Chapter 608: Without a Cheat (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 608: Without a Cheat (4)

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Over the past two days, he and his father had purged the entire estate.

They had also gotten to the truth of why his eldest brother He Changqi had suddenly requested to marry Pan Nianzhen, as well as his request to relinquish his position as heir to He Changjue.

It turned out that Eldest Madam He Ying and Pan Nianzhen had had a private discussion with He Changqi.

They had told him that he was ruining their family’s reputation with his actions, and that He Ying would spread the entire matter out to society and bring down the name of House Jing’an if he didn’t take Pan Nianzhen as his wife.

Driven into a corner, He Changqi had made that decision in despair.

He Changdi had already discussed with Count Jing’an and come up with a solution. They were going to send He Ying and her daughter off to one of House Jing’an’s rural holdings and keep them there under guard.

They were also going to rotate the servants in Qingxi Hall out so as to prevent any incidents from happening again.

Now that Count Jing’an was back, it was time to bring forward He Changjue’s engagement.

Since Eldest Brother He Changqi had just divorced, there wasn’t a need to find a second wife for him so quickly.

Once Second Brother took a wife, it wouldn’t be good for him to stay in the estate, since he had his own noble title. Why not leave the estate and make their own home a little earlier?

Especially since his grandmother had something against Chu Lian now, it was better for them to leave the Jing’an Estate.

Actually, Matriarch He was still in the dark about his decision. However, He Changdi had no intention of telling his grandmother until they were ready to move out.

Seeing that Sanlang had already made preparations and so quickly, too Chu Lian felt reassured. Her smile reached her eyes, turning them into crescents.

“Where are we going to live in the future?”

Even though Chu Lian had lived in the Great Wu for close to a year, she was still a modern person deep down. She wanted to have her own home with her husband.

He Sanlang had already looked at several courtyards outside in secret. He leaned his head down and smiled. “Shall we go take a look together soon?”

Chu Lian happily agreed to it. They didn’t lack money right now, so it would be better to choose an estate that they liked.

While the gloomy clouds over the He couple had cleared up, there was a storm brewing somewhere else.

To the west of the capital, an average-looking carriage stopped outside the walls of an ordinary residence.

The blinds of the entrance of the carriage lifted, and a middle-aged man dressed in grey jumped out. There was a sword hanging at his waist. After exiting the carriage, he respectfully lifted the blinds once again and helped a young man out.

The young man had exquisitely handsome looks. If not for the Adam’s apple on his throat, he would have been beautifully androgynous.

One followed behind Xiao Bojian and whispered into his ear, “Master, this is the place.”

Xiao Bojian frowned. He straightened out his clothes before pushing the gates open and entering.

This small rural residence was built in the most common layout: a main building and two rooms to the east and west. There was a persimmon tree growing in the middle of the yard with a well beside it.

Xiao Bojian took in the courtyard at a glance and noticed a single green-clothed maidservant guarding the west room’s entrance.

He paused in his footsteps, a glint of loathing flashing across his eyes before he quickly concealed it.

Xiao Bojian strode forth to the west wing with One following behind him, his head bowed. After he pushed the door open and entered the west room, One stood guard outside together with the green-clothed maidservant.

Not too long later, the sounds of lovemaking resounded from the room.

The woman’s voice was unfamiliar, but extremely flirty.

One was trained in the martial arts, so his senses were heightened. His brows drew together at the sounds coming from inside, while the maidservant next to him blushed.

An hour later, peace returned to the west room.

One heaved a sigh of relief.

There was a strong tell-tale smell within the room.

There wasn’t much in the way of furniture inside, just a single bed, a table, and two chairs. However, the quality of the furnishings spoke of deliberate and careful placement.

Two voices, a man’s and a woman’s, could be heard conversing with each other from within the bedchamber.

The man was Xiao Bojian, of course. His tone carried a hint of ice and gloominess, so it was easy to identify.

The woman’s voice was soft, sweet and flirtatious.

From her voice, one could discern that she wasn’t very young and was already past her twenties.

She chuckled and used a single red fingernail to scratch a mark on Xiao Bojian’s pale chest.

“You were unexpectedly impressive, Mr Scholar. This madam almost fainted just now…”

Xiao Bojian was currently holding a curvy, mature woman in his embrace. Disgust flashed across his eyes again. A corner of his lips lifted and he blew a puff of warm air into the woman’s ear. His palm slid down to the woman’s full bosom and he gave it a hard squeeze.

“Isn’t it a good thing that I can satisfy you so well?”

The woman laughed at his words, her well-rounded body jiggling with the effort. She lifted a leg onto Xiao Bojian’s body and wriggled about seductively.

“This madam does like your impressive self~”

Xiao Bojian suddenly pushed the woman away.

“How about the matter I entrusted to you?”

He was finally unable to conceal the iciness of his tone.

If not for the woman’s presence, he would have immediately jumped into the bathtub and scrubbed himself clean.

The woman let out another wanton chuckle and clung to him once again. She sprawled over Xiao Bojian’s naked back, her hand wandering down his smooth skin, lower and lower…

“Sir Xiao, don’t you trust this madam’s work? How will you thank me this time?”

Once the woman finished speaking, Xiao Bojian felt an important part of his body grasped by a smooth hand.

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