Chapter 635: How Stinky! (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 635: How Stinky! (3)

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Just as the tent was filled with sounds of merry-making and chatter, a guard posted outside the tent came in to report.

He Changdi set down his chopsticks and asked with a cold expression, “What’s wrong?”

The guard was one of He Changdi’s men, so he replied very respectfully, “My lord, Great Steward Wei has arrived.”

By Great Steward Wei, the guard was referring to the emperor’s trusted attendant, Eunuch Wei Chenghai.

Why had he chosen to visit during mealtime?

Of course, everyone in the tent had heard He Changdi’s conversation with the guard.

They all set down their chopsticks as Eunuch Wei was ushered in.

Eunuch Wei entered the tent with two younger eunuchs behind him, one of them even carrying a container for food.

Eunuch Wei first greeted everyone with a bow before smiling as he began to make small talk. “Ah, what a coincidence; even Old Duke Zheng and Your Highness are here! I wonder what delicacy Honoured Lady Jinyi has made this time?”

Since he had mentioned Chu Lian in his question, the task of answering him naturally fell upon her shoulders. “No, no, it wasn’t any sort of delicacy, Eunuch Wei. I only told my maidservants to make a few simple dishes.”

The eunuch’s smile became even warmer. “You must be joking with me, Honoured Lady. I could smell that fragrance from all the way over there. It was quite particular.”

Chu Lian almost choked on her saliva after hearing Eunuch Wei’s words.

She shot a nonchalant glance over at the entrance of the tent. Just as the eunuch had said, the emperor’s luxurious tent could be seen not too far away. The easterly winds were blowing today as well, and they had been cooking upwind. No wonder they had been able to smell it from the emperor’s tent.

If not for Eunuch Wei still present on the scene, Chu Lian might have let herself wear an expression of regret.

He Changdi had been observing their interactions and he found Eunuch Wei’s attitude towards his wife rather strange. Before Chu Lian could reply once more, he stepped forward to block her from view. He cut in with, “May I ask what business Gonggong has here?”

A tiny wrinkle developed on Wei Chenghai’s brow. He wasn’t very happy with the way He Changdi had interrupted his and Chu Lian’s conversation. However, he was used to navigating treacherous social waters amongst the officials, so he wouldn’t show this little bit of dissatisfaction on his face.

His lips remained spread in a smile as he said, “Well, it’s rare for such a chance to present itself. His Majesty would also like to try Honoured Lady’s cooking. Thus, I’ve come over shamelessly.”

Eunuch Wei sent a signal at the young eunuch behind him. The young eunuch quickly responded by offering up the food container in his hands. “His Majesty said that we couldn’t let Honoured Lady offer up her food without a gift in return, so this is a reward for Honoured Lady.”

They couldn’t refuse a gift, especially not something bestowed by the biggest boss in the Great Wu: the emperor.

Chu Lian received the box with both hands and made her gratitude known. When she turned around, she shot a reassuring look at her husband.

Chu Lian worked swiftly. Since it was something to be served to the emperor, she had to cook it herself. All Wenqing and Wenlan could do was help with some minor tasks at the side. Furthermore, they had to be very careful with something made for the emperor.

Luckily, the dishes weren’t very complicated, and she finished cooking in just forty-five minutes. She handed over the food to Eunuch Wei directly, and he quickly left for the emperor’s tent.

Once she was done cooking, the others in the tent had already had their fill. Since they still had some hunting to do in the afternoon, everyone quickly dispersed and returned to their own tents.

When only Chu Lian and He Changdi were left, Chu Lian opened up the box that Eunuch Wei had sent over.

Chu Lian gaped in surprise at the contents. The box was completely filled with birds’ nest!

They weren’t the normal grade of birds’ nest either; these were top quality blood birds’ nests, in the most perfect crescent shapes.

Products of this quality were usually used as tributes in the Great Wu, and there were very few of them in number. These were sent over from the Xinluo Country every year and only the most esteemed and respected women in the palace could enjoy these.

Even in the modern world, this kind of birds’ nest was considered extremely rare and precious.

Why would the emperor gift her such valuable items for no reason…

Chu Lian stared at the huge pile of blood birds’ nests with her eyebrows drawn together. She looked up at He Changdi, who seemed to be brooding over the gift as well, and asked, “Hubby, what do you think His Majesty is thinking by sending over such precious gifts…?”

He Changdi’s profound gaze flickered over to Chu Lian. All the events of today had also left him rather confused.

He caressed Chu Lian’s cheek gently and shook his head. “I can’t discern His Majesty’s intentions for now. Let’s just wait and watch.”

Since she couldn’t understand what was going on either, Chu Lian simply set aside her thoughts and ordered Wenqing to put away the top-quality birds’ nest.

“Let’s give some to Mother when we return.”

While Countess Jing’an’s illness had already been cured, she had struggled with it for so long that her body was sorely lacking in vigour. The nutritious birds’ nest was exactly what she needed to boost her health right now.

Warmth suffused through He Changdi’s heart. He pulled Chu Lian over into his lap.

“No need. I just sent some medicinal ingredients to Mother a few days ago,” He Changdi explained, raining light kisses down her cheek.

Chu Lian took his hand and started playing with his fingers.

“But I don’t have any use for this birds’ nest! My body’s perfectly healthy; I don’t need to eat things like that.”

Eating nutritious products like birds’ nest when unneeded could instead cause adverse effects to her body and affect her health.

However, He Changdi didn’t catch Chu Lian’s meaning immediately, and his mind somehow turned on a crooked path instead.

He bent down closer to her ear and let out a low chuckle. “What, are you worried that you’ll be overly ‘nourished’ again? Don’t worry. With me around, we can work together to extinguish your fires anytime.”

Chu Lian was in awe of how He Changdi’s mind could twist anything into something perverted!

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