sanlang didn’t say anything and remained silent. When the maidservant brought another bowl of soup over, he held it up and finished it in one breath.

He wasn’t tasting the food at all and was just simply trying to fill his stomach.

Prince Jin was somewhat dumbfounded and shook his head helplessly, “I wanted you to taste it properly. Although the soup isn’t as delicious as the foods that Jinyi makes, it’s still considered a delicacy.”

While Prince Jin was drinking his soup, his attendant came in to make a report.

“Reporting to Fourth Prince, Honoured Lady Jinyi sent over some wild game. Would you like to try some right now?”

Prince Jin was stunned and raised his brows. Look at that. The moment he mentioned Chu Lian, she had sent over some food for him to eat.

“Bring them in.”

The attendant hastily went out. A moment later, he came in with a food box. Then, he took out the two plates of meat from the food box and placed them on the table.

A plate of venison and a plate of duck meat, which were already sliced up.

They had just been roasted, so the roast meat inside the plates was still steaming with heat. The fragrance of the meat billowed up into their faces.

Prince Jin picked up his chopsticks and pointed at the two plates in front of him, “You’ve been exposed. Can you still say you didn’t eat anything? Jinyi wouldn’t have sent all the roasted meats that she prepared over to me, right?”

He Changdi had a bitter expression on his face because it was true. Chu Lian hadn’t left any of her cooking for him to eat.

Without hesitation, He Sanlang picked up his chopsticks, grabbed a piece of roasted meat, and stuffed it into his mouth.

It was crispy and tender, a taste that was unforgettable for a lifetime. It had definitely been roasted with Chu Lian’s recipe.

However, his mouth was filled with bitterness when eating such delicious delicacies.

Prince Jin didn’t think his good friend would suddenly start digging into his food.

He complained, “Hey, aren’t you being too rude? Jinyi sent these for me to eat. If you want to eat, then have Jinyi make some for you. You can eat as much as you want. Why are you taking my share?”

Although Prince Jin complained, he didn’t stop his friend’s action. He knew his friend was in a bad mood. He had only interrupted to distract his friend from his thoughts.

The two plates of roast meats were soon cleared by these two grown men.

Prince Jin leaned back against his chair slightly. His gaze fell upon his friend, who was still in a daze, “Say it. What happened? Did you have an argument with Jinyi?”

He Sanlang rubbed his stiff face and took a deep breath, “Lian’er is mad at me.”

Prince Jin lifted his pair of unique eyes, “Tell me about it.”

He Sanlang and Prince Jin were sworn brothers who had grown up together. Since their previous lifetime, they had been best friends who could risk their lives for each other. Thus, there was nothing they couldn’t talk about.

After some deliberation, He Changdi told him the whole story.

Prince Jin was slightly stunned after listening to him. His blue eyes flickered in disbelief, “You wouldn’t actually be interested in that brat Leyao, right?”

He Changdi was dumbfounded by his friend’s question. He had a grim expression on his face and his voice had a sense of anger, “Lu Yi, what do you mean?!”

Prince Jin sneered coldly, “You embraced her and you’ve been accompanying her. Doesn’t that mean you’re interested in that brat?”

He Changdi: …

“Don’t misunderstand. Imperial Princess Leyao is only eleven years old. I’m not a pervert!”


“It was His Majesty’s order. I can’t reject an imperial order.”

Prince Jin gave his idiotic friend a glare and scoffed, “Are you an idiot? Leyao is already eleven years old. Are there any imperial children who are actually naïve? Don’t tell me that Leyao is still young. In another year, she is going to be twelve. Even for noble families, marriage arrangements can begin when they’re twelve. Leyao is resentful towards Jinyi. Haven’t you ever considered Jinyi’s feelings? In my opinion, you’re probably worse than Xiao Bojian!”

Prince Jin’s last comment was somewhat harsh, but when facing someone so oblivious, he had to knock him awake somehow.

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