Chapter 643: Another Fall (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 643: Another Fall (3)

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It was at this time that Feudal Princess Minghui suddenly charged out from the left, her body bent backwards at what seemed like an impossible angle. She swung her polo mallet, and she stole the ball in a shocking move! The ball was sent flying in an arc, and in two seconds, the ball entered the opponent’s net with a ‘pop’.

Royal Princess Duanjia’s red team had scored a point!

Loud cheers immediately burst out from the ladies on the viewing platform.

Even Princess Wei had a wide smile on her face.

Following closely after that, the red team scored another point, making Honoured Lady Xincheng look at Royal Princess Duanjia in a different light.

The super amateur Chu Lian felt that she was actually going to be carried to victory.

At this moment, at an angle hidden to the others, Feudal Princess Anmin signaled at Prince Hexi’s twin daughters Dong’er and Nan’er with her eyes.

Nan’er nodded.

This time, it was the blue team’s turn to serve the ball.

Royal Princess Nanzhang landed a heavy hit on the polo ball, sending it flying up in the air and towards the red team’s side of the field.

The midfielders, Nan’er and Dong’er, whipped their horses forward and wildly charged into the red team’s territory.

In the middle of their charge, Nan’er and Dong’er glanced at each other.

The heads of their horses turned, and they started galloping towards Chu Lian instead.

Dong’er swung her mallet, which caused the polo ball to roll in Chu Lian’s direction.

Nan’er twitched the reins of her horse, causing it to speed up.

At this point, Royal Princess Duanjia and the others were still on the other side of the field, and they didn’t have any way of getting there before Nan’er and Dong’er.

When Chu Lian noticed that Nan’er and Dong’er were charging towards her, her brows furrowed, as she instinctively felt a sense of danger approaching.

If they wanted to hit her horse, then she just had to dodge.

However, it was right at this moment that the small polo ball coincidentally hit the butt of Chu Lian’s steed.

The horse was startled badly, causing it to whinny and rear up. It started to run off without paying any heed to Chu Lian’s commands.

Now that her opportunity to escape had been taken away, Nan’er and Dong’er rushed to Chu Lian’s side.

In a seemingly accidental manner, they slammed into Chu Lian on both sides. They used their mallets to control the polo ball while Chu Lian was sandwiched between them and unable to move.

When Dong’er and Nan’er were fighting to snatch the polo ball on the ground, their mallets ‘inadvertently’ hit Chu Lian’s horse.

After they galloped away, Chu Lian’s horse suddenly flew into a rage, with every intention to fling its rider off.

Chu Lian was still an amateur at horse riding and she hadn’t learned enough riding techniques yet. She didn’t know how to calm the horse down and control it.

Princess Wei and the distant Royal Princess Duanjia felt their hearts stop. Princess Wei immediately ordered one of her servants who knew martial arts to rescue Chu Lian.

However, it was still too late. They were too far away, and they were about to witness Chu Lian being flung off a crazed horse.

In the end, Chu Lian was thrown off when she lost hold of the reins...

She cried out in alarm, but right at this moment, a majestic horse suddenly charged onto the field.

The horse leapt over the wooden fence surrounding the field easily, and the rider of the horse actually jumped off the horse’s back without any regard for his own safety.

A tall and slender figure caught Chu Lian in mid-air, then embraced her tightly.

Moments later, there was the muffled sound of bodies hitting the ground‘. The world seemed to go out of focus for Chu Lian as she rolled uncontrollably for a few rounds before coming to a stop.

An unfamiliar chilly fragrance surrounded her, and the embrace she felt wasn’t one that was familiar to her.

Once she recovered from the shock, Chu Lian calmed her emotions, and slowly opened her eyes.

What entered her eyes first was a black robe, then fair skin, a prominent Adam’s apple, and a clean and smooth-looking chin with slight traces of stubble.

The shape of the chin was very delicate-looking, and not at all what she was familiar with.

Chu Lian was immediately frozen from this. There was fear, shock, anxiety and other negative emotions in her heart.

This man who had suddenly appeared wasn’t her husband, He Changdi!

Who was it!?

In the next second, Chu Lian felt the hold on her waist tighten and a stranger’s hand impudently caressing her waist.

She then heard a familiar voice from above her head, “My dear Lian’er, are you alright?”

That… That was Xiao Bojian’s voice!

Chu Lian sucked in her breath through her teeth. The shock of learning this made her push away the man embracing her with everything she had!

However, the difference between a man and a woman’s physical strength wasn’t so easy to overcome. Xiao Bojian’s arms were like steel clamps locking her in place, she couldn’t move at all.

When Chu Lian had been flung off her horse, the audience on the viewing platform was in an uproar. Many of them hadn’t expected such an accident to happen in a simple game of women’s polo.

Even Imperial Concubine Wei showed some semblance of shock.

Right now, it was already too late for anyone to save Honoured Lady Jinyi. It didn’t matter how good their reflexes were.

Just as everyone had determined that Honoured Lady Jinyi was destined to be a cripple, someone from outside the field charged in, and even leapt off his horse to save Honoured Lady Jinyi without any regard for his own safety.

Someone on the viewing platform said with astonishment, “Is… isn’t that Scholar Xiao?”

With that reminder, everyone immediately recognised the person who had saved Chu Lian. That person was indeed Xiao Bojian.

Xiao Bojian had been born with amazing features that were unforgettable to anyone he met. He was also the top scholar of the imperial examinations, which meant that he had left an incredibly deep impression in the minds of others.

Practically everybody in the capital knew of him.

It wasn’t strange at all for someone to recognise him at this occasion.

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