Chapter 599: Count Jing'an (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 599: Count Jing'an (2)

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The more they interacted, the more He Changdi would find the differences she had from their past life. Other than the face that he would never forget, there was nothing similar about the person in his arms to the ‘Chu Lian’ in his memories.

She didn’t have any of the poisonous treachery that ran in the past ‘Chu Lian’. She wasn’t cowardly, and she was brimming with confidence and talent...

A shadow passed over He Changdi’s eyes. The current Chu Lian seemed to have been made for him… He closed his eyes and opened them again, his magnetic voice ringing in Chu Lian’s ears as he called, “Lian’er?”

Chu Lian looked up in response and blinked. “Mm?”

She didn’t understand why He Changdi had suddenly called out to her.

When he met with those clear eyes, the heart that had leaped into his throat finally sunk back down into his chest. Sometimes, he was still overcome with fear- as if the current Chu Lian would suddenly turn back into the wicked woman of the past.

Chu Lian didn’t know of the inner struggle that He Changdi was facing. She tilted her head to the side and asked, “What’s wrong? What’s with that grimace on your face?”

He Sanlang suddenly hugged her tight, pressing her close to his skin. He buried his head into her neck and took deep breaths of Chu Lian’s special scent. He said, “Lian’er, promise me this. Don’t ever leave me… okay?”

Chu Lian found it strange that He Changdi was suddenly spouting such tender words. She just took it as part of his unpredictable moods and returned the hug by wrapping her arms around his waist. As if she was placating a small child, she said, “Alright, I promise.”

As if Chu Lian would really remain by his side and never leave with that promise alone, He Changdi’s heart relaxed. He continued cuddling and kissing his wife.

In a short moment, the kisses led to something else...


After a day, Matriarch He’s jade token was sent back from the palace.

There wasn’t any movement in Qingxi Hall this time.

He Sanlang and Chu Lian thought that things had been settled for now. Who could have expected that He Dalang would suddenly kneel down before Matriarch He and declare his intent to take Pan Nianzhen as his wife the very next day!

Chu Lian and He Changdi were shocked beyond words by this news.

Their first reaction was to order the servants not to let the news spread to Countess Jing’an. If she were to find out about this, she would definitely fall even more ill. By then, her illness would turn incurable.

He Sanlang and his wife hurried over to Qingxi Hall.

When they reached the parlour, they could see He Dalang kneeling in front of the matriarch, while He Ying and her daughter were seated to one side without any readable expressions.

Pan Nianzhen’s complexion was ashen and her head was bowed. This was the first time Chu Lian had seen her since that incident.

She had become thinner. Even the knuckles of her hands, which were gripping a handkerchief tightly in her lap, had become more defined.

Chu Lian frowned slightly. Pan Nianzhen looked like a poor little bunny who had been bullied, like a white lotus flower that had been beaten down by a storm.

However, Chu Lian didn’t believe in judging her by her cover.

Ever since she had met this cousin, she knew that she wasn’t as cowardly and frail as her appearance might suggest.

Furthermore, He Dalang had been sorry and guilty for the incident, but he had never thought of marrying Pan Nianzhen. How had his decision changed in just the span of a few days?

Matriarch He had already given up on having He Dalang marry Pan Nianzhen after Chu Lian’s provoking words.

He was the eldest son of the house after all, and he was meant to hold up the house on his shoulders. The old count had risked his life on the battlefield to earn this noble title and build up House Jing’an. She couldn’t let it all go to ruin in her hands.

Even if her daughter continued complaining, she would have had Pan Nianzhen become one of Dalang’s concubines at most.

He Changdi and Chu Lian could hear the matriarch gravely demanding, “Dalang, what did you just say? Say it again!”

Eldest Brother He Changqi had lost weight. His clothes hung loosely on his frame now and his chin was covered in stubble. His bloodshot eyes added to his frail appearance.

If not for the same, familiar features on his face, Chu Lian wouldn’t have dared to recognise him as her brother-in-law.

He Changqi’s voice was hoarse, but his words travelled clearly into everyone’s ears. “Grandmother, I will marry Pan Nianzhen. I’ll bear the consequences of my actions.”

“You!!” Matriarch He pointed at her eldest grandson, anger building in her without any outlet.

He Changdi followed by saying, “Grandmother, I’ll send a petition to the Emperor to take away my position as Heir and give it to Second Brother instead. Once I marry Pan Nianzhen, I’ll take her back to our ancestral home.”

Chu Lian was astounded. She immediately understood that Eldest Brother wasn’t trying to make a compromise. He had completely given up on overturning the situation. He was trying to make it a loss on both sides to resolve the matter.

This could protect House Jing’an’s reputation, as well as preserve the relationship between Matriarch He and He Ying.

He Changqi’s words alarmed He Ying and her daughter. There were the ones who were the most shocked and scared by He Dalang’s declaration.

If He Changqi really did so, their plans would come to nothing!

Pan Nianzhen would have to give up on He Changdi and follow He Changqi into becoming a joke!

Pan Nianzhen raised her head, her face full of astonishment as she looked at He Changqi. The veins on her hands stood out as her grip on her handkerchief tightened.

She couldn’t believe that all of her efforts would come to waste.

If she really had to marry He Changqi and leave the capital, then what difference was there between that and staying in Siyang!

As everyone in the parlour was frozen with shock, a loud roar rang out from the entrance with the presence of one who often commanded their troops. “You little brat! Do you dare to repeat what you just said to me?!”

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