Chapter 594: Scolding the Matriarch (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 594: Scolding the Matriarch (1)

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This was when the Chengping Emperor finally understood why so many people had been so frustrated and dissatisfied when Guilin Restaurant had first shut its doors, and why they had written so many angry letters to complain to House Jing’an when the restaurant had reopened without any of its original flavour.

After eating such marvellous cuisine, he realised that what he had been eating for the past few decades couldn’t even be called ‘delicacies’.

The emperor was starting to become jealous of his younger brother.

Wenqing had already been escorted out by Senior Servant Lan after she finished introducing the five dishes.

Despite his usual control over his food portions, the emperor’s mind wasn’t able to restrain the raging appetite of his stomach and he ate three whole bowls of rice that day.

This was more than he had eaten in a single meal in years.

The large portions of the five dishes disappeared into the imperial brothers’ bellies in less than twenty minutes.

Eunuch Wei, who was dressed up as a normal manservant, watched with wide eyes in shock.

Although he wanted to remind the Emperor that eating so much wasn’t good for his health, he himself was drooling from all the food…

“I didn’t expect Jinyi’s cooking to be so good.” The emperor rubbed his bloated tummy, satisfied beyond belief. He had never felt so fulfilled in years.

It wasn’t Prince Wei’s first time tasting Chu Lian’s cooking. He had had the same thoughts while enjoying the roast duck she had made last time.

That reminded Prince Wei of something. He wriggled his brows as he said, “Brother, you haven’t tried the roast duck that Jinyi makes yet. Now that’s the best duck I’ve ever eaten. There isn’t enough time today, or I would have asked her to make another roast duck for us.”

“Oh? Roast duck? How does it compare to the one that Father used to eat?”

The two brothers had inherited their love of roast duck from the previous emperor. While he had still been alive, he would eat roast duck every few days. Later on, when his health had declined and the imperial physicians advised the emperor to avoid oily foods, he had still eaten roast duck on the sly...

Prince Wei sent his brother a mysterious smile. “Brother, allow me to keep you in suspense for this. You’ll know whether it’s good or not once Jinyi opens her restaurant. You can go there yourself in incognito to taste it then!”

“Oh? She’s going to open another restaurant? What happened with the other one, Guilin Restaurant?”

Since the emperor was asking, Prince Wei explained the incident to him simply.

The emperor frowned. “House Jing’an’s Matriarch wasn’t right in this case.”

Prince Wei smiled. Although they could comment on these kinds of incidents, they wouldn’t really take any action due to their high status. If they were to interfere even in these small matters, then their citizens would likely think that the imperial family had too much time on their hands.

The empty dishes on the table were cleared and fresh sencha was placed in front of the two imperial brothers.

It was rare for them to have these carefree afternoon moments.

The emperor suddenly asked, “Why did Jinyi visit you today, Ninth Brother?”

One of Prince Wei’s attendants had already informed him of the reason Chu Lian had come to the estate.

Thus, Prince Wei replied honestly to his brother’s direct question.

The Chengping Emperor frowned again. “What? There’s such a thing? What nonsense. The Jing’an Estate is in a terrible mess now, I should have summoned Count Jing’an back earlier.”

Prince Wei shook his head. “These are all matters for the inner courts. Brother, you don’t have to worry too much about this. My wife will help Jinyi settle this when the time comes.”

The emperor chatted a while longer with his brother before Eunuch Wei politely reminded him that it was about time to return to the palace.

When Prince Wei sent the emperor off at the side entrance, they happened to catch sight of Chu Lian and her maidservants leaving.

The emperor froze for a moment, but he quickly recovered and turned to Prince Wei. “I’ll entrust the planning for the Thousand Blessings Festival to you then, Ninth Brother. Don’t make it too ostentatious.”

“Rest assured, Brother. I’ll keep that in mind. I won’t spend too much or waste resources.”

Having gotten Prince Wei’s promise, the emperor finally left the estate with his entourage in tow.

The Thousand Blessings Festival was on the 23rd of March. It was also the emperor’s fiftieth birthday this year, one of the major milestones in life. Furthermore, this year happened to be Chengping 20, the twentieth year since the Chengping Emperor had taken the throne and began his wise rule.

In the past years, the emperor had ordered the celebrations for the Thousand Blessings Festival to be kept simple. The ministers of the court approved of the emperor’s frugal ways. He always kept the celebrations low-key unless it was a major milestone.

While it was good enough to hold a simple event for other years, since it was his fiftieth birthday this year, they couldn’t just pass it over without a proper celebration. Even the empress dowager, who normally didn’t interfere in politics or the inner courts of the palace, had ordered that this year’s celebrations had to be much bigger than in the past.

Prince Wei didn’t touch politics and was trusted by the emperor, so he was the best person to plan the banquet this year. Thus, the emperor had given him one last reminder before leaving.

After they left Prince Wei’s Estate, the emperor boarded an unassuming green carriage under the protection of his bodyguards.

Right as he entered the carriage, the emperor sent a meaningful look at the Yulin Army Commander, He Lin, who was dressed as a normal martial artist. He Lin looked around him before quickly following the emperor into the carriage.

He Lin made a cupped fist salute as he kneeled on one knee before the emperor and said, “Your Majesty, how may I be of service?”

The emperor was leaning against the wall, his gaze directed far away.

His tone was calm, without any particular emotions in it. However, He Lin had served the emperor for many years and he could sense that the emperor was giving off a dangerous air right now.

“Send some spies to investigate House Ying’s Second Master. We want to know everything about him!”

“Yes, this subordinate will do as Your Majesty has ordered!”

He Lin didn’t dare to tarry a second longer. He turned and jumped off the carriage, leaping onto his steed. Urging his horse on, he quickly disappeared around the end of the small alley.

Chu Lian heaved a sigh of relief after leaving Prince Wei’s Estate and boarding her carriage. Before she had left, Princess Wei had promised to help her block the jade token that Matriarch He had sent to the palace.

As long as the matriarch was held back from meeting the empress dowager before her father-in-law, Count Jing’an, returned, all would be fine.

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