Chapter 634: How Stinky! (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 634: How Stinky! (2)

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Wenlan looked at the stinky tofu before glancing back at Chu Lian. Finally, she shut her eyes, took up a pair of chopsticks, and shoved a piece of tofu into her mouth.

Once it sat on her tongue, it wasn’t as unbearable as she had thought it would be. When she bit into the piece of tofu, the juice inside burst out and mixed with the chilli paste to create a pool of deliciousness. It was even slightly sweet. The unique flavour completely rewrote her taste buds.

Wenlan had only dared to nibble on it before, but her mouth suddenly started moving faster. Once she finished the first piece, her chopsticks reached out subconsciously to pick up another.

Unfortunately, Chu Lian blocked her attack. “There are only two pieces left, the rest is mine! Go work on the other dishes!”

Wenlan looked back longingly at the two remaining pieces of stinky tofu. She smiled winningly at Chu Lian and said, “Third Young Madam, isn’t there still a whole basket of this? Why don’t you let this servant fry more after we’re done cooking for the guests?”

That was when Chu Lian knew that her handmaid had completely fallen for the charm of stinky tofu. She didn’t stop Wenlan and instructed her, “Finish preparing the meal first. Later on, you’re free to do whatever you like with the remaining time.”

The order made Wenlan cheer up considerably.

Old Duke Zheng had been standing at the entrance of the tent waiting impatiently for quite some time. In his old age, his temper had regressed to become more like a child’s.

When he saw that Chu Lian had actually started eating, his whiskers bristled and his eyes went wide. He started striding over with a grim expression.

Just as Chu Lian was about to put the second piece of stinky tofu in her mouth, she was frightened by a sudden shout from behind.

“Jinyi! What are you secretly eating? Have you made something delicious again? Why aren’t you taking it out to pay respects to your seniors?!”

Old Duke Zheng’s wrinkled face was set in an extremely strict expression. Those unfamiliar with him might really have thought that he was angry!

If she hadn’t had enough experience interacting with this old geezer, Chu Lian might also have thought the same.

Since Old Duke Zheng had come, there was no helping it. Chu Lian couldn’t just enjoy her delicacy alone any longer. She immediately took out a pair of clean chopsticks for the old duke.

“You’ve come just in time, Your Grace. I was about to get Wenqing to serve you a portion of this. Since you’re already here, why don’t you have a taste now?”

Wenlan watched from the side as Old Duke Zheng fearlessly picked up a piece of stinky tofu and stuffed it into his mouth. At first, he chewed slowly, but then his eyes lit up in delight, and immediately thereafter, his chewing speed increased at a frightening rate. Wenlan was dumbstruck by the duke’s reaction. Wouldn’t Old Duke Zheng have at least questioned the smell?

When he finished the piece of tofu, Old Duke Zheng quickly asked, “What’s this? Although the taste is somewhat weird, it’s delicious!”

“Stinky tofu,” Chu Lian replied calmly.

Old Duke Zheng’s eyes widened in shock. “Stinky tofu? So it’s spoiled tofu?”

It was Chu Lian’s turn to become speechless. “So you could smell it after all?”

Old Duke Zheng rolled his eyes. “Of course, my nose is working perfectly well.”

“Then why did you eat it without hesitation when it’s so stinky?” Chu Lian needed some time to recover from her surprise. Those who hadn’t eaten stinky tofu would normally want to run away when they first encountered the smell. It would be considered pretty good if they weren’t scared off, let alone have the courage to take a bite of it.

Old Duke Zheng had already taken the last piece and demolished it while they were talking.

He chewed noisily, clearly unsatisfied.

He cast a glance over at Chu Lian and said, “I’ve already watched you eat it. You’re such a picky eater that you won’t eat anything unless it’s tasty, and you looked like you were enjoying it so much. That’s why I didn’t hesitate at all.”

Old Duke Zheng might even be able to take the more special dishes like durian or the fearsome Surströmming if he watched Chu Lian eat them, let alone a mild dish like this tofu...

Chu Lian was speechless from Old Duke Zheng’s explanation. She didn’t know how to reply to that.

“This… what’s it called… stinky tofu? Make a few more for me.” The old duke left behind these words before happily leaving the tent.

Well, that settled it then. Since the duke had already personally ordered more of the stinky tofu, Chu Lian taught Wenlan how to cook more of it.

When it was time for their midday meal, there were quite a few dishes placed on the wooden table inside the tent.

Although they seemed a little more crude than usual, there was more than enough food and the taste went without saying.

This was well-suited for Captain Guo, Zhang Mai, and Xiao Hongyu, who were used to rougher military fare.

Chu Lian, Sima Hui, and Royal Princess Duanjia sat at another table with a screen separating them.

There were a few extra portions of stinky tofu, which were very popular with all her guests, to Chu Lian’s surprise.

No wonder it was one of the most popular street snacks sold everywhere in the modern world.

While eating, Captain Guo slapped He Changdi on the shoulder and said, “Zixiang, do you know what your face looks like right now?”

He Sanlang cast a cold glare at his boss and harrumphed.

Before Captain Guo could continue, Xiao Hongyu had already burst out into laughter. He quickly cut in and said, “Hahahaha! I know, I know! Brother He’s expression is just as stinky as this tofu! Don’t you guys think so too? Hahaha…”

He Changdi: …

Zhang Mai picked up a piece of beef and glared at Xiao Hongyu. “Stupid brat, what are you saying?”

Xiao Hongyu gave a silly grin and rubbed his head sheepishly.

“Just focus on your food!” He Changdi warned.

That brat had come to his tent to get a free meal personally cooked by his wife, but he was still boldly speaking nonsense and trying to get a rise out of him! That brat must be tired of living!

TL Note: There's apparently another type called 'hairy tofu', and there's a Youtuber who makes awesome high-quality videos who actually filmed the process, so here you go!

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