Chapter 620: Phoenix Trap (8)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 620: Phoenix Trap (8)

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As Chu Lian had expected, Senior Servant Lan sent someone in right after Royal Princess Duanjia came back.

“Royal Princess, Honoured Lady, let’s go. If we leave the banquet for too long, the Empress and Empress Dowager will start asking after you.”

Chu Lian and Royal Princess Duanjia returned to the banquet together.

When Chu Lian finally sat back down in her seat, she could sense a hostile, icy gaze on herself.

She lifted her head and was met with an infuriated glare.

Chu Lian was slightly stunned. She knew exactly who the owner of those eyes was.

Imperial Princess Leyao…

She hadn’t visited the palace in a very long time, so she had almost completely forgotten about this princess…

Imperial Princess Leyao was Imperial Concubine Wei’s only child and was originally the emperor’s youngest, most favoured daughter.

However, the emperor had grounded Leyao ever since the last time Chu Lian had visited the palace. It was later rumoured that she had also been lectured by Eldest Princess Royal. Afterwards, there was another rumour that this princess was not as favored as before. However, it was hard to say whether the rumours were true or not.

In short, it was true that Princess Leyao hadn’t left the palace again after that day. It had been rather peaceful within the capital ever since she had been grounded.

She was currently sitting beside Imperial Concubine Wei, drinking a cup of sweet wine while glaring at her with resentment.

Imperial Concubine Wei seemed to have noticed something amiss with her daughter’s gaze, so she also looked towards Chu Lian.

Imperial Concubine Wei made eye contact with Chu Lian. She suddenly gave Chu Lian a weird smile, leaving her baffled.

What was going on today? First, it was Xiao Bojian and Royal Princess Duanjia. Now, even Imperial Concubine Wei was joining in on the fun. They didn’t all have to show her that kind of secretive expression. She had enough to eat, warm clothes to wear, and He Sanlang to warm her bed. Therefore, she really wasn’t interested in their secrets…

Chu Lian felt that everyone she had met today was abnormal. They all had a common problem, which was that they were all crazy.

Chu Lian replied with a faint smile, which almost caused Imperial Concubine Wei to choke on her frustration.

If she could, Imperial Concubine Wei would have definitely rushed towards the foolish and cheerful Chu Lian to give her a sound slap.

She had just given that girl a mocking look, yet Chu Lian had sent back a happy smile in reply. There must be something wrong with her…

Imperial Princess Leyao was still too young, so she didn’t have her mother’s ability to endure. She was ablaze with anger, and she wanted to get up to confront Chu Lian. However, she was promptly held down by Imperial Concubine Wei.

The banquet held at the imperial gardens for the noble wives, imperial relatives, and the relatives of government officials came to an end under this strange atmosphere.

The Empress Dowager had originally wanted to extend the banquet, but a palace maidservant had rushed in and whispered something into the Empress and Empress Dowager’s ears. The expressions on the faces of the two women with the highest statuses in the kingdom had instantly changed.

This scene had naturally fallen into everyone’s eyes, but the people present were mostly noble wives with keen senses. Their first reaction was to remain silent.

As a result, the Empress and Empress Dowager were no longer in the mood to continue playing host.

The Empress Dowager announced the end of the banquet. Court attendants had been arranged to send these noble women out of the rear court.   

Chu Lian supported her mother-in-law, Countess Jing’an, as they left with Old Duchess Zheng and Lady Yang.

As they were leaving, Chu Lian caught a glimpse of Consort Liang standing nearby with a palace maidservant supporting her. She suddenly fainted after hearing a palace maidservant’s report, causing a wave of commotion.

Chu Lian felt a thump of unease when she recalled the Empress and Empress Dowager’s expressions at the end of the banquet.

Had something happened over at the Chengping Emperor’s side in Wanmin Hall?

Consort Liang was the birth mother of the second prince, who was also the current Crown Prince. Empress Shen didn’t have any children, while the favoured Imperial Concubine Wei only had a daughter, Imperial Princess Leyao.

There were also the third to sixth princes.

The third prince had died when he was young. The fourth prince was Prince Jin, who had moved out of the palace. The fifth prince was naturally weak and cowardly, and his birth mother had died early.

The last one was Sixth Prince, who was only fifteen years old.

For the Empress and Empress Dowager to be so concerned, it must have something to do with one of the princes.

Since Consort Liang had fainted, had something happened to the crown prince?

No, not necessarily. Prince Jin had also been raised by Consort Liang. Moreover, it was said that she treated him even better than her own son, the crown prince.

So, was it Prince Jin who had encountered a mishap?

He Changdi and Prince Jin were close friends. If something happened to Prince Jin, then He Changdi would also be implicated.

When she thought of this possibility, Chu Lian’s entire body felt ice-cold.

Her hands, which were holding Countess Jing’an, also instantly lost their warmth.

Too many things had happened tonight, so Chu Lian’s mind was on high alert and she couldn’t help quickening her pace.

Soon, Countess Jing’an had also sensed her anxious feelings.

“Lian’er? Lian’er?” Countess Jing’an had to call out to Chu Lian a few times before she came back to her senses.

Chu Lian turned her head and gave her an apologetic look. “Mother, I’m so sorry. I was distracted by some thoughts.”

Countess Jing’an looked at her helplessly. “Silly child. What are you thinking about?”

As she spoke, Countess Jing’an pulled out her arm and patted Chu Lian’s hand to comfort her. “The palace is a dangerous place. We’ll be alright as long as we abide by the rules, so you don’t have to think too much. Look, your father and Sanlang have come to pick us up.”

When Chu Lian looked up, she saw their men standing together at the bottom of the white marble stairs nearby. Her father-in-law was tall and burly, while He Changdi had the same tall stature with a cool temperament.  

He Changdi’s bottomless gaze seemed to be filled with bright stars when she looked at him, giving her a deep sense of reassurance.

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