Chapter 618: Phoenix Trap (6)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 618: Phoenix Trap (6)

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Shortly afterwards, Senior Servant Lan found Royal Princess Duanjia unconscious within the room. They also found Jinxiu, who had been moved into a dark corner after being knocked unconscious.

Senior Servant Lan had also brought along a maidservant who was knowledgeable in medicine. After examining Royal Princess Duanjia, she concluded that the princess had only fainted and that there weren’t any other problems with her. Senior Servant Lan was finally relieved after hearing her confirmation.

By this time, Royal Princess Duanjia and Jinxiu had both regained consciousness. Senior Servant Lan couldn’t help berating Jinxiu, who had her head lowered as she stood in front of her. “As a maidservant, what were you doing letting the royal princess run around like that?”

Royal Princess Duanjia hastily stopped Senior Servant Lan. “Momo, it was my fault, so don’t blame Jinxiu anymore.”  

Senior Servant Lan was also familiar with Royal Princess Duanjia’s personality, so she could only sigh several times and say, “It was fortunate that Honoured Lady saw you leaving and swiftly notified Princess Wei. If something happened to Royal Princess, then Princess Wei would be heartbroken.”

Royal Princess Duanjia’s eyes lit up when she heard Senior Servant Lan mention Chu Lian. She quickly asked, “Chu Liu is here too?”

Senior Servant Lan helplessly nodded. “Honoured Lady is in the outer room.”

Royal Princess Duanjia wanted to jump off the bed just as Senior Servant Lan finished speaking, but Senior Servant Lan stopped her. “Royal Princess, your body is still weak after we treated you with the antidote for that sedative. You can’t get out of bed and walk right now.”

Momo, tell Chu Liu to come in.”

Senior Servant Lan didn’t have any other choice, so she went out to inform Chu Lian of the summons.

A moment later, Chu Lian entered the room.

Royal Princess Duanjia was leaning on the chaise with a thin blanket covering her legs. Her eyes glimmered when she saw Chu Lian entering. She hastily dismissed the palace maidservants in the room. By the time Chu Lian sat on the chaise, she and Royal Princess Duanjia were alone there.

Before Chu Lian was able to speak, Royal Princess Duanjia was already pulling on her arm. “Chu Liu, come with me.”

Chu Lian responded with a confused ‘Ah?’. She didn’t understand Royal Princess Duanjia’s intentions. What was she trying to do? Her body was still weak from the drug!

After breathing in a sedative and then taking the antidote, a normal person would feel weak for some time. Even their legs would be unstable when walking.

Where did Royal Princess Duanjia want to go at this time?

“Royal Princess, stop joking around!” Chu Lian gave her a glare.

“Chu Liu, I’m not kidding. Are you coming with me or not?!” As Royal Princess Duanjia spoke, she placed her hands on her hips. She disregarded Chu Lian’s objection and got up from the chaise.

Chu Lian noticed that she was healthy and energetic. She didn’t seem to be feeling weak at all. Shocked, she asked, “Royal Princess, you’re completely fine?”

Royal Princess Duanjia nodded and tugged Chu Lian towards the window.

Chu Lian watched as she carefully opened the window and leaned outside.

“Royal Princess, what are you doing?!”

Royal Princess Duanjia pulled Chu Lian to one side, then shook her arm endearingly. “My dearest Chu Liu, can you help me keep a lookout? I need to go out for a moment.”

Chu Lian frowned as she stared at Royal Princess Duanjia.

Her eyes were crystal-clear. Under the weight of her stare, Royal Princess Duanjia felt like she didn’t have anywhere to hide. Thus, her face instantly burned up.

“Alright, alright, Chu Liu, I won’t keep it from you. I want to go check on He Changjue. I’ll come back really quickly, so help me keep a lookout!”

Chu Lian was immediately dumbfounded after hearing her words.

What! Royal Princess Duanjia was going to look for He Erlang?!

They… When had their relationship become so intimate?

The gears in Chu Lian’s mind swiftly turned. She said, “Royal Princess, were you lured to this palace hall because of Second Brother?”

Royal Princess Duanjia’s face reddened as she nodded, not denying it.

With Royal Princess Duanjia’s confirmation, Chu Lian understood that something had probably happened to He Erlang. She immediately became anxious. “Is Second Brother alright?”

Royal Princess Duanjia felt somewhat awkward when she thought about He Changjue. She hastily shook her head. “Chu Liu, don’t worry. He’s fine. Just now, momo came over too quickly. I still have something to say to him, but I didn’t have the time to tell him just now.”

Chu Lian knew about Royal Princess Duanjia’s feelings towards He Changjue, but she hadn’t expected their relationship to have reached this stage so suddenly. If this was set during modern times, then it wouldn’t really be considered a major issue. At most, they would just date as a couple, which was still a rather pure relationship. However, it was entirely different in the Great Wu Dynasty. It was still a period of time when unrelated men and women had to avoid having close relationships. Thus, the relationship between the two of them could already be considered rather scandalous...  

A royal princess and an imperial guard. The two would rarely have the chance to meet.  

Chu Lian didn’t have the heart to stop them from speaking to each other right now.

Under Royal Princess Duanjia’s pleading, she could only nod in agreement and promise to help deal with Senior Servant Lan, who was waiting outside.

When Royal Princess Duanjia jumped out of the window, Chu Lian again reminded her to act quickly.

Royal Princess Duanjia replied with her guarantee.

Once out of the room, Royal Princess Duanjia cautiously approached a small room in the adjoining palace hall.

Earlier, she and He Erlang had agreed that she would pretend to be unconscious, while he would hide in a small room nearby.

Royal Princess Dunajia was in the middle of slowing down her pace as she got closer when she suddenly heard a man’s muffled moan. She froze and took a moment to distinguish the voice, only to realise that it belonged to He Changjue.

Her cheeks instantly flushed. In her heart, she wondered, ‘What is that man doing inside!’

Royal Princess Duanjia hastened her steps and swiftly entered the room. When she pulled apart the blinds hanging over the entrance, she witnessed an unforgettable scene.  

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