Chapter 619: Phoenix Trap (7)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 619: Phoenix Trap (7)

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A tall man was leaning against a small chaise beside the bed. The silvery moonlight shone in through the half-opened window, which just happened to provide a clear view of He Changjue’s current actions.

His hand was stuffed deep inside the opening of his guard’s attire. The lower part of his robes was moving up and down due to his movement. A thin layer of sweat covered his masculine face. His lips were slightly pursed and he was trying his best to suppress his heavy pants.

As if he had heard something, he spun around to look in Royal Princess Duanjia’s direction.

He Changjue’s whole body instantly stiffened…

In that instant, He Erlang really wanted to find somewhere to bury himself. It was too damned shameful to be seen by the woman he liked while… while satisfying himself...

He wanted to die from embarrassment...

He Erlang had a very unsightly expression on his face and he appeared to be extremely regretful. 

If someone were to give him a brick right now, he would definitely find a way to kill himself with it.

Royal Princess Dunajia was also stupefied. She had originally come to find He Changjue because she had something to say to him. She never expected to witness such a scene.

Although she was a single young woman, as someone born in the imperial family, there were certain things that she should naturally know of.

She definitely knew what He Erlang had been doing based on his earlier actions.

“You…” Royal Princess Duanjia nervously gulped and was only able to utter a single word. Her face was burning hot.

He Erlang shifted his body sideways in an attempt to block Royal Princess Duanjia’s line of sight. After that, he silently took out Miss Righty from his pants. If Miss Righty could speak, she would surely be crying pitifully.

He had breathed in some special fragrance earlier, so his little brother was still very energetic right now and wasn’t showing any signs of deflating.

He Erlang: …

The gears in Royal Princess Duanjia’s mind turned swiftly. She knew that He Changjue usually acted in a very orderly manner and had a lot of self-control. He didn’t seem like a particularly lustful person. Thus, there was only one reason behind this awkward situation.   

She restrained her nervousness the best she could, but for some unknown reason, there was a vague and strange sense of excitement emerging from within the depths of her heart.

She boldly stepped forward and asked in a soft voice, “Is this because of that fragrance?”

He Changjue was in an extremely embarrassing state right now, so he didn’t notice Royal Princess Duanjia’s movement. His ears turned red, the blush extending down to his neck. He let out a light ‘mm’ as confirmation.

The embarrassed look on the old bachelor’s face unexpectedly made Duanjia’s heart ache for him.  

Royal Princess Duanjia had a sudden burst of sympathy when she stared at He Changjue’s well-defined features...

Before He Changjue could react, Royal Princess Duanjia had already sat down beside him…

He Changjue had a tall and sturdy figure with long legs. The muscles on his limbs were also very well-developed and strong. He was a handsome man with broad shoulders and a slim waist. Royal Princess Duanjia was similar in stature with Chu Lian, petite and delicate. Sitting beside He Changjue right now, she appeared like a half-grown child.

However, that was just what it looked like on the surface.

When taking their current expressions into account, there probably wouldn’t be anyone who would continue to think that way.  

Royal Princess Duanjia continued to move closer to the brawny He Changjue. He Changjue was like a frightened bunny who was being forced to retreat into a corner and trying his best to huddle into a corner...

The expression on He Erlang’s face was rather amusing. He was both flabbergasted and embarrassed. He reached out to hold Royal Princess Duanjia still by her slender shoulders, but he quickly withdrew his right hand when he recalled what he had just done with it.

He stopped Royal Princess Duanjia from getting closer to him with one hand. However, he didn’t dare to exert any force because she was a delicate young woman. He could only tell her helplessly, “Royal Princess, I’m fine. You should hurry back, otherwise Princess Wei will be worried!”

He Erlang’s entire face was flushed red. He was really fine. He just had to use his five-fingered maiden to help him vent a few times. After that, the effects of the fragrance would be gone.

However, Royal Princess Duanjia didn’t act as he expected.

Royal Princess Duanjia lifted a brow, giving her feminine face a rare trace of resolution and determination.

“No, I’m not leaving. He Erlang, I want to help you!”

He Changjue: …

Damn, was she really not doing this on purpose?

He Erlang was caught in a dilemma, suffering both physically and mentally… He wanted to scare Royal Princess Duanjia away with a stern face, but he had never thought that she would react this way. It wasn’t within his expectations at all!

While he was still thinking about how to get rid of this extremely ‘persistent’ woman, his little brother had already been seized…

He Changjue: …

The veins on his forehead throbbed. Damn it, this woman really wanted to kill him…

Chu Lian was becoming increasingly anxious while waiting. Forty-five minutes had already passed.

She anxiously looked towards the window from time to time. Senior Servant Lan had already sent someone in to check on them once, but Chu Lian had ordered Wenlan to make an excuse to stall for time.  

If Royal Princess Duanjia didn’t return soon, then even she wouldn’t be able to hide it any longer.  

Just as Chu Lian was about to send Wenlan to go search for her, three special knocks suddenly sounded from the window.

Chu Lian’s anxious heart was finally able to settle down. She strode towards the window, opened it, and pulled Royal Princess Duanjia inside.

Chu Lian immediately noticed Royal Princess Duanjia’s reddened face. “Is it very cold outside? Your face is all red. You should get Jinxiu to bring a cloak over for you later.”

Royal Princess Duanjia lowered her head and agreed. She slightly coughed to hide her awkwardness. She was too ashamed to directly tell Chu Lian the actual reason for her blushing.

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