Chapter 622: Phoenix Trap (10)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 622: Phoenix Trap (10)

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Chu Lian’s clear almond-shaped eyes darted from side to side as she thought. Although she usually didn’t pay much attention to government affairs, she knew about the general situation within the imperial court. Moreover, she did read the original novel. After pondering for a moment, her eyes twinkled. She lifted one of her fair hands and gestured the number six in front of He Changdi’s eyes.   

A trace of gratification flashed through He Changdi’s eyes.

This incident was indeed related to Sixth Prince.

He knew that his wife didn’t like the fighting within the court. She was also usually quite lazy. He had originally thought that Chu Lian wouldn’t know anything about these situations, so he was somewhat surprised that she had been able to make a correct guess.

“How did you guess it? I thought you disliked the fighting and scheming in politics?” At this moment, a glimmer of light flashed within He Sanlang’s eyes.

Chu Lian rolled her eyes at He Changdi without mercy. “Of course I want to ignore those bothersome politics and just live leisurely. I just want to eat, sleep, cook delicious food, and earn money all day. Thinking about these things wastes a lot of brain power. But, a couple should be united as one. Since you’re involved in these complex affairs, I need to have some basic understanding too. If I don’t know anything at all, then I’ll become a burden to you in the future. Even if I can’t support you, I can’t drag you down.”

These days, Chu Lian hadn’t just been hiding in the estate and idling around. She had not only been managing the stores and rural estates in her hands, but she had also instructed Senior Servant Zhong to bring over plenty of books from the outer court’s main study. She also had Princess Wei to help her, so she had a general idea about the current political climate.

They were going to move out of the estate soon. At that time, she would have to take charge of the entire household. Men were supposedly responsible for working outside, while women managed the household. He Sanlang would be busy with his official duties, so she would have to take care of the interpersonal relationships within the estate and their relationship with the other estates. If she was really ignorant about what was going on in court, then by then, she might really cause trouble for He Changdi.

He Changdi was completely stunned. His heart warmed. It seemed like Chu Lian had already done a lot for him without him knowing.

Those painful experiences hidden in the depth of his memories had become something that he could slowly forget because of Chu Lian’s care and consideration.

He tightened his embrace and hugged Chu Lian closer. Her soft, petite body was completely buried in his chest.

Chu Lian just blinked her eyes because she was still somewhat confused about He Changdi’s sudden action. However, she immediately understood when she heard him speak in a low, husky voice beside her ear.

She heard him say, “Lian’er, thank you.”

It didn’t matter if she was that wicked woman from his previous life or not. The current Chu Lian belonged to him completely. She was the only wife that he, He Changdi, deeply loved. She was the only warm light in his life.

For some reason, Chu Lian suddenly felt emotional. Her arms went under his cloak and wrapped around his thin waist. She buried herself deeper into his chest, then in a muffled voice, she said, “Fool.”

He was really a fool. She had done those things to fulfill her obligation as his wife. He Changdi being so moved made her feel embarrassed. It also made her want to work even harder to treat him well.  

While the atmosphere within the carriage returning to the Jing’an Estate was full of warmth, the atmosphere inside the imperial palace was brooding and stagnant.  

The emperor, who had ended the banquet early in anger, was currently inside Qinzheng Hall. He was seated behind the imperial table, still dressed in the ceremonial robe he had worn for the Thousand Blessings Banquet. Eunuch Wei was the only one beside him.  

Eunuch Wei looked at the emperor’s grim expression and couldn’t help trembling as he stood beside him.

He was also uncertain about how long he had stood there behind the emperor, but he felt as if a year had already passed.

At this time, Eunuch Sun had something to report outside the palace hall.

Wei Chenghai glanced at the emperor beside him. He carefully asked, “Your Majesty, outside…”

Before he could finish speaking, the emperor had already turned and given him a look. Wei Chenghai has served the emperor for many years, so he instantly understood what the emperor wanted.

He respectfully bowed towards the Chengping Emperor before swiftly leaving on light steps. He returned shortly afterwards.

Eunuch Wei moved closer to the Chengping Emperor and reported, “Your Majesty, it’s Consort Liang outside. She’s kneeling outside the palace hall, requesting to see you.”

The Chengping Emperor’s expression turned cold. He didn’t reply immediately, so Eunuch Wei waited on the side with his head bowed. He knew that the emperor was thinking right now.

After a while, the emperor said a few words, and Eunuch Wei proceeded outside again.

At the end of March, outside Qinzheng Hall, the shining floor tiles were still piercing cold. Consort Liang was wearing a simple dress and kneeling on the floor. When she heard footsteps approaching from Qinzheng Hall, she quickly raised her head and looked over with anticipation. However, it wasn’t the person she wanted to see.

Wei Chenghai walked up to Consort Liang’s side. He looked down at the middle-aged woman, who was still graceful and beautiful.

Consort Liang couldn’t resist asking, “Eunuch Wei, His Majesty…”

“Please head back, Consort. His Majesty is busy with work. Thus, he isn’t able to meet you right now. The weather is turning chilly, so please don’t harm your body by staying outside.”

After hearing Eunuch Wei’s words, Consort Liang’s entire body weakened, and she almost fell over on the ice-cold ground.

“His… His Majesty didn’t say anything else?”

Wei Chenghai didn’t answer her, which was a clear and silent confirmation.

In the end, Wei Chenghai sent for some servants to escort Consort Liang away.

Wei Chenghai was currently representing the emperor’s intent, so no one dared to disobey him.

Wei Chenghai entered the palace hall to continue his duty.

He stood beside the emperor cautiously and looked out into the darkened night. In a low voice, he asked, “Your Majesty, what are your plans for tonight?”

The Chengping Emperor raised his head and stared over at the empty palace hall. A moment later, he replied in a low voice, “Imperial Concubine Wei.”

Eunuch Wei hastily went out to make the arrangements.

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