Chapter 649: Caring Old Brother (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 649: Caring Old Brother (1)

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The imperial hunting grounds were surrounded by beautiful scenery, with mountains, waters, and forests.

Since Chu Lian was injured, the emperor allowed her to stay in her tent to rest. She didn’t need to participate in any activities.

Those who were injured were probably the idlest within the entire camp.

Wenqing had informed her that, while she was still sleeping, some people had come to check on her situation, such as Old Duke Zheng, Sima Hui, and Captain Guo.

Sima Hui had also left behind a maidservant, who was skilled in medicine. Chu Lian walked to the lakeside nearby with Wenqing’s support.

There was something that she couldn’t understand. Why was her husband, He Changdi, whom she needed the most, still missing? Even people like Sima Hui, Captain Guo, and Xiao Hongyu had come to express their concern when they found out about her accident.

She took a deep breath of the refreshingly cool spring air to suppress the resentment in her heart.

If the emperor hadn’t made arrangements for the officials who came, then she really wanted to rush to He Changdi and ask about his current thoughts.

She was seriously frustrated right now.

Even if he was dissatisfied with her, they still had to meet each other to make things clear. What was he trying to do by avoiding her?!

Chu Lian turned around and instructed Wenlan, “Go inquire about Imperial Princess Leyao’s situation. Also, check if my husband is over at her side.”

Just as Chu Lian finished speaking, she heard the sound of a woman’s voice.

Chu Lian turned around and looked towards the direction of that voice.

She saw them at the lakeside about fifty to sixty meters away. A man in a black robe with an icy face and a sword strapped at his waist was walking beside a young girl sitting in a wooden wheelchair. There were five maidservant and court attendants behind the young girl.

Who else could they be other than He Changdi and Imperial Princess Leyao?

Chu Lian’s clear eyes narrowed slightly. She stared at He Changdi and Imperial Princess Leyao, who were currently taking a stroll beside the lake.

Her mouth tilted upwards into a mocking smirk. The inner radiance on her beautiful face dimmed slightly.

So it turned out that He Changdi had been avoiding her because he was accompanying the injured Imperial Princess Leyao.

Well, she really learned something from that.

Wenqing and Wenlan, who were standing behind Chu Lian, also frowned when they saw the scene in front of them. They couldn’t understand what Third Young Master was doing right now.

When had he became so close with Imperial Princess Leyao?

He Changdi had a cold expression on his face. With narrowed eyes and a bottomless gaze, it was hard to tell what he was thinking about. When looking carefully, he seemed to have two dark smudges under his eyes.

He suddenly sensed a familiar gaze on him. The moment he raised his head to look, he met with Chu Lian’s astounded gaze.

He Changdi’s eyebrows instantly furrowed and a flash of pain appeared within his eyes when he looked at Chu Lian.

He leaned forward slightly, wanting to run over to her immediately, but he suddenly thought of something and stopped himself from moving.

He took in a deep breath and suppressed the raging impulse within himself. Then, he turned his eyes away coldly.

Out of the corner of Chu Lian’s eyes, she could see Imperial Princess Leyao revealing a jeering and proud smile.

Chu Lian controlled her emotions and forced out a faint smile. She bobbed a greeting toward Imperial Princess Leyao from afar, then resolutely turned around and left without looking back again.   

Wenqing and Wenlan, who were following behind Chu Lian, were also infuriated. They positioned themselves on either side of Chu Lian so they completely blocked Chu Lian’s figure, making sure that the people behind them couldn’t see her at all.

When Chu Lian returned to the tent, she went back into the bed to sulk. She had originally wanted to go out to get some fresh air, but she hadn’t expected that it would make her feel even more frustrated instead.

Damn it, He Changdi was seriously so toxic.

Shortly afterwards, Wenqing reported the information that she had found regarding Imperial Princess Leyao’s situation.

When she mentioned Imperial Princess Leyao’s injury, Chu Lian didn’t feel any sympathy for her at all. There was even a faint sense of delight within her heart.

Imperial Princess Leyao had been hostile towards her since the first time she entered the palace.

Her hostility had become even more obvious nowadays.

She still didn’t understand He Changdi’s intentions. Although Imperial Princess Leyao was still very young, her intentions were clear. Did He Sanlang really want to become the emperor’s son-in-law and marry a princess?!

The Great Wu Dynasty wasn’t the same as the previous dynasty. A princess’s husband wouldn’t be given any actual power. If he married the emperor’s daughter, then he would just become an idle plaything waiting for death!

Chu Lian’s mind was in a jumbled mess. The hunting ground was located in the outskirts of the capital, the weather lagged slightly behind the capital. It was still pretty cold at night.

She had ridden all the way here, then suffered a fright yesterday. Thus, she hadn’t gotten a good night’s rest last night. Chu Lian had obviously become thinner.

She looked pale and haggard now. It seemed like all the previous nourishing for her body had been for naught.

Wenlan’s heart seriously ached. She and her sister knew some martial arts, so they would usually be responsible for taking care of Chu Lian when she goes out. However, Xiyan was definitely the maidservant whom Third Young Madam trusted the most within the estate.

The night before they had departed, Xiyan had specially told them to take good care of Third Young Madam’s health. Senior Servant Zhong had also left some words for them in particular.

After all, Third Young Madam’s health had become better and the young couple had a loving relationship. It was entirely possible that there was already a young heir in her belly.

Well, look at what happened now. Not only Third Young Madam had not gained any weight, but she had even become thinner than before…

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