Chapter 616: Phoenix Trap (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 616: Phoenix Trap (4)

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Chu Lian wanted to roll her eyes at him. She felt really wronged. From the very beginning, she had never felt anything for him, alright?!

Without any mercy, Chu Lian replied, “Sir Xiao, you need to know your place. I am Marchioness Anyuan and there is no connection between us. Therefore, there’s no need to even mention like or dislike.”

Xiao Bojian’s head tilted down a little. His face was shrouded in darkness, so Chu Lian was unable to see his current expression.

A moment later, he raised his head again. The malevolent look on his face had disappeared. All that was left was his usual gloominess.

He suddenly said, “Lian’er, do you want to know the truth about your mother your birth mother?”

The life of the deceased first wife of House Ying’s Second Master was basically a mystery.

The moment Second Madam had passed on, it was as if nobody in House Ying remembered what she looked like. If it hadn’t been for the existence of the Sixth Miss, Chu Lian, everyone would have thought that Second Master hadn’t married before.

Later on, when Chu Lian had grown up and started to become more aware, there was no one around her who knew anything about her mother. Even Senior Servant Gui who was closest to her only knew a little bit from hearsay.

Since young, Chu Lian had wanted to know more about matters regarding her mother, but nobody would tell her. On the other hand, her father, Chu Qizheng, would get angry at the mere mention of Chu Lian’s mother. Second Master had remarried very quickly and his new wife treated Chu Lian harshly. Once the new Second Madam had birthed her own daughter, she would constantly make things difficult for Chu Lian. This only increased Chu Lian’s desire to know about the mother she had never gotten to meet.

She would often fantasise about how her mother would look like if she were alive, especially when she was being bullied by her stepmother or Miss Yuan.

Later on, Xiao Bojian had entered House Ying and Chu Lian had become friends with him. When the two chatted, Xiao Bojian learned about Chu Lian’s wishes to find out more about her mother.

The scheming Xiao Bojian had committed this to memory, and today, he had finally found a use for it.

If the person who stood in front of him were the real Chu Lian, there was no doubt that she would have definitely become agitated and asked Xiao Bojian all about her mother— what she looked like, her personality, everything.

Unfortunately, the Chu Lian right now was already a completely different person.

The original Chu Lian’s mother had passed away a long time ago, and she didn’t care enough to find out about the looks of a dead person.

Even if she knew, it wasn’t like it would do her any good.

As a simple glutton, the current Chu Lian just didn’t care about finding out other people’s secrets. She wasn’t a particularly curious person.

Just as Xiao Bojian thought that victory was within reach and he was excitedly waiting for Chu Lian to take the bait, Chu Lian calmly replied without so much a ripple in her heart, “I don’t.”

In her mind, Chu Lian thought that this was none of her business at all; she’d rather go home early and hug He Sanlang to sleep…

It was as if a bucket of icy water had been dumped over Xiao Bojian’s head, dousing his excitement. His gloomy and slightly feminine face was filled with disbelief.

He couldn’t help but ask, “What did you say?”

Chu Lian pouted. “My mother died so many years ago, I don’t even remember what she looks like, and I’m not interested in that anymore. Now, tell me where Royal Princess Duanjia is.”

A contorted expression suddenly appeared on Xiao Bojian’s face again. It was unknown whether he had become angry because of her words or because his expectations had been way off the mark. Enraged, he said, “Chu Lian, this clearly wasn’t what you said back then!”

Chu Lian’s eyes shifted away a little. She wanted to stall for time.

“Everyone changes. Even if I wanted to know about it in the past, I am no longer interested now.”

“You!” Xiao Bojian was seething with rage.

Chu Lian shot a signal at Wenqing with her eyes.

“Lian’er, you’ve changed!”

Chu Lian’s mouth twitched. Xiao Bojian was too slow. It wasn’t just her personality that had changed; she was practically a different person, alright?

“You don’t have to try signalling your servant. With her level of martial arts, she isn’t even a match for my guard.” Saying that, Xiao Bojian glanced back at the shadow-like One. 

Two words came out of his mouth: “Take her!”

One moved like a sudden wind. Although Wenqing’s martial arts weren’t bad, there was still an insurmountable difference between her and One, who was specially trained as an assassin.

With only a few moves, One had knocked Wenqing unconscious. However, when One was about to grab hold of Chu Lian, he was blocked by a figure who suddenly leapt out of the darkness.

One stared with utter disbelief at the man who had blocked him with his sword.

He Changdi had suddenly appeared with his handsome, grim face and frosty eyes. His chilly gaze fell upon Xiao Bojian, and when he spoke, it was with a deep and tantalising voice. “Xiao Wujing, just where are you trying to take my wife to?”

Xiao Bojian gave He Changdi a death stare. He nearly fainted from the force of his fury. His hands turned into fists at his side, the joints turning white from how tightly he clenched them.

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