Chapter 615: Phoenix Trap (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 615: Phoenix Trap (3)

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Chu Lian frowned as she looked at her surroundings. Darkness had enveloped the shining palace. It was so cold and deserted that there wasn’t a single maid or eunuch watching the door.

To Wenqing, who was standing beside her, Chu Lian softly asked, “Are you sure this is the place?”

Wenqing nodded in confirmation. “Third Young Madam, this is the place. I saw the princess walk in this direction with my own eyes.”

The senses of martial arts practitioners were sharper than most. Even Wenqing’s eyesight was better than Chu Lian’s. In the midst of this dark night void of any light, Wenqing was able to see things more clearly than Chu Lian.

Chu Lian’s gaze shifted to the shut doors in front of her. “Did the princess go in there?”

Wenqing shook her head. “I did see the princess walking in this direction, but I don’t know whether she entered the hall or not.”

There was only a single alley leading in this direction from the imperial gardens, so it had to be somewhere around here.

Chu Lian’s brows creased together tightly. She was in the middle of deciding whether to take a look inside when Wenqing suggested, “Third Young Madam, it’s better if we wait. This is the imperial palace, after all. Princess Wei will send people here soon.”

Chu Lian nodded. She couldn’t confirm whether Royal Princess Duanjia had been set up or whether she was in any danger. What if it turned out to be a multi-layered trap? She couldn’t just jump right into it and get caught herself. The inner palace had never been a place with rules or morals.

Furthermore, she didn’t know what would happen if she went in or what dangers she might face, so it was better to take the safer option.

He Erlang and Royal Princess Duanjia had been carefully observing the outside. When they realised that the person who had come was Chu Lian, Duanjia’s eyes brightened. She was about to open the windows and call out to her, but before she had the chance to, He Changjue covered her mouth.

“Be quiet. There’s someone else coming.”

Sure enough, the moment He Erlang whispered this to her, two men had walked out from the darkness.

The man who stood in front was very young. He wore a black brocade robe, and he had a tall and slender physique. It wasn’t until he stepped into a lit area that Duanjia was able to identify him.

He Erlang fixed his gaze upon the beautiful man beyond the doors and made sure not to miss a single movement or expression on his face.

Xiao Bojian leisurely walked out from the darkness, with One following behind like a shadow.

Chu Lian looked up and noticed the man. When she realised who it was, she had the urge to curse at the heavens.

This damned Xiao Bojian was way too clingy! He truly lived up to his role as the male lead in the original novel. Was he forcibly increasing his screen time?

Xiao Bojian’s black robe was low-profile but luxurious. One just had to look at the patterns on it to tell that it had been made of an exceptionally high quality fabric. It was unfortunate that such a great cut of cloth had been wasted on him. A robe like this would definitely look a lot better on He Changdi instead.

Chu Lian quickly cleared away these random thoughts in her head. She raised her chin a little, facing the man coming towards her with a frown. Wenqing hadn’t expected Xiao Bojian to appear at a time like this. She quickly took a step forward to protect Chu Lian, positioning herself appropriately. If Xiao Bojian made any moves, she would immediately attack him.

Unfortunately, Xiao Bojian completely ignored Wenqing’s protective movements. A faint smile appeared on his lips and his peach blossom-shaped eyes stared at Chu Lian with ample tenderness and a fragment of resentment.

Chu Lian already had goosebumps before even hearing a word he said.

“Lian’er, you’re finally willing to see me.”

Xiao Bojian looked even more lovingly at Chu Lian.

Chu Lian: …

What the hell? Had this fellow gone mad since their last meeting…?

When had she ever been willing to see him, or even tried to see him?

She had clearly been lured to this place! If Royal Princess Duanjia hadn’t suddenly left, she wouldn’t have been worried about her safety. Ergo, she wouldn’t have come to this remote part of the palace so hastily!

Was there a hole in Xiao Bojian’s head? Had he been born without a cranium?

Chu Lian asked with guarded eyes, “Why are you here?”

Xiao Bojian smiled. His gaze became increasingly gentle. However, when such a meek expression appeared on his face, it made people feel uneasy instead.

Xiao Bojian seemed like someone who always had a gloomy expression, so this sudden change only made others more wary.

“I was waiting for you.”

With a gentle smile on his face, Xiao Bojian looked exactly like a kidnapper using a piece of chocolate to entice a greedy child.

Chu Lian had a look of disgust. Did he think that he could trick her like she was a three-year-old?

“Just what do you want? What happened to the princess? Why have you led me here?”

Chu Lian didn’t want to beat around the bush with him. If she had the choice, she wouldn’t want to spend even a second more around a person like Xiao Bojian.

Perhaps noticing the disgust and hatred in Chu Lian’s eyes, the gentle smile on Xiao Bojian’s face instantly froze, then cracked and completely fell apart.

In the next instant, it was as if he had changed faces. A dark, gloomy malevolence straight from the pits of hell overtook his expression.

His glare locked onto Chu Lian.

It seemed as if he wanted to gouge her thoughts from her head with his eyes and find out what she truly thought.

“Lian’er, do you truly not like me anymore?”

As he said this, Xiao Bojian’s face twisted with pain and regret.

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