Chapter 624: Phoenix Trap (12)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 624: Phoenix Trap (12)

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After learning this huge secret, the emperor was no longer in the mood to spend the night at Imperial Concubine Wei’s place.

Eunuch Wei hastily came in after hearing his loud call.

Then, with trembling hands, Eunuch Wei helped the emperor put on his clothes and they returned to Qinzheng Hall.

He Lin was summoned to Qinzheng Hall in the middle of the night.

“Go investigate for us. We want to know everything regarding House Ying’s original Second Madam and Sixth Miss.”

He Lin swiftly left Qinzheng Hall in fear after receiving his secret order. He was scared that the emperor would kick him out if he didn’t move faster.

Eunuch Wei, who was waiting on the side, had also already guessed the truth. He was currently deep in his thoughts and very shocked. Honoured Lady Jinyi was actually the Emperor’s daughter…

Eunuch Wei was in a trance when he suddenly heard the emperor ask, “Xiao Haizi, what do you think of Jinyi?”

Wei Chenghai was so scared that he promptly focused all of his attention. At this time, he wouldn’t dare say anything bad about Chu Lian.

“Honoured Lady Jinyi is intelligent, dignified, and quick-witted. She’s also a very talented cook. This servant has never seen a noble lady as special as Honoured Lady Jinyi.”

Eunuch Wei’s reply had obviously pleased the emperor.

The emperor rubbed his clean-shaven jaw and recalled the first time he met Chu Lian. That little girl hadn’t seemed flustered at all even when she was in front of him.

She was neither humble nor arrogant. She had been able to think of an unexpected plan to save Duanjia during a dangerous situation. She had also opened a restaurant that was famed throughout the entire capital. There were also the snowboats and her business ideas.

How had her little head come up with all those ideas? Why was she so clever and cute? She must have inherited it from him. Ah-Xun was also very smart, but she hadn’t had such a creative imagination and practical ability.

She must have gotten those from him.

The emperor momentarily fell into a realm of fantasy. Ye Xun had passed away for many years, and he had always been living in pain. However, he had never expected that Ye Xun would leave a child for him.

This child was the continuation of Ye Xun’s life and the proof of their love.

Jinyi was the same age as Duanjia, so she was sixteen this year. The emperor made some calculations in his mind. If he and Ye Xun had a child, then the child would be precisely sixteen years old.

Even before receiving the results from He Lin’s investigation, he was nearly certain that Chu Lian was indeed his child.

When he thought about it now, it seemed that he liked everything about Chu Lian.

However, the smile on the emperor’s face froze an instant later…

Eunuch Wei, who was standing beside him, was extremely frightened as he observed him. Too many things had happened tonight. Even someone like him, who had experienced numerous upheavals and changes, was a little overwhelmed with shock. When he noticed the change in his master’s expression, his legs nearly went limp from the fright.

Eunuch Wei summoned up his courage and asked, “Your Majesty, are you alright?”

The emperor had just remembered that Chu Lian had already married someone. Moreover, her husband was He Yanwen’s son. So, he was immediately pent up with anger.

It felt like he had just found a long-lost treasure after much difficulty, but the treasure was already engraved with someone else’s name because it had been missing for too long…

The emperor sneered. “That brat got off easy!”

Eunuch Wei’s face twitched and immediately realised who the emperor was talking about.

The person that the emperor was referring to was the current administrator of the Department of Appointments, Marquis Anyuan…

Chu Lian and He Changdi returned to Songtao Court together. They didn’t know about the major revelations the ruler of their kingdom was currently experiencing in his seat within the palace. They also didn’t know that her body had another identity.

He Changdi was relieved that Prince Jin had remained calm and decided not to intervene with the trouble caused by the crown prince today.

In his previous life, tonight had been the significant turning point in his close friend’s life. The situation had changed now, so He Changdi was in a very good mood.

When the couple returned to Songtao Court, it was already late at night.

It was a hassle to travel back and forth to the palace to attend the banquet. Moreover, an incident had occurred in the middle of the banquet, so they were both sweating right now.

It was necessary for them to change and take a bath.

Songtao Court was very big, so there was more than one bathroom. The bathroom in He Changdi’s study was even more spacious.

Chu Lian sat in front of the dressing table, while Xiyan helped her remove the hairpins in her hair. After that, she took off the outer robe that she was wearing and finally felt more at ease.

When she finished, she noticed that He Changdi was still sitting beside the table. She curiously asked, “Why are you still here? I thought you were tired. Why haven’t you gone to take a bath?”

He Changdi held a teacup and took a sip of warm water. He didn’t immediately answer Chu Lian’s question.

Chu Lian thought he wanted her to bathe first, so she happily said, “You should go ahead. I already told Xiyan to prepare the bath over at the bathroom in the study. All the necessities are already prepared over there, so you don’t have to worry.”

He Changdi remained silent even after she said that, so Chu Lian couldn’t help turning around and looking towards He Changdi.

When their eyes met, Chu Lian noticed that there was something wrong with He Changdi’s gaze. She could see it contained both passion and stubbornness alike.

However, that kind of look really didn’t match with his icy face…

Chu Lian’s face instantly flushed because of the way he was looking at her. She stuttered, “Why are you looking at me and not going to the bathroom?”

He Changdi, who was a miser with his words, finally spoke now. His voice had an alluring magnetism. His chuckle seemed to carry a sense of teasing, which made her heart quiver as he said, “What? Did you forget what you promised me earlier?”

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