Chapter 607: Without a Cheat (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 607: Without a Cheat (3)

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After an hour, He Changdi got up and headed to the study.

He summoned Chu Lian’s handmaids, Senior Servant Gui, and Senior Servant Zhong for questioning.

However, even Xiyan didn’t know what Chu Lian was worrying about. She only knew that Chu Lian had been rather anxious these few days, but she had no clue what the root of it was.

The moment He Changdi had stepped out of the bedroom, the seemingly asleep Chu Lian opened her eyes.

She blinked and looked up at the canopy above her, head in a daze. There was fear muddling her clear gaze. Yesterday had marked the end of the knowledge she had about the events of the Great Wu Dynasty…

She had only read the book halfway, so she had no idea what was in store for her in the later half.

This was the same as a sniper entering a foreign land and losing their map and knowledge. The situation affected her mood, making her lose all sense of safety and letting her fears and insecurities take over.

Chu Lian sucked in a deep breath. The lost look in her eyes slowly changed into one of determination.

She believed that she would be able to live just as well even without her cheat guiding her.

After letting go of the worries that had been burdening her, Chu Lian’s mood became more relaxed.

Thinking back over the past year, even though she had known about the events about to happen, He Changdi had always acted out of her expectations. Not everything had gone according to the book’s original plan, either, and she hadn’t been able to avoid the major events of the story.

Thus, she had spent the past few days torturing herself for nothing with all these thoughts and pointless worries.

After reflecting on it, she realised that having foreknowledge of the future didn’t make any difference anyway. It was good enough as long as she remained true to herself.

Now that she had finally thought things through, she recalled how forward she had been with He Changdi. Her face instantly flushed.

She called out for a servant, and Wenqing entered.

“Where’s my husband?”

Wenqing carefully looked over Third Young Madam and found that her complexion was a rosy pink and that her almond-shaped eyes were curved into crescents. The handmaid understood that her master’s mood had improved vastly. Her worry for her master vanished. When Third Young Master had seen how unhappy Third Young Madam had been, he looked like he was going to punish all the servants of Songtao Court!

“Replying to Third Young Madam, Third Young Master is in the study. Would you like to go there?”

Chu Lian thought for a moment and nodded.

Wenqing helped her into a silver and red five-layer full length gown and specially picked out some matching pearl accessories for her hair, giving Chu Lian a clean and elegant appearance.

He Changdi was in the middle of some deep thinking with his eyes shut. He subconsciously rubbed the jade ring on his thumb as he did so.

When he heard the sound of the door being opened, his eyes slowly fluttered open.

To his surprise, Chu Lian entered the room. The smile on her face was like the sun, casting away the gloominess hanging over him.

He Changdi beckoned Chu Lian over, and she quickly walked up to him.

“Why did you come here by yourself?”

There weren’t any open documents in front of He Sanlang. The inkwell next to him was also dry, so it was clear that he wasn’t in the middle of sorting out some official business.

With a gentle tug of his arm, He Changdi pulled Chu Lian onto his lap.

Chu Lian made a token struggle before giving in to his wishes.

He Changdi was tall and long-limbed, whereas Chu Lian was much smaller in size. Sitting obediently in his lap, she looked like a cute little ‘daughter’ instead.

He Sanlang wound a loose lock of her hair around his finger as he spoke to her in a low, magnetic voice. “What should we prepare as a gift for the Thousand Blessings Festival?”

Chu Lian had been focused on her own thoughts over the past two days, so she hadn’t given much thought to it. Now He Changdi’s question reminded her that the emperor’s birthday was approaching.

It was the emperor’s fiftieth birthday this year, and even the empress dowager had ordered for a grand celebration to be held.

The ranked noble ladies would have to enter the palace for the banquet.

It wasn’t just He Changdi who had to prepare a gift; she had to prepare something in her capacity as Honoured Lady Jinyi as well.

Chu Lian saw that he was contemplating with a frown on his face, so she asked, “Do you have something in mind already?”

He Changdi put an arm around Chu Lian’s slender waist, the corner of his mouth tilting upwards. “How about the Snow Mountain Mists flower?”

The Chengping Emperor ruled over the vast lands of the Great Wu. He didn’t need money in the least, so their gifts had to be something more than just valuable.

He and his wife weren’t close to the emperor at all and weren’t certain of his likes and dislikes. Thus, they could only pick some interesting treasures as gifts.

There was still a single flower left after using the rest of the Snow Mountain Mists flowers for Countess Jing’an’s medicine. From what Great Doctor Miao had said, the Snow Mountain Mists flowers were more precious than hundred-year-old ginseng or lingzhi mushrooms. While they weren’t so powerful as to be a cure-all, they were invaluable as the main ingredients to cure many deep-seated illnesses.

This information had been passed down from Great Doctor Miao’s teacher. Even the imperial physicians in the palace had no idea about the medicinal uses of the Snow Mountains Mists flower.

Such a unique medicinal ingredient would be more than enough as a birthday gift for the Emperor.

Chu Lian pondered it for a bit before nodding. “Luckily we had one stalk left. This gift is much better than presenting some other treasure.”

Thus, the couple decided on their gift for the emperor’s birthday feast.

Noticing that she was in higher spirits, He Changdi decided to tease her a little. “Lian’er, have you decided on what you’re going to give the emperor?”

Chu Lian showed him a cunning smile. “It’s much simpler for me. I’ll just cook a dish for him and bring it into the palace.”

He Sanlang poked the tip of her nose in response. He suddenly turned serious and said, “Once the Thousand Blessings Festival is over, we’ll move out of this estate.”

Chu Lian abruptly sat up. Her eyes were wide in disbelief. “Really? You’ve already discussed it with Father?”

He Changdi nodded.

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