Chapter 597: Protective (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 597: Protective (2)

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He Changdi’s face was completely black as he pulled Chu Lian with him away from Qingxi Hall.

Chu Lian struggled for a bit, but she couldn’t get her wrist back from his grasp. “Hubby, it won’t be good for us to just leave like that.”

Matriarch He’s expression had been terrible. If she carried any grudges from today’s quarrel, then their third branch would surely be deemed unfilial. Furthermore, there was also what He Ying had said just now about her loyalty...

He Changdi suddenly came to a complete stop. Chu Lian bumped into his broad back as a result.

He Sanlang was as hard as a rock, so Chu Lian’s poor nose and chest had suffered the consequences of their collision.

If they weren’t outside right now, she would have clutched her chest in pain...

When He Changdi heard a gasp of pain from her, his expression warped even more. He pressed his lips together and sighed inwardly, but his tone was soft and caring as he asked, “Were you hurt?”

Chu Lian bore with the pain and shook her head stiffly.

Of course, He Changdi could see through her pretense thanks to her pale complexion. His silly wife always tried to soldier on without relying on him.

He didn’t say anything else. He let go of her wrist, bent down, and scooped her up into a bridal carry in one smooth movement. Following that, he strode quickly back to Songtao Court.

Chu Lian hadn’t expected any of that. When she turned back to peek at her maidservants, she realised that all of them had their heads hunkered down, pretending that they couldn’t see the loving couple in front of them. A furious blush bloomed on her cheeks.

She tried moving, but her little limbs were nothing to He Changdi’s strong hold on her. He Sanlang simply glanced down and watched her pitiful efforts.

The hand he had on her back suddenly slipped downwards to give her pert butt a little pinch.

She was wearing a layered dress, so her dress just managed to block He Changdi’s arms. No one was able to see his actions, but Chu Lian stiffened up anyway, staring at He Sanlang in disbelief. Her eyes were accusatory and full of complaints.

He Changdi’s only reaction was to glance at her yet again. This time, Chu Lian didn’t dare to continue struggling. She shrunk down and buried her head into He Changdi’s chest, giving up on fighting her fate.

Wenqing had a good guess as to what her mistress would want right now, so she dismissed the other maidservants on duty the moment they reached Songtao Court.

On the way back to their bedroom, they didn’t bump into that many servants. This let Chu Lian keep a little of her dignity before the servants.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

He Sanlang only let her down when they reached their bed.

Chu Lian was carried over to the side of the bed and set down gently like a child.

The maidservants on duty in the bedroom had already retreated, giving the couple some private space.

He Changdi’s expression was still stormy. His hands reached for the ties keeping Chu Lian’s clothes together.

Chu Lian suffered a fright and quickly clasped the ribbon on her clothes tightly. She glared at him with her almond-shaped eyes, extremely cautious as she said, “What are you doing?”

He Sanlang blinked innocently and threw two cold words her way. “Checking wounds.”

Chu Lian was flabbergasted. She turned her body to one side, trying to dodge his hands. Her face was as flushed as it could get as she said, “I’m not hurt; you don’t have to check anything!”

There must be something wrong with his head. She had only bumped into his back. While her chest had hurt a little at the time, it probably wasn’t actually wounded.

When He Sanlang saw that her neck was very red, he relaxed his expression and stopped pressing the issue.

However, he held onto her shoulder while his other hand wandered up from her slender waist. In no short time, his fingers were curled around the curve of her chest, stroking and squeezing her flesh gently.

The weather was becoming warmer now that spring had come, so Chu Lian had left her cotton-lined winter jackets behind for thinner spring blouses. She could feel the heat of his warm palm through the few layers of fabric covering her chest. The feeling of the cloth rubbing against her skin was rather strange...

Chu Lian hadn’t thought that He Changdi could keep a straight face while being so lewd in his actions...

Her cheeks puffed up with anger and she gripped his palm with two hands, trying to push it off.

“Take it off!”

He Changdi simply explained, “If you won’t let me check, then I’ll just have to examine it this way.”

It was too embarrassing. As he spoke, he continued moving his hand to illustrate his point…

Chu Lian knew he was being completely shameless, but she couldn’t find the words to refute him. She couldn’t get away either. Her pitiful strength pitted against him was akin to a tiny white bunny struggling against a trap.

“You… what do you want!”

They had just been in a fierce fight in Qingxi Hall, how did the air turn so lovey-dovey after they returned to Songtao Court?

Even Chu Lian didn’t know how things had changed so quickly…

He Changdi blinked. His tone didn’t change. If not for the actions of his hand, Chu Lian would have thought he had somehow become a saintly monk.

“Checking wounds.”

If Chu Lian had the freedom to flip a table right now, all the tables in the bedroom would have been upended.

They had gone one round around the bush and come right back to this topic! Damn it! He Sanlang was a lunatic through and through!

Chu Lian gave up.

She patted his palm forcefully. “Stop that.”

Finally, she gave him permission to ‘check for wounds’ in a tiny voice.

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