Chapter 614: Phoenix Trap (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 614: Phoenix Trap (2)

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Seeing that He Erlang had finally woken up, Royal Princess Duanjia could finally set her worries to rest. However, on the outside, she haughtily raised her chin at him.

She sneered and said, “So you still recognise that it’s me, huh? He Erlang, if I wasn’t here, you would have likely been sold off into slavery without even knowing!”

Royal Princess Duanjia glared as she scolded He Erlang. Even her hands were subconsciously placed on her waist, as if that could make her look more intimidating.

As his vision cleared, He Changjue’s mind also cleared up.

Something in his field of view caught his attention. He squinted at it, then got up and poured all of the teapot’s cold water onto that thing.

A hissing sound resounded in the room, followed by a small amount of green smoke. The incense burner had been extinguished.

Royal Princess Duanjia was completely caught off guard by his sudden action and dropped the haughty attitude that she had been taking.

Shocked and slightly frightened, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s something wrong with this incense.”

“Huh?” With widened eyes, Royal Princess Duanjia’s attention shifted towards the octagonal incense pot.

He Changjue pulled Royal Princess Duanjia to his side. “Don’t get too close to it; I don’t know if it has any effect on women.”

He Changjue’s tug made Duanjia stumble. She nearly fell into his embrace, which made her blush.

She clenched the hems of her sleeves tightly before asking, “Were you unable to wake up because of that incense?”

He Changjue nodded.

This was a special type of incense. It usually caused no harm, and it was even good for the body.

However, if a man were to drink a specially concocted wine beforehand, the scent would cause him to faint and stimulate his lustful desires.

He had heard people talking about it back in the Dragon Guard, but he had never actually seen it. He never expected that he would be on the receiving end of it today.

He Changjue had been on duty today. He had been leading his men on patrol around the imperial gardens, but he had been lured by a figure in black to this unused palace hall.

By the time he entered the room and caught a whiff of the incense, it was already too late for him to do anything.

Fortunately, Royal Princess Duanjia managed to wake him up by dousing cold water over his face. Otherwise, no matter how much she shouted, he would’ve been useless.

Even if he were woken up, he would have turned into an uncontrollable, lustful fiend if he continued breathing in the incense.

Since he had managed to extinguish it early he wasn’t too affected. Right now, he just felt an uncomfortable heat inside, and little Erlang was trying to show its presence, but this was still at a bearable level for him.

As the room was dimly lit, it was most likely that Duanjia wouldn’t notice the change in his body that was out of his control.

He Erlang helped Royal Princess Duanjia up. He thought about the situation, and realised that they had walked straight into a trap.

Royal Princess Duanjia sat up straight, while He Erlang stayed right beside her. She seemed to be able to smell He Changjue’s distinctively manly scent all around her.

He Changjue took off his cloak and covered Duanjia’s shoulders with it before asking, “Where are your servants?”

Royal Princess Duanjia couldn’t possibly have come here just by herself. Even if someone had deliberately baited her to come, she couldn’t possibly have come without a single servant.

“She’s been taken down,” Royal Princess Duanjia said calmly, but He Changjue could tell that she was actually worried inside.

He Erlang recalled the maid who frequently helped to deliver letters between the two of them. He reached out with the intention to console Duanjia by stroking her head, but then at the last minute, he recalled the fact that there was no official relationship between them and awkwardly retracted his hand.

“She should be fine. I was their target, so that girl’s life shouldn’t be at risk.”

Royal Princess Duanjia glanced at him and twisted her lips to one side.

“What should we do next?”

He Changjue’s pupils shrunk. “Let’s wait and see. I want to see just who is trying to plot against me.”

Royal Princess Duanjia was frightened by the abrupt change in his expression. The ferocious snarl on his face made her mind go blank. She had never known that He Erlang could be so decisive and authoritative.

A slight smile subconsciously formed on her lips. This man was becoming more and more attractive to her.

While He Changjue was lost in his thoughts, Royal Princess Duanjia unscrupulously inspected his body.

The two of them had never been so close to each other before!

She could touch the large palm he had placed on the bedside just by reaching out.

His hand was huge. Just judging from what she could see, it seemed to be twice the size of hers. His fingers were long, and if he spread his palm out and she put her hand on it, he would probably be able to wrap over her entire hand.

There were some fine hairs on the back of his hand. His skin wasn’t very dark, but its colour looked very manly. At the very least, it was completely different from hers, which was soft and tender.

Despite being in a dangerous situation like this, Royal Princess Duanjia’s heart was overflowing with happiness, because she was slowly discovering the tiny differences between their bodies.

Her line of sight shifted a little, and her eyes immediately widened. Her face grew red and she turned away. She couldn’t continue letting her gaze roam over him anymore.

Feeling that Duanjia’s gaze had finally shifted away, He Erlang was finally able to relax.

Usually, he wouldn’t mind her looking at all; it wasn’t as if he would lose something if she stared. Besides, she was the person he liked.

However, the current situation was different. He was in an awkward state due to the incense which had triggered something in his body which he couldn’t control.

He Changjue shifted a little to get more comfortable, trying to hide his uncomfortable bulge.

Right as he was about to say something, he suddenly heard some sounds coming from the outside.

Chu Lian and Wenqing had arrived.

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