Chapter 611: Thousand Blessings Festival (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 611: Thousand Blessings Festival (3)

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He Changdi had his hands on his knees as he rubbed the green jade ring on his thumb. Chu Lian was also wearing a smaller-sized ring like his on her left hand.

When Chu Lian noticed He Changdi’s gaze directed at her, her smile brightened even more.

He Sanlang raised his brows a little. In a charming voice, he said, “What are you smiling at?”

Chu Lian tilted her head. He Sanlang had an originally frosty disposition, but his experience as part of the northern army had given him a trace of a military man’s air. His face was incomparably suave; he had well-defined features, a tall nose, and a pair of dark eyes which were incredibly captivating. He was like a frigid iceberg in the midst of a raging storm, and anyone who accidentally wandered into his reach would never be able to break away.

Learning from him, Chu Lian raised her eyebrows as well and said, “He Changdi, I don’t notice it normally, but you’re pretty handsome now.”

He Changdi had refined facial features, and his skin was fairer than most men. His figure looked like it was sculpted by the gods. He had truly received the best traits of both Countess Jing’an and Count Jing’an. She hadn’t felt much about it at all when she was reading the novel, but now that she could see him with her own eyes and he had become her husband, she was overwhelmed by the difference.

Despite his thick skin, there was no way He Changdi could stay stoic against his wife’s unbridled praise.

Although he didn’t show it on his face, his ears reddened a little.

As they spent their days together, Chu Lian had already become more aware of the minute changes in his expression, so she snickered inwardly. Actually, He Changdi was still very innocent in some ways.

He Changdi didn’t speak a word and pursed his lips. From a bystander’s point of view, it was like his face had become even grimer, perhaps bordering on enraged, but that wasn’t actually what happened. He was just shy and embarrassed…

Chu Lian was incredibly entertained. She wanted to tease him more.

The two sat facing each other with half an arm’s distance between them. He Sanlang could reach Chu Lian just by straightening his long legs.

She leaned forward slightly and blinked her wide almond eyes at him. “He Changdi! Your ears are red!”

Once she said that, she moved back like a child who had just received a treat and began to laugh while covering her mouth.

A twitch developed on He Changdi’s forehead. Taking advantage of the fact that Chu Lian had her guard down, he reached forward and caught her, pulling her over to his side and making her sit beside him.

Still in the middle of laughing, Chu Lian was startled by his sudden overbearing action.

Before she had the chance to relax, her small mouth was sealed by a pair of ice-cold lips and her mouth was plundered.

Chu Lian’s eyes widened. She subconsciously resisted by pushing away the strong man with both hands.

Unfortunately, her feeble arms didn’t have enough strength to make any difference.

When He Changdi was satisfied with the taste of her sweet mouth, he let go of her. Her cheeks were like now as red as apples as she leaned against He Changdi’s chest, panting heavily.

With watery eyes, she glared at him in protest.

He Changdi leaned down so that his mouth was by her ear. With a deep voice, he whispered, “You look really good right now, too.”

Chu Lian’s eyes widened in mingled shock and bashfulness.

How could he say that!

She had been sincere while praising his appearance, yet he had only complimented her after their kiss?! Was he trying to say that she only looked good when she was out of breath?!

She had just wanted to tease him a little and wasn’t expecting to be assailed in return.

Chu Lian brandished her claws and struggled in his embrace, but He Changdi seized hold of her with a grim face, fiercely admonishing, “Stop moving!”

Seeing his face actually turn grim made Chu Lian even more depressed.

She was about to retort, but before she could, she came into contact with something hard under his robes, causing her to freeze up entirely.

Chu Lian was now the very picture of an obedient puppy. She was rather speechless, all she had done was struggle a little, and He Sanlang had such a huge reaction… Was this a good or bad thing?

He Changdi pulled her closer into his embrace. He restrained his emotions and suppressed his growing impulses.

Then, he looked down at the woman in his arms. He Changdi really wanted to straighten her out right this minute, but this regrettably wasn’t the time.

Some time later, He Changdi suddenly whispered something into her ear, which made her eyes widen again as she looked at him in disbelief.

He Changdi’s expression didn’t change at all. He acted as if he was earnestly discussing an important scientific question.

“What’s wrong? Senior Servant Zhong said that it will be easier to get pregnant by doing that.”

Chu Lian was incredibly tempted to roll her eyes at him. There wasn’t any correlation between the posture they used and the chances of getting pregnant. Besides, her period had just ended, so this was her safe period. The possibility of her getting pregnant was miniscule at the moment.

“No way,” she said. Her face began to redden.

Who knew what He Sanlang was thinking right now? His mind seemed set as he continued to insist. “How would you know if you don’t give it a try?”

The couple were in the midst of discussing physical limitations in the carriage when the mounted Laiyue reminded them from outside, “Third Young Master, Third Young Madam, we’re about to arrive.”

Sure enough, the carriage slowed down, then came to a complete stop.

Laiyue spoke up again. “Third Young Master, Third Young Madam, you’ll have to get off the carriage here. The path onwards has been blocked by the other carriages.”

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