Chapter 646: She Must be Crazy to Have Fallen for Him (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 646: She Must be Crazy to Have Fallen for Him (2)

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As soon as the emperor began to make his way back to his tent, he gave He Lin an order. “Find out what happened.”

He Lin acted swiftly. After a moment, he had already reported the sequence of events in detail to the gloomy-looking Emperor beside him.

“Nanzhang? Prince Hexi’s daughters? Anmin?” The emperor raised his voice as he said those names. He Lin couldn’t help but tremble when hearing his tone.

He Lin vaguely knew that those noble misses were going to suffer the consequences, but he didn’t dare say anything more.

A moment later, He Lin asked in a soft voice, “Your Majesty, Imperial Princess Leyao’s injury…”

“Send someone to notify Imperial Concubine Wei. We’re tired, so We’re going back to my tent to rest.”

“Yes, this servant understands.” He Lin quickly left with two imperial guards.

Eunuch Wei had already come to greet the emperor when he arrived at the tent with his imperial guards.

The emperor glanced at Eunuch Wei and knew that he had probably already heard the news. “Don’t ask. We’ll talk after entering the tent. There’s something We need you to handle.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. This old servant understands.”

Princess Wei and Royal Princess Duanjia followed after Chu Lian when she returned to her tent.

Princess Wei had even found a female physician with good medical skills to examine Chu Lian again. The female physician also inspected the wounds on her body that had been inconvenient for the male imperial physician to examine.

The physician left a high-quality ointment and prescription. Wenqing helped Chu Lian apply the ointment, while Wenlan went to brew the medicine.

Royal Princess Duanjia was sitting beside the bed. She held onto Chu Lian’s hand, a tinge of fear still evident in her voice as she said, “Chu Liu, you really scared me. If anything bad had happened to you this time, I would have died of guilt.”

Chu Lian forced a smile. “Royal Princess, you shouldn’t say that. Who could have thought that such an accident would occur?”

Royal Princess Duanjia frowned. “I didn’t have a chance to ask you at the polo field, so tell me more about what happened at that time. Why did those two brats, Dong’er and Nan’er, attack you? If I remembered correctly, you’ve never interacted with them before.”

Chu Lian shook her head. She really didn’t have any relationship nor conflict with Prince Hexi’s Estate.

Furthermore, Prince Hexi’s twin daughters had good reputations in public. They were known to be obedient, intelligent, and talented.

She didn’t understand why Prince Hexi’s daughters would harm her at this time.

“Maybe it has something to do with Anmin? Anmin is very close with Leyao, so was it Leyao’s idea?” Royal Princess Duanjia made a guess.

Princess Wei tapped Royal Princess Duanjia on the shoulder. “Although Leyao is ill-natured and spoiled, she isn’t someone who knows how to scheme. This wasn’t something that she would think of doing.”

Princess Wei was right. To put it bluntly, Imperial Princess Leyao was a brainless idiot. This was a detailed plan that had started with the mention of polo and evolved into an actual polo match among the noble ladies. There was also the limit to the selection of players for the match that had made them pick Chu Lian for the team. Lastly, they had targeted Chu Lian on the field. This was a plan with many linked parts. If any one part within this plan failed, then Chu Lian wouldn’t be hurt.

In conclusion, this wasn’t something that Imperial Princess Leyao could devise with that brain of hers.

Moreover, Imperial Princess Leyao hadn’t been at the scene. Thus, it was even more impossible.

It also couldn’t be Imperial Concubine Wei. During the process of Chu Lian being injured and rescued, her eyes were full of surprise and shock. Princess Wei was right beside her at that time. It wasn’t something that she could fake.  

“Who could it be then! I’ll definitely find that culprit to avenge Chu Liu.” Royal Princess Duanjia clenched her fist.

Princess Wei sighed helplessly. She patted Royal Princess Duanjia, and then Chu Lian. “Alright, don’t be rash. This doesn’t seem like a simple matter. We should give this matter some more thought before coming to a conclusion.” After saying that, she looked towards her daughter. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely find the truth and help you avenge Jinyi.”

After hearing Princess Wei’s words, Royal Princess Duanjia immediately drooped. Even her shoulders hung low.

Royal Princess Duanjia was guilt-ridden because she felt responsible for Chu Lian getting injured this time.

Princess Wei understood her daughter’s feelings. “Alright, Jinyi is probably tired after suffering such a fright. We should leave and let her get some proper rest.”

Royal Princess Duanjia helped Princess Wei stand up. She felt reluctant to part with Chu Lian and said, “Chu Liu, you should quickly lie down and sleep. I’ll come over to see you tomorrow.”

Chu Lian agreed with a voice filled with fatigue.

When Royal Princess Duanjia and Princess Wei arrived at the entrance of the tent, Duanjia abruptly stopped and asked with creased brows, “Where’s Marquis Anyuan?”

The guard, who was standing at the entrance, just shook his head in reply.

Royal Princess Duanjia immediately clenched her fists. “That scumbag! Chu Liu is already injured and he’s still not coming back!”

He Changdi couldn’t possibly be accompanying the emperor because the emperor had already returned to his tent! How could He Changdi still be wandering around outside?!

Princess Wei’s expression also turned slightly grim, but she wasn’t as impulsive as Royal Princess Duanjia. However, she silently took note of this matter in her mind.

Chu Lian laid down with a soft and comfortable pillow behind her. She was also covered with a warm blanket. However, despite the comforts around her, there was a terrible expression on her face.

She couldn’t help but recall the moment He Changdi had turned to leave with Imperial Princess Leyao in his arms.

She rang the bell beside her bed and Wenqing immediately rushed in.

“Third Young Madam, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Please bear with it for a little longer. The medicine will be ready soon.”

Chu Lian shook her head and looked towards Wenqing, who was standing beside the bed, and asked, “Where’s my husband?”

Wenqing was shocked, but she promptly answered with her head bowed, “Replying to Third Young Madam, Third Young Master hasn’t returned yet. This servant also doesn’t know where he is. Laiyue hasn’t come back either.”

After receiving Wenqing’s reply, Chu Lian feebly waved her hand. “You’re dismissed.”

Wenqing looked worriedly at the back of the slender figure resting on the bed. She gave a light sigh and quietly went out.

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