Chapter 644: Another Fall (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 644: Another Fall (4)

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Sir Xiao was a man overflowing with talent whose political prowess stood out even in court, gaining the admiration of many.

Although he was of humble origins, his features were beautiful and he had a great reputation. He was now in his early twenties and hadn’t yet married. For the sake of respecting his future wife, he didn’t even have a single concubine or maid in his home.

He was still a bachelor, but he was already considered a great candidate for a son-in-law in the eyes of the noble madams in the capital.

If the one who had been saved today was some unmarried Royal Princess or Feudal Princess, this could have turned into a fairy tale. All that would be needed was for Imperial Concubine Wei to betroth her to Xiao Bojian, and it would be absolutely perfect.

Unfortunately, the one who was saved was Honoured Lady Jinyi, the wife of Marquis Anyuan, a lady who was already married…

Now the situation was turning awkward…

Looking at them, Sir Xiao seemed to be hugging Honoured Lady Jinyi pretty tightly. The look in his eyes was filled with emotion too, it… it couldn’t be that these two had feelings for each other before, right?

Otherwise, why would Xiao Bojian have chosen to risk a serious injury for the sake of saving Honoured Lady Jinyi at a critical situation like this?

Suddenly, everyone’s thought processes turned a hundred and eighty degrees, with all sorts of guesses and gossip flooding their minds.

Princess Wei was the first to return to her senses. She angrily watched how tightly Xiao Bojian held Chu Lian, but before she could speak, there was suddenly a loud commotion coming from the rear of the polo field.

Everyone’s eyes were drawn towards the direction of the commotion, and it was an incredible sight to behold…

The emperor had returned.

He was standing some distance away with his brows furrowed and his hands behind his back with a dignified expression on his face. He was an incredibly charismatic ruler, and nobody could guess at what was on his mind.

He stood in front of the others, all standing in that corner in a strange silence. Those on the viewing platform didn’t know how long he had been standing there, and how much he had seen.

He Changdi was also there at one side. He had also seen what happened alongside the emperor, but they had happened to arrive right as Xiao Bojian was rolling on the ground with Chu Lian in his arms.

His phoenix eyes narrowed with a deep glare in Xiao Bojian and Chu Lian’s direction. The air was heavy around him, and his dashing face couldn’t get any darker. He even subconsciously held Royal Princess Leyao more forcefully.

Princess Leyao groaned, then with a teary voice, she said, “Brother Changdi, please be more gentle, you’re hurting me.”

It was this voice that seemed to break the mysterious silence.

Princess Leyao’s leg had already been treated. It was now firmly secured by wooden planks.

Princess Wei’s subordinate had finally reached Chu Lian’s side. When the maid who had been tasked with saving Chu Lian saw how tightly Xiao Bojian was holding Chu Lian, her eyes narrowed. Acting as if she hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, she said, “Honoured Lady, are you hurt anywhere? Please allow this servant to help you up.”

Xiao Bojian finally released Chu Lian, and Chu Lian was supported to a standing position by the maid.

Other than her pale face from the fright and several tears on her clothes, she hadn’t gotten any serious injuries and was pretty much fine.

The maid sighed in relief before finally helping Xiao Bojian up.

However, the severity of Xiao Bojian’s injuries outclassed Chu Lian’s by far.

When they had been rolling on the ground, he had held Chu Lian so tightly and acted as her shield without care for himself. His right leg was sprained and there were heavy bruises on multiple parts of his body. There were likely internal injuries hiding under those bruises as well. He would need some time to recuperate from this.

As the maid helped Xiao Bojian up, he stumbled due to his sprained ankle. Who knew if he had done it on purpose or not? He somehow fell in Chu Lian’s direction.

Although Chu Lian didn’t like Xiao Bojian as a person and even felt disgust towards him, it was still a fact that he had saved her when she had been flung off her horse.

Since he was going to fall, she couldn’t push him away. Thus, she caught him.

However, Xiao Bojian rested his entire body on Chu Lian’s shoulder, and his arms directly wrapped around Chu Lian’s waist.

Chu Lian stiffened up. She was about to push him away in anger, but Xiao Bojian had already let go before that could happen. Chu Lian didn’t speak a word of this, as his action had seemed unintentional.

Chu Lian suspiciously sized Xiao Bojian up, and asked with an unfriendly tone, “Are you badly hurt? Thank you for saving me back there.”

Right as she was about to turn away from Xiao Bojian, she noticed the group of people who were in front of her and to the left.

The most conspicuous person, standing at the front was obviously the emperor, with He Changdi right beside him.

Chu Lian’s pupils shrunk. She subconsciously opened her mouth with the intention of explaining everything to him.

However... when she looked at him properly, she noticed that there was someone in his arms…

From the size of that person, along with the clothes and hairstyle, it was obviously a lady…

It was at this moment that the woman in He Changdi’s arms turned her head. At an angle that He Changdi couldn’t see, she gave Chu Lian a wicked smile.

Chu Lian sucked in a deep breath. It was Imperial Princess Leyao!

Any woman would know what Imperial Princess Leyao’s gaze embodied; it was a form of provocation, a declaration of war!

Chu Lian couldn’t help taking two steps back. Her figure seemed like a swaying willow on the verge of collapse.

Her line of sight shifted to He Changdi, whose deep and chilly eyes stared right back at her. He had a grim expression, like he was an insurmountable statue of ice.

Chu Lian opened her mouth, wanting to explain, but it was then that He Changdi turned away, shifting his gaze elsewhere.

Suddenly, Chu Lian felt as if someone had stabbed her in the heart. Her hands hidden under her sleeves formed into tight fists, her nails digging into her palm, forming deep marks, but she couldn’t feel it at all.

Chu Lian’s mind fell into chaos.

She had no idea when he had come, and didn’t know how much he had seen.

If he had arrived earlier, why hadn’t he come to save her?

Was he misunderstanding the relationship between Xiao Bojian and her?

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