Chapter 612: Thousand Blessings Festival (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 612: Thousand Blessings Festival (4)

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He Changdi tucked some stray locks of hair behind Chu Lian’s ear before sweeping aside the curtains and taking a look outside.

The path had indeed been blocked by the other families’ numerous carriages. They all formed a crowd in front of Zhuque Gate. It also just so happened that House Zheng’s carriage was right next to theirs. When he turned, he noticed that Heir Zheng was about to disembark his carriage.

Heir Zheng noticed the couple as well, and took the initiative to greet them. “Marquis Anyuan, Honoured Lady Jinyi, it’s been a while.”

He Changdi nodded towards Heir Zheng with a chilly and unsociable countenance, while Chu Lian smiled at Heir Zheng and returned the greeting.

Heir Zheng seemed to have something to say as his mouth opened, but before he could speak a word, He Changdi let the curtains of their carriage fall.

Chu Lian: …

Heir Zheng: …

Chu Lian looked speechlessly at her lunatic husband.

She softly said, “What are you doing? Heir Zheng obviously wanted to speak; can’t you put the curtain back down after the conversation is over?”

He Changdi coldly turned his head to face Chu Lian and asked, “What rank are you now?”

Chu Lian was flabbergasted. This fellow was changing topics too quickly; he hadn’t even answered her question, yet he had already presented her with another.

“A second rank marchioness,” Chu Lian subconsciously answered.

Although she was still Honoured Lady Jinyi and it was a title bestowed by the emperor, the honoured lady title was merely a fifth-ranked title. It was a far cry from a second-ranked marchioness. Thus, during gatherings in the palace or daily social interactions, she would automatically assume the title with the highest rank.

Therefore, Chu Lian was attending the palace banquet as Marchioness Anyuan, not Honoured Lady Jinyi.

He Changdi’s tone became increasingly displeased. “What did he just call you? Honoured Lady Jinyi?”

Chu Lian: …

She had finally learned why this lunatic He Sanlang was being so rude. It was because he didn’t like how others addressed her...

Heir Zheng hadn’t done it on purpose, right? Maybe he had just called her Honoured Lady Jinyi out of habit.

Chu Lian glared at him.

Their carriage was well and truly stuck here. They had no choice but to get off.

He Changdi first leapt off the carriage, then supported Chu Lian as she used a stool to step down.

Hidden in the wide sleeves of his robes, He Sanlang held Chu Lian’s little hand as they walked towards Count Jing’an’s carriage.

One was tall and wide while the other was short and slender, but somehow, they made a pair that strangely fit well together.

What He Sanlang and Chu Lian didn’t know was that Xiao Bojian was nearby and looking in their direction with his hands behind his back. He had a sinister expression on as he looked at He Changdi with jealousy and hatred.

When Chu Lian got off the carriage, her soft and tender lips looked a little swollen. When Xiao Bojian noticed this little detail, he almost crushed his own fingers in anger.

He took a deep breath before turning away and walking towards Zhuque Gate.

One glanced in Chu Lian’s direction, but then he too turned and followed behind his master.

Outside Zhuque Gate, Chu Lian bumped into Old Duchess Zheng and Lady Yang.

The three families walked towards Taixuan Gate together, where the male guests separated from the female guests.

Chu Lian supported Countess Jing’an as they were led alongside Old Duchess Zheng, Lady Yang, and the other female guests towards the inner palace’s imperial gardens.

Chu Lian had come to the imperial gardens before, but this time, it looked completely different.

A majority of the female guests were led by the maidservants to the halls beside the imperial gardens to rest.

The moment Chu Lian arrived, she began looking for Princess Wei and Royal Princess Duanjia.

As expected, she managed to find the two of them surrounded by people.

Chu Lian helped her mother-in-law over to greet Princess Wei.

A while later, the banquet of the Thousand Blessings Festival began.

While Chu Lian was a second-ranked marchioness, she wasn’t given a seat at the front. Instead, she was seated by Countess Jing’an’s side, which was somewhere in the middle.

Princess Wei and Royal Princess Duanjia sat at the very front with the other high-ranked noble ladies.

As they sat in a very conspicuous position, Chu Lian was able to see them just by raising her head a little.

Royal Princess Duanjia was even specially seated beside the Empress Dowager.

Halfway through the banquet, Chu Lian raised her head and noticed that there was a palace maid whispering something to Royal Princess Duanjia. Royal Princess Duanjia’s expression immediately changed, and she then got up and stealthily left the banquet.

Furthermore, Royal Princess Duanjia didn’t even bring along any of her trusted handmaids with her.

Chu Lian frowned. She felt that something was amiss.

Princess Wei sat facing in a different direction from Royal Princess Duanjia, so if she didn’t deliberately turn to look, she wouldn’t have noticed what happened to her daughter at all.

Chu Lian hesitated for a moment before leaning over to her mother-in-law’s side to excuse herself quietly. She then stood up and quickly led Wenqing and Wenlan in the direction that Royal Princess Duanjia had left in.

When they got out of the banquet hall, Chu Lian sternly commanded Wenlan, “Go inform Princess Wei that Royal Princess Duanjia left the hall alone.”

Next, she instructed Wenqing, “Wenqing, follow me, and keep your guard up at all times.”

After saying her piece, Chu Lian and Wenlan went their separate ways and disappeared off into the darkness of the imperial gardens.

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