Chapter 630: Stinky Tofu (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 630: Stinky Tofu (2)

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He Changdi didn’t dare to tarry in front of the emperor. After his experience in his past life, He Sanlang understood how the emperor was as a ruler.

He was clear with his rewards and punishments and ruled over the country with a fair hand. He could be deemed a wise ruler. He had a secret spy corps under his control that would seek out underground information for him and listened to his orders alone.

The identities of the emperor’s spies were a mystery, and any information about the corps was deeply hidden. Even the crown prince had no clue about what the secret spy corps did.

Sometimes, He Changdi suspected that the emperor knew about almost every secret in his lands, but he simply kept quiet about his knowledge.

His knowledge might pertain to the the major politics going on in the background with his courtiers, or be as minor as the battles between legitimate and illegitimate children in the rear courts of his nobles’ estates.

Thus, it was best to speak truthfully with as many details as possible in front of the emperor. If one tried to boast or exaggerate, they would likely die in a mysterious way one day.

He Changdi picked out some incidents and began to speak about his experience in the north. They were all little stories which didn’t focus on any person in particular.

He couldn’t tell what the emperor was thinking from his expression.

The emperor suddenly tugged on the reins of his mount. He held his soft riding whip aloft and set it down against the flank of his horse, which immediately responded by breaking into an all-out gallop.

The guards and courtiers surrounding the emperor immediately urged their own steeds to follow.

For some reason, the emperor seemed to be in the mood for a fast ride. His horse sped on faster and faster, until only his guards and the few courtiers with better horsemanship like He Changdi could keep up.

The party had dwindled down to only ten in number.

Worried, He Lin gave the emperor a reminder. “Your Majesty, perhaps it would be better to wait here for now; the princes and princesses have yet to catch up.”

There were only ten people here with the emperor right now. If any assassins were lying in wait, they likely wouldn’t be able to escape with their lives intact.

The Chengping Emperor’s gaze wandered over their surroundings, with no indication that he had heard He Lin’s words.

He finally pulled at the reins and slowed his horse down.

The emperor cast a sideways glance at He Changdi, who had maintained the same distance from him all this time, with a new glint of satisfaction in his eye.

The ones remaining here were all the emperor’s trusted subordinates and guards. He wouldn’t have to worry about anything he said now spreading elsewhere.

As if realising the emperor’s intentions, a chill sprang up in He Changdi’s heart. Even after living an entire lifetime before, he couldn’t help but get nervous.

Earlier, the emperor had urged his steed into a gallop on purpose. He had likely been counting on the fact that He Changdi could keep up in order to lure him into this situation.

He Sanlang held on to his reins with one hand, his eyes cast downwards and his mind on full alert.

Suddenly, the emperor said, “When did you get married?”

The strange question made He Changdi freeze up for an instant, but he quickly replied, “The end of August last year.”

“We heard the Empress Dowager mention this before, in the sense that your marriage with Jinyi was personally decreed by her. It was something that your grandmother entered the palace to request.”

He Changdi’s eyes turned dark. Why had the emperor dug up news about his marriage?

“Yes, this humble official’s marriage was indeed arranged for by Grandmother and the Empress Dowager.”

“Why a lady from the Chu Family then? With your status, you had better choices.” While there wasn’t any change in the Emperor’s expression, his tone had become more stern, even carrying a trace of unhappiness.

Although He Changdi could sense that the emperor was hiding his anger, he didn’t understand the source of it. He couldn’t say any falsehoods at this point, either; he could only speak the truth.

“Your Majesty must have heard about our He Family’s problems. We have too few family members. Grandmother pleaded for a Chu Family bride for this humble official after hearing of their reputation.”

“Their fertility?”

He Changdi remained silent in agreement.

The emperor harrumphed. That one sound was enough to make everyone present break out into a cold sweat and wish that they could put some distance between them.

Accompanying the emperor was like playing with a tiger, as the saying went.

The emperor’s mood had suddenly changed for the worse after a few questions about Marquis Anyuan’s family. They all had confused expressions. No one could understand why the emperor was suddenly so unhappy.

Amongst all the emperor’s followers, it was He Lin whose expression ranked as the weirdest.

He Lin was the only person other than the emperor who knew the truth.

Pity welled within He Lin. He glanced over at the oblivious Marquis Anyuan, lighting a candle in prayer for the marquis.

He had married a princess, yet he didn’t know how to treasure her. He even said it right in front of the emperor that he had only wanted her as a tool for giving birth to the next generation. In the entire dynasty, only Marquis Anyuan had that kind of daring! Thumbs up! This He Lin admires you!

After a long period of silence, the emperor spoke once again.

“Since it was for the sake of carrying on the next generation, why were you dissatisfied with your bride after the wedding? Why didn’t you consummate your marriage and leave the estate directly?”

The emperor’s previous questions had only been on the level of gossip, which could be heard from anyone around. However, the emperor had just revealed that he knew about every single detail of their lives down to the most well-hidden facts...

The secret spy corps was indeed a terrifying department.

He Changdi was trying his best to hide the utter shock in his mind.

The gears in his head turned furiously. However, when faced with such a hot potato of a question, he didn’t know how to answer.

What exactly was he supposed to say?

Was he supposed to tell the emperor straight out that he had reincarnated into this life again? That he knew exactly what his newlywed wife ‘Chu Lian’ was like, that she was a wicked woman who had betrayed him? How he hated her to the core and how he couldn’t possibly have consummated their marriage?

If he really said the truth, no one would believe him and might even think him mad.

Any explanation that touched on the supernatural would give him a straight path to ruin. He Changdi had no intention of speaking the absolute truth.

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