Chapter 637: Falling Off Her Horse (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 637: Falling Off Her Horse (1)

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So it was Chu Lian who had made that dish!

Imperial Princess Leyao gritted her teeth and was instantly overcome with anger towards Chu Lian.

Concubine Wei lightly patted her daughter’s back, then lovingly asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Princess Leyao had puked until her face had turned deathly pale, only managing to stop with great difficulty. Around this time, a palace maid delivered a cup of tea. Princess Leyao took a sip from it and felt a little bit better.

“Mother, does Father hate me now?”

Now calm, Princess Leyao’s eyes reddened. After a few more blinks, her tears began to fall.

The emperor had very few daughters, and Imperial Princess Leyao was the youngest of them all. Previously, she had been the most pampered princess, and the emperor had never spoke to her harshly. However, now he had suddenly turned his temper on her, all because of a disgusting dish!

How could the headstrong Princess Leyao accept this?!

Imperial Concubine Wei saw how red her daughter’s eyes were and quickly rubbed her head to console her. “Yao’er, how could you think that? Your father has always loved you the most. He’s just in a bad mood today, and you got caught up in it.”

Princess Leyao sniffled, then buried her face in her mother’s soft bosom.

Imperial Concubine Wei gently caressed her daughter’s smooth hair, but her mind was incredibly tense as well.

It was apparent that she had underestimated the place that that slut Ye Xun held in the emperor’s heart. That girl was merely a lost cause that had crawled out of Ye Xun’s belly, yet the emperor valued her so much.

While Imperial Concubine Wei doted on her daughter, she couldn’t spend all day with her as there was still the afternoon hunt.

The emperor would lead his officials to the forest to hunt, so she needed to act as the host for the female guests.

A short while later, Imperial Concubine Wei hastily left. She bumped into Feudal Princess Anmin at the entrance of the tent.

“Anmin, take good care of Leyao. That child is in a bad mood today,” Imperial Concubine Wei said, assigning this task to her before leaving.

Feudal Princess Anmin respectfully complied.

When Imperial Concubine Wei left, Anmin entered the tent to console Imperial Princess Leyao.

Princess Leyao suddenly made a cry of alarm. Her eyes were blown wide with rage and disbelief. “Cousin, what did you just say?! Chu Lian cooked all the food at Father’s table just now?”

Feudal Princess Anmin, who was two years older than Leyao, wore a grave expression as she nodded.

“That’s right.”

With that information in mind, Princess Leyao clenched her teeth. She wished she could put Chu Lian to death right now.

Having been pampered by everyone in the palace, she was used to being arrogant and domineering. The two times when she had had to suffer the emperor’s criticism had both been caused by Chu Lian. Adding on to that her hidden feelings for He Changdi, she truly hated Chu Lian now.

Luckily, she didn’t know of Chu Lian’s true relationship with the emperor, or she would probably go mad otherwise.

“Ahh! How can that Chu Lian be so vile!” Princess Leyao was angry and frustrated.

Feudal Princess Anmin softly sneered and rolled her eyes. “Cousin, why waste your time in hatred? Since you dislike her, just make life difficult for her. We’re ladies of the imperial family; what’s there to fear? Remember Chu Lian’s identity. At best, she might be called Marchioness Anyuan, but at worst, she’s just a child from a third-rate family.”

Hearing Feudal Princess Anmin’s words, Princess Leyao’s eyes shone. “Cousin, do you have an idea that can help me relieve my anger?”

In the afternoon, everyone gathered in the plaza after resting.

The plaza was covered in flattened grass and surrounded by a fence of banners. It was clear that the stewards in charge of the hunting grounds had made proper preparations.

There was an open air stable, an exquisite viewing arena, an archery range, a beautifully maintained polo field, and various other facilities.

The emperor walked at the very front, and personally called out the names of people who were to enter the forest to hunt with him.

Most of them were military officials. He Changdi, Royal Prince Lu Tai, Heir Zheng, and some others were named.

Even Sima Hui, the lady who had never been given a chance to prove herself an equal match to men, was named!

Prince Jin, who had been standing behind the the emperor, suddenly glanced in Sima Hui’s direction. He may have looked at her in a low-key manner, but his gaze carried a subtle warmth and smile.

Sima Hui had been raised like a son. When she heard her name, she stepped out and saluted with a smile. Her actions were natural and open, and there wasn’t any hint of shyness or embarrassment in her gestures, unlike most ladies.

Her cool action immediately won the eyes and admiration of many young military officials.

The emperor announced the names very quickly. It was already mid-day; they still had to hurry back before it got dark.

Thus, everyone mounted their horses, and they galloped away into the forest.

Right as the emperor left, Princess Leyao disregarded the protests of her servants and guards and jumped onto a horse. She pulled on the reins and followed them into the forest.

Feudal Princess Anmin hid in an inconspicuous spot, watching with disdain flashing across her eyes. Her lips suddenly widened into a smile.

She turned towards an unfamiliar palace maid and said, “Did you see that? Tell Sixth Brother that it’s been done.”

He Changdi, He Lin, Captain Guo, and several others had been personally ordered by the emperor to stay by his side.

Currently, practically everyone had already hunted down an animal or two. He Sanlang in particular was doing very well. He showed mastery in archery, and never missed. He had only shot five arrows, but every single one had hit a target.

Due to this, the emperor seemed to look upon him with favour.

In the forest, an agile doe was moving about. The emperor raised his bow and took aim. Right as he was about to shoot, he heard the voice of a guard beside him.

“Your Highness, something happened!”

The moment of distraction was enough for the doe to escape into the distance.

In a deep voice, the emperor angrily asked, “What is it?”

The guard trembled, but remained determined to make the report. “Your Highness, Princess Leyao has followed us. She’s right behind.”

“What?! This is preposterous!” The emperor’s face instantly transformed from its tranquil state to anger.

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