Chapter 617: Phoenix Trap (5)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 617: Phoenix Trap (5)

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Xiao Bojian couldn’t figure out how He Changdi had appeared here so abruptly when he had prepared such a meticulous plan. Moreover, he had impeccable timing!

It was as if He Changdi had already anticipated all of this and had only been waiting for him to fall into his trap.

Xiao Bojian gnashed his teeth. A sinister glint appeared in his eyes. He glared at He Changdi with his icy gaze, as if he wanted to shred the man in front of him to pieces!

However, He Sanlang wasn’t a simple man. He was completely indifferent to the murderous intentions within Xiao Bojian’s gaze.

The two of them waged a silent war with their eyes, nearly causing sparks to fly through the sheer force of their glares.

Soon, footsteps could be heard approaching from the distance.

Chu Lian felt inwardly relieved. It seemed like the people that Princess Wei sent had arrived.

Xiao Bojian had an extremely terrible expression on his face. One slowly retreated to Xiao Bojian’s side and whispered something into his ears. After that, he shielded Xiao Bojian by keeping him behind himself.

Xiao Bojian realised that his plan for today had been completely ruined. He had already lost the best opportunity to strike.

He turned away from the irritating He Changdi and met with Chu Lian’s solemn face instead.

Before he left, he said, “Lian’er, I’m still true to my words. If you come and find me, I’ll tell you the truth.”

Leaving behind that parting message, Xiao Bojian left without any hesitation under the protection of One. They swiftly disappeared around the corner of the remote palace hall.

He Changdi didn’t chase after them. Although he was highly skilled in martial arts, if they really fought, he would barely be able to hold his own against One. As a specially trained assassin, One definitely had some hidden skills up his sleeves. If they really engaged in battle right now, he would probably be at a disadvantage.   

Furthermore, he still needed to protect Chu Lian, so he couldn’t risk their own safety.

Xiao Bojian seemed to have also predicted He Changdi’s thoughts, so he immediately left under One’s protection without any intention to fight.

The sound of footsteps seems to be getting closer. She could also hear the sound of voices accompanying them from time to time. Chu Lian glanced at He Changdi, who was still standing beside her. Worried, she said, “Hurry and leave. If someone finds you in the rear court, you’ll be punished.”

Men were prohibited from entering the inner palace without permission. Even princes had to move out of the palace and into their own estates when they came of age, let alone outsiders.

He Changdi wasn’t one of the imperial guards who were allowed to enter and leave the inner palace freely.

However, instead of leaving, He Sanlang pulled his wife closer, then suddenly embraced her with his arms. Chu Lian could feel the gentle kiss he planted on her hair, near her ear.

Even Chu Lian didn’t know how anxious and tense He Changdi had been when he had been hiding in the shadows earlier.

He was afraid that his beloved wife would personally agree to leave with Xiao Bojian.

He didn’t know when he started having these feelings, but Chu Lian had already occupied the most important place in his heart. If she ever left, his entire heart would be completely emptied.  

Chu Lian didn’t know that so many thoughts had already gone through the mind of the ‘sensitive’ and ‘thoughtful’ He Changdi. She exherted some strength and pushed at He Changdi’s sturdy chest with her two little hands while saying, “He Changdi, let go of me! The palace servants are almost here!”

“I’m not letting go.” He Sanlang actually started to throw one of his fits now, of all times. Chu Lian was on the verge of dying of frustration thanks to him.

She whispered angrily, “What do you want?!”

Damn it, she hadn’t gained a husband at all. He was obviously an idiotic, over-aged son.

“I’ll let go if you promise me something,” He Changdi requested cunningly.

Chu Lian was about to go crazy as she stared at the intersection. She didn’t have the time to care about his request, so she hastily agreed and said, “Alright, I’ll agree to anything you want. I’m begging you, please hurry up and leave!”

As the group turned the last corner, He Changdi swiftly disappeared into the shadows at the last second, giving Chu Lian a heart attack.

Chu Lian cursed him in her mind. If she had a weak heart, she would have already gone crazy from the fright.

After calming her breathing, Chu Lian turned towards the direction of the new arrivals.

Two palace maidservants in lavender dresses were in the lead, followed by four to five eunuchs. Wenlan and Senior Servant Lan walked beside them. Before the two of them had even reached her, they were already anxiously looking in her direction.

When she noticed Wenqing lying limply on the ground, Wenlan widened her eyes in shock and quickly hastened her pace.

Senior Servant Lan immediately held onto Chu Lian’s hand when she arrived in front of her. “Honoured Lady, are you alright? Were you injured?”

Wenlan promptly kneeled down to examine Wenqing’s injuries. Her heart finally relaxed when she noticed that Wenqing had only been knocked unconscious.  

Chu Lian shook her head. “I’m fine. Momo, send for someone to take a look at my maidservant. She was the one who protected me just now. Otherwise, I would have been hurt.”

The palace maidservant in the lead immediately asked Chu Lian about what had happened.

After hearing Senior Servant Lan’s explanation, Chu found out that palace maidservants who wore lavender dresses were special imperial guards inside the palace. They were trained to protect the consorts and imperial children in the rear court.  

Their martial arts skills were not inferior to that of the imperial guards who received elite training.

It was also the same for the young eunuchs who followed behind them.

Chu Lian knew that these people had been sent by Princess Wei, so she told Senior Servant Lan about everything that had happened, excluding He Changdi’s appearance.

Senior Servant Lan’s brows drew together in a frown, and she quickly led the party into the palace hall.

Chu Lian was still uncertain whether Royal Princess Duanjia was really inside, but they still had to enter the hall anyway to make certain their guesses. Senior Servant Lan served under Princess Wei, so she was the most suitable person to handle this matter.

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