Chapter 650: Caring Old Brother (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 650: Caring Old Brother (2)

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Chu Lian was so angry that she didn’t even have an appetite. Over the past couple of days, she ate very lightly for all her meals.

Wenlan asked worriedly, “Third Young Madam, do you have anything that you want to eat for lunch? This servant will go prepare it for you.”

Third Young Madam usually placed a lot of importance with regards to food, but she just waved her hand in disinterest now, “Just prepare a few simple dishes. I ate very little this morning, so prepare for lunch earlier.”

Wenlan didn’t understand Chu Lian’s meaning and thought that Third Young Madam’s appetite had recovered. With a happy expression on her face, she took two maidservants with her to pick out the ingredients.  

Chu Lian really did have lunch a lot earlier this afternoon.

She ate about two hours earlier than usual.

However, she didn’t eat as much as Wenlan had expected. Chu Lian only drank half a bowl of the fragrant old duck stew before saying she was full.

After that, she went behind the screen to take an afternoon nap.

When He Changdi returned at noon, Chu Lian had just gone to sleep an hour ago.

When he entered the tent and noticed that it was completely quiet, his expression became even more stern and cold.

“Your young madam hasn’t eaten yet?”

Wenqing replied with her head bowed, “Replying to Third Young Master, Third Young Madam ate two hours ago. She’s taking a nap right now.” Though Wenqing’s words sounded respectful, they lacked some emotion.

He Changdi could sense the changes within the entire tent.

He had been intending to mention having lunch with Chu Lian, but he decided to give up on the idea in the end.

He waved his hand at Wenqing, “You can go.”

Wenqing left the tent without even looking back.

Laiyue was waiting outside and went up to Wenqing when he saw her come out.

Laiyue’s face was full of anxiety, “My dear sister Wenqing, how’s the situation inside?”

“What do you mean?”

Laiyue pulled Wenqing to the side and whispered, “Didn’t you notice that Third Young Madam is quarreling with Third Young Master?! What do you think happened? They were fine earlier, but everything suddenly changed.”

Wenqing was already angry at He Changdi, so her anger was instantly ignited when the tactless Laiyue began making false assumptions. It seemed like the saying that servants will act the same as their masters was true. This Laiyue wasn’t a good person either.

“Open your damned eyes and have a good look! Is it Third Young Madam’s fault? Or Third Young Master’s fault? If you don’t know the answer, then you’re also not allowed to eat, just like your Third Young Master!”

Laiyue widened his eyes in shock and pulled on Wenqing’s sleeve, “Ahhh, my dear ancestor.  Please, I’m seriously begging you. Please give me a bowl of food. I’ve been running around for the whole morning and I haven’t even had a sip of water!”

Wenqing sneered, “What? The snacks over at Imperial Princess Leyao’s place wasn’t enough to fill your stomach? Stop pretending to be so pitiful in front of me.”

Laiyue felt pity for himself inwardly, “Sister Wenqing, please don’t misunderstand me. I went out for an errand early this morning. I never went to Imperial Princess Leyao’s side.”

Wenqing was stunned, “You didn’t go to Imperial Princess Leyao’s tent?”

Laiyue shook his head and his face was scrunched up like an orange.

“So only Third Young Master went?”

“I’m not sure about that. That’s not something I would dare ask Third Young Master about.”

Wenqing gave him a fierce glare, “You’re so useless!”

“Ay, No. Sister, I’m really innocent. Please spare me some food.”

Laiyue really did look quite pitiful.

There were stains all over his green robe and stubble had grown on his chin. His hair was also in a mess. Just by looking at his appearance, he really looked like a random refugee.

Wenqing harrumphed, “Come with me. Third Young Madam has some leftovers from lunch. You got lucky!”

Laiyue smiled, flashing a mouth full of white teeth, “Alright. It’s fine as long as there’s something to eat. I don’t mind.”

The hungry He Changdi, who wasn’t even in the mood to eat, would never have thought that his personal manservant had already abandoned him.

Each household was to take care of their own food and needs on the hunting grounds as the imperial family wouldn’t care about their survival. Even if He Changdi was on duty every day, he still needed to have his meals in his own tent.

Chu Lian had purposely eaten earlier to avoid having to sit at the same table as He Changdi.

However, she didn’t expect Wenqing and Wenlan to be even more harsh. They hadn’t even prepared any food for He Changdi.

Regardless, He Changdi didn’t have any appetite right now. His head and heart were in a complete daze. He tiptoed around the screen to check on Chu Lian.

Chu Lian was laying on her side with her back facing him. Her soft little body was curled up into a ball. He reached out, about to touch her, but he retracted his hand halfway through.

He closed his eyes, then walked around the screen and laid down on the chaise beside it for a while.

Chu Lian opened her eyes once he left.

Chu Lian stared at the ceiling and blinked furiously. She hadn’t actually fallen asleep just now. After a long moment, she smiled at herself mockingly. It seemed like it would be impossible to get an explanation from He Changdi.

Forget it. If he didn’t want to speak, then so be it.

Chu Lian angrily turned over, closed her eyes, and fell asleep for real.

He Changdi wasn’t in the tent anymore when she woke up.

In the afternoon, the emperor took his men to the forest in the mountain to hunt. Royal Princess Duanjia sent someone to bring over some wild meat, including wild duck, pheasant, and a deer. There was supposed to be a bonfire banquet tonight, but Chu Lian used her ill health as an excuse to decline attendance.

However, Chu Lian felt bad for not doing anything at all when facing the game that had been sent over.

Wenqing brought a rocking chair over for her. She sat on the chair and directed the maidservants on how to roast the game.

After they finished preparing the wild meats, Chu Lian didn’t even take a bite. She ordered people to send them to Old Duke Zheng, Royal Princess Duanjia, Prince Jin, and the others.

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