Chapter 606: Without a Cheat (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 606: Without a Cheat (2)

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In the following days, the emperor’s complexion wasn’t very good during morning court. After two more days, there was the announcement that court was postponed for the day.

The imperial physicians determined that the emperor had caught a cold and was having a fever.

Luckily, the emperor normally kept a tight hold over his rule and it was just a minor illness, otherwise bad news might have started brewing.

Now that the Thousand Blessings Festival was close, all the courtiers were wracking their brains over birthday gifts for the emperor.

It was the emperor’s fiftieth birthday this year, so it was even more important not to make any mistakes.

Right now, He Changdi was already back in Songtao Court and discussing with Chu Lian what they should present as a gift at the Festival.

He held an important position in court and wasn’t just a minor young noble anymore. He had to prepare a proper gift for the emperor.

Chu Lian hadn’t looked well this morning when they woke up. Even though she had tried her best to hide her discomfort, He Changdi had been able to see through her defences.

Since court had been cancelled for the day, he had returned earlier to check on his wife.

When He Sanlang had returned to Songtao Court, Chu Lian had still been in the middle of an afternoon nap.

Half of her face had been buried in the covers and the other half was flushed, giving him the urge to pinch her cheek.

He Changdi dismissed all the maidservants on duty before tiptoeing over to the bed and sitting down near the headboard.

He reached out and pulled away the blanket covering Chu Lian’s face.

Chu Lian had originally held a one-handed grip on the edge of the blanket. When He Changdi moved it, her hand was moved as well, startling her awake.

The moment she opened her eyes, there was an instance of panic that didn’t immediately fade away. It wasn’t until her gaze landed upon He Changdi that she finally regained her consciousness.

He Sanlang’s brows furrowed.

There was something wrong with Chu Lian today.

His darling wife loved to sleep the most. She slept very heavily as well, to the point that she wouldn’t wake up even if he teased her in her sleep. However, she had been startled awake so easily by a small movement today.

He reached out to touch her forehead. Her temperature seemed normal, so she didn’t seem to be ill.

Bending over so she could hear him, He Changdi gently whispered, “Do you want to continue sleeping? Would you like me to sleep with you?”

It took Chu Lian some time to finally understand what He Changdi had said. Her lips twitched, her usually lively eyes rather dull and listless today.

“No, I’ll get up now.” Chu Lian sat up immediately.

He Changdi checked the time and did some calculations in his mind. Chu Lian had only slept for half an hour.

“What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream?”

Chu Lian looked up at him, wanting to shake her head. However, she ended up nodding a little hesitantly.

The cool expression on He Changdi’s face had already melted like the first snows of spring. He sat closer to Chu Lian and pulled her into his arms. “Aren’t you normally so brave and bold? How did a silly bad dream scare you? Come talk to me, tell me what happened in your dream. I’ll let you know if it’s really scary.”

Chu Lian went along willingly and leaned against his broad chest.

Her gaze travelled far into the distance. She had dreamed of returning to the modern world just now. Everything that she had experienced in the Great Wu Dynasty had just been a dream, and her lunatic husband He Sanlang was no longer by her side…

He Changdi waited patiently, but he didn’t hear his wife speak.

He looked down to see that her thick eyelashes were trembling, and that her face was a little pale. He reached out to hold her hand and found that it was ice cold.

“Are you feeling unwell?”

Chu Lian suddenly pulled her hand out from He Changdi’s hold and grabbed him in a sudden hug.

She buried her head into the front of He Changdi’s shirt. After a short moment, his wife’s soft, stifled voice rang out.

“He Changdi, please… don’t ever leave me!”

Chu Lian had never done something like that before. Her request was more like a declaration of love, causing He Changdi’s heart to warm.

His eyes turned even gentler, and he stroked his wife’s back with a hand.

“Lian’er, don’t worry, I’ll never leave you.”

Chu Lian pushed He Changdi away, only to press a forceful kiss onto his lips.

He Sanlang was only dazed for an instant. He quickly took over the kiss.

There was a bubbling sense of happiness and excitement within him. He and Chu Lian had been married for so long, but he was always the one who initiated things. This was the first time that she ever acted so passionate.

Their clothes quickly fell to the floor as the sounds of lovemaking filled the room...

This time, since Chu Lian had been the one to spark things off, He Sanlang was especially enthusiastic. They had three whole rounds before he finally let her off.

When they were done, Chu Lian had already fallen asleep again out of exhaustion.

He Changdi was only dressed in an azure sleep robe, his muscled chest bared to the air. His long, dark hair hung behind him with two locks resting on his shoulders. The casual and indolent look softened the icy aura around him, giving the handsome man a more seductive charm.

He Changdi stroked Chu Lian’s flushed cheeks with his long, slightly callused fingers. They trailed down her long eyelashes, her straight nose, and her petal-like pink lips before landing on her exquisite collarbones.

He couldn’t resist bending over to steal another kiss from his wife’s lips before shifting aside her sweat-soaked fringe.

Perhaps his touch had tickled Chu Lian somehow. She wrinkled her brows and shifted her face to one side, trying to escape the ticklish sensations he had invoked on her skin.

The corners of He Changdi’s lips lifted. He chuckled softly.

He carefully moved Chu Lian closer to him before wrapping his arms around her petite body and shutting his dark eyes.

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