Chapter 647: She Must be Crazy to Have Fallen for Him (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 647: She Must be Crazy to Have Fallen for Him (3)

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After she exited the tent, Wenqing called over one of the Anyuan Estate’s guards and told him to search for He Changdi.

The guard didn’t dare procrastinate and swiftly left.

Chu Lian drank the medicine that the female physician had prescribed. The medicine contained medical herbs with a sedative effect, so Chu Lian promptly fell asleep.

She didn’t know how long she slept, but the lanterns within the tent were already lit when she woke up.

Wenlan probably heard the movement behind the screen, so she hastily came in.

She walked over to the side of the bed and helped Chu Lian sit up, placing a soft pillow behind her to cushion her back.

“Third Young Madam, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

Chu Lian looked around the tent. “What time is it?”

Wenlan handed a cup of warm water to her. “Just past eleven.”

Chu Lian took a sip of warm water. She was slightly surprised since she didn’t expect to fall asleep until it was almost midnight.  

Wenlan didn’t hear her reply regarding whether she wanted to eat something, so she decided to just go out and tell Wenqing to bring the food box in.

“Third Young Madam, we’ve prepared some shredded chicken and mushroom porridge. We also have the side dishes that we brought over from the estate. Third Young Madam should eat some.”

Chu Lian nodded. Although she didn’t really have an appetite, she was indeed hungry.

Wenqing and Wenlan were delighted by her willingness to eat.

They found a small side table to serve as a tray to put on the bed, then took the porridge and side dishes out of the food box.

Chu Lian ate half a bowl with much difficulty. After there was some food lining her stomach, she didn’t feel like eating any more.

She waved her hand towards Wenlan. “Take them away. I’m already full. There’s still plenty of porridge left; you can eat some if you’re hungry.”

Wenqing looked at the bowl of porridge which was still half-full and was thinking of persuading Chu Lian to eat a little more. However, before she could say anything, her young madam had already retreated back into the blanket, prepared to lie down again.

Wenlan looked towards her older sister and shook her head. All they could do was clean up everything as ordered.

They went out after confirming that Chu Lian had really fallen asleep again.

The sisters’ eyes were filled with worry.

“Sister, Third Young Madam must be truly angry this time. She didn’t even ask about Third Young Master’s whereabouts.”

Normally, if He Changdi wasn’t at home and she had finished eating, Chu Lian would instruct them to save some food for Third Young Master, or ask when He Changdi would return.

However, Chu Lian hadn’t said a word about He Changdi’s situation just now. She also hadn’t asked when he would be coming back. Moreover, she didn’t even talk about whether He Changdi had eaten yet, as if He Changdi didn’t exist anymore.

“Ah? Didn’t you send someone to ask in the afternoon? How was it?”

Wenlan pursed her lips. “The guard said Third Young Master is in Imperial Princess Leyao’s tent… He was stopped outside and wasn’t allowed to enter…”


Even Wenqing was angry now. Imperial Princess Leyao! Why was that little brat forcibly hogging their master?  

“Sister, that Princess Leyao is already eleven this year… Could she possibly...”

Wenqing didn’t like to view others in a bad light. She frowned and warned, “Wenlan, don’t make  rash comments. If it spreads out, it would not only dishonour House Anyuan, but it might also bring disaster upon us.”

“Yes, Sister. I was wrong.”

Even though Wenqing said that, on the inside, she was even more worried than Wenlan.

The children of the imperial family usually matured earlier. With all the fighting and scheming within the palace, they wouldn’t be able to survive if they were too naïve. What actually were Imperial Princess Leyao’s intentions? Did she really like their master?

The medicine that Chu Lian had taken in the morning was very effective, so she had already had enough rest. Thus, she laid in bed, unable to sleep for now.

She tossed and turned, but she couldn’t fall asleep no matter how she tried.

She finally managed to fall asleep after struggling for an hour.

He Changdi came back after midnight.

Wenqing and Wenlan, who were guarding the entrance of the tent, were abruptly awakened by the soft sound of the tent’s curtain being pulled open.

When they realised that it was a dew-laden He Changdi who came in, they finally set down the swords in their hands and stood to the side respectfully.

He Sanlang’s cloak was soaked and even his hair was somewhat wet.

His entire body was covered with humidity, so there was also a bone-chilling quality within his voice when he spoke.


Wenqing and Wenlan couldn’t help but tremble. Wenlan wanted to say something, but Wenqing pulled her sleeve and dragged her out.

After leaving the tent, Wenlan still felt upset. “Older Sister, what are you doing? I need to make things clear with Third Young Master. Third Young Madam is so pitiful. She suffered a fright in the afternoon and almost died. However, Third Young Master was still outside for the entire day. Let’s disregard the fact that he didn’t even bother asking about the situation, but he didn’t come back until now! Does he even have Third Young Madam in his heart? If I was Third Young Madam, I would definitely complain to his face!”

Wenqing raised her hand and gave Wenlan a loud smack on her head.

“Stop speaking nonsense. What rights do you have to discuss the masters’ matters? Don’t forget about Third Young Master’s temper and be careful of your little head. Third Young Master isn’t as soft-hearted as Third Young Madam.”

After being scolded by Wenqing, Wenlan unwillingly stopped talking and followed her older sister to rest in the smaller tent nearby.

He Sanlang was frozen to the spot. He had acute senses and was standing inside the tent. Moreover, it was such a quiet night. Thus, he could hear the sound of Chu Lian’s gentle breathing from behind the screen.

He stood there, listened for a while, and confirmed that Chu Lian was asleep.

Next, he took off his damp cloak and casually placed it on the back of the chair beside him.

Following that, he quietly walked around the screen and arrived beside the bed.

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