Chapter 610: Thousand Blessings Festival (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 610: Thousand Blessings Festival (2)

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Senior Servant Liu found her explanation to be rather reasonable, so she didn’t linger on that topic.

She looked at Muxiang and said, “What’s up with you these days? Why have you become so absent-minded? If you’re like this, how can I trust you to take care of the matriarch properly?”

Although Muxiang truly despised Senior Servant Liu inside, she didn’t let that show at all.

She held Senior Servant Liu’s elbow in an intimate motion and said with a smile, “Momo, I’ll admit, I haven’t been performing well for the past few days. From now on, I will definitely put my heart and soul into serving the matriarch.”

Senior Servant Liu sighed and patted the back of Muxiang’s palm. “You’re getting older now, having spent eight years serving by the matriarch’s side. Two days ago, the matriarch even talked to me about you! Don’t worry, the matriarch thinks of you like a granddaughter, so as long as she’s around, you will be treated well.”

Muxiang nodded bashfully and personally walked Senior Servant Liu to the door.

As Senior Servant Liu’s silhouette disappeared into the distance, Muxiang’s face returned to that of gloominess and malevolence.

She was stuck serving the matriarch in Qingxi Hall, so it was rare enough for her to meet He Sanlang. If he moved out, the likelihood of her seeing him again was close to zero! Just what should she do?!

After departing from Muxiang’s residence, Senior Servant Liu suddenly stopped by a crabapple tree.

She turned her body slightly to ask the person beside her, “How have you been feeling about Muxiang recently?”

The two maidservants following behind Senior Servant Liu looked at each other, then answered honestly, “Momo, with all due respect, Sister Muxiang’s temper doesn’t seem to be as good as in the past.”

They were already being extremely tactful with their wording.

Muxiang had served the matriarch for many years, and she was known for having a good temper and being conscientious. The matriarch liked her very much.

In the past, she had helped Senior Servant Liu with managing the servants of Qingxi Hall, and she had never made any mistakes. Moreover, due to Muxiang’s great personality and the fact that she never lost her temper, the new maidservants all enjoyed working under her.

However, in the past two months, Muxiang’s temper had suddenly become rather short and violent. The servants working under her had been scolded to tears on multiple occasions. This was something that would have never happened in the past.

Senior Servant Liu nodded, looking thoughtful.

Moments later, she said, “From now on, pay more attention to Muxiang. Try to figure out what has happened to her.”

The servants acknowledged the order in unison.

23rd March, the day of the Thousand Blessings Festival.

As it was the Chengping Emperor’s birthday, there was no morning court held today.

All officials from the fourth rank and up, as well as any titled nobles, were required to attend the palace’s banquet in the evening.

Female guests would be received separately by the empress.

As Matriarch He wasn’t well, she didn’t intend to attend the banquet.

Other than the matriarch, all the other masters of House Jing’an would be in attendance.

When it was time, Count Jing’an held Countess Jing’an’s arm as they led their sons, He Changqi and He Changdi, and their daughter-in-law, Chu Lian, onto the carriages that had been prepared.

He Erlang had been transferred to the imperial guards, so he had to stay in the palace today as part of the security detail. Thus, he hadn’t returned to the estate.

As it was a special day, everyone rode in carriages.

When they reached Zhuque Gate, everyone would have to get off the carriage and enter the palace on foot. After passing Taixuan Gate, male and female guests would be separated.

The banquet held for the officials and noblemen would be in Wanmin Hall, while their wives and other female guests would proceed to the imperial garden in the inner palace.

House Jing’an’s entourage to the palace consisted of three carriages.

The leading carriage was occupied by Count Jing’an and his wife, the middle carriage was occupied by He Changqi. He Changdi and Chu Lian sat in the last carriage.

Chu Lian and He Changdi were wearing brand new clothes today. He Changdi was dressed in a sapphire-blue robe with floral embroidery and silver accents. He also wore a matching cape and a marquis crown.

He Changdi’s eyes were shut as he rested in the carriage. The skies had already begun to darken outside, and only the gentle light of dusk made it into the carriage. Taking advantage of this light, Chu Lian raised her chin to stare at the side of He Changdi’s face.

As she watched him, she began to laugh.

He Sanlang seemed to have heard her suppressed laughter, so he raised the curtains and stared at her.

Chu Lian wore a long, silver-lined red dress made out of brocade. The upper half of it was a form-fitting top, covered in a light purple vest with silver accents and half-length sleeves. The vest ended at her waist, which was just right to show off the complicated embroidery of the bottom half of the dress. There was a matching thin red-and-silver shawl draped at her elbows and hanging down the back of her dress. Two interesting-looking bracelets made out of red coral were on her wrists. Their vibrant red colour made for a stark contrast against the pale white of her arms and was very eye-catching.

As she was already dressed so extravagantly, Chu Lian told Xiyan to style her hair into a simple bun. The only accessory on her hair was a white jade hairpin with a ruby inlay. There was also a ruby hanging in the middle of her forehead. Contrasted against her skin, the ruby helped her skin look all the more fair and beautiful.

Today, Chu Lian’s bangs had all been combed away to show off every flawless bit of her forehead. Her beautiful oval face helped to emphasise her bright and clear almond eyes.

The moment He Changdi opened his eyes, he was greeted with the breathtaking beauty of his wife.

Chu Lian’s eyes were currently in the shape of crescent moons, accompanied by a wide smile on her face as she looked at him. He Changdi felt the impulse to hide this beautifully dressed woman away, so that no other man would receive such a feast for the eyes.

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