Chapter 590: He Ying's Accusations (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 590: He Ying's Accusations (1)

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Matriarch He was helped over to the adjoining room by Senior Servant Liu to check on the situation.

He Ying was left alone in the parlour.

Once the matriarch left, she rolled her eyes and sneered to herself. “Hmph, how useless. She’s just a weak and sickly person. It would have been better if she had died earlier rather than wasting so much money on her medicine.”

Senior Servant Wang happened to enter the parlour just in time to overhear her words. The senior servant stared at Eldest Madam in disbelief. Her face was flushed with anger, but she couldn’t confront He Ying due to her status as a servant.  

He Ying almost leaped in fright. She thought there wasn’t anyone else inside the parlour, so she had spoken recklessly. She hadn’t counted on Senior Servant Wang abruptly entering the room.

Senior Servant Wang was one of Countess Jing’an’s stewards. She was a handmaid who had served Countess Jing’an’s since her maiden days and was later promoted to a senior servant. Thus, she was considered one of Countess Jing’an’s most trusted servants.

He Ying felt somewhat awkward that Senior Servant Wang had overheard her making those remarks.

However, that feeling only lasted for a short moment. The expression on He Ying’s face swiftly changed into one of arrogance and disdain. “Filthy servant, what are you looking at! You’d better watch out, or else I’m going to have someone dig out your eyeballs!”

Although Senior Servant Wang was livid, she couldn’t respond in any way. She hastily lowered her head and bobbed towards He Ying, biting her lips all the while. Then, she quickly left and went to the side room to check on her master.

A proud smile appeared on He Ying’s face as she watched Senior Servant Wang scuttle out of the room. The old servant had been so scared that she had gone at the fastest pace she could manage.

She took a sip of tea to moisten her throat, then got up and returned to her own room.

Great Doctor Miao hastily arrived with his medicine box.

His first action was to kick out all of the unnecessary people in the room.

Matriarch He and Chu Lian waited in the outer room.

Great Doctor Miao finally came out of the room thirty minutes later.

He pushed the curtains aside forcefully with a terrible expression on his face. He was so angry that his white beard was almost standing up.

Chu Lian immediately went over to receive him. “Great Doctor Miao, how’s Mother?”

Great Doctor Miao harrumphed furiously. He pointed at Chu Lian and started berating her. “This old man has already warned you many times that the madam needs to take care and recuperate. She has to remain calm and she can’t bear too much stress. Well, see what you’ve done now! Congratulations!”

Chu Lian’s heart skipped a beat. Her eyes widened as she stared at Great Doctor Miao, unable to speak. Her mother-in-law’s illness couldn’t possibly return just like that, right…?

Wouldn’t her and He Changdi’s previous efforts all be wasted?

He Sanlang would definitely be heartbroken.

How did it turn out like this!

Great Doctor Miao noticed the despair and sadness on Chu Lian’s face. He pointed his finger at her and shook it. “What’s there to be sad about?! I haven’t even said anything about the madam’s condition!”

Chu Lian promptly came back to her senses. “Mother, she…”

“Young lady, let me tell you this. If it weren’t for my miraculous acupuncture skills, then Madam wouldn’t have been saved this time. All of you should conduct yourselves properly. If this happens again, then even the great deities won’t be able to save her!”

Great Doctor Miao’s words made Chu Lian’s tears turn into a smile. So it turned out that Countess Jing’an was fine!

“Many thanks, Great Doctor Miao. I’ll make everything you want to eat for you from now on!” Chu Lian smiled until her eyes turned crescent-shaped.

Great Doctor Miao gave Chu Lian a glare. He had already vented most of his anger. Thus, he smacked his lips and made a request. “Let’s start with the mutton soup from last time. I want the steamed buns, too.”

Chu Lian agreed with a smile.

Great Doctor Miao watched as Senior Servant Wang and several maidservants carried Countess Jing’an back to her own courtyard. He then left after giving her a prescription and a course of medicine.

When the matriarch found out that her daughter-in-law was alright, she was secretly relieved. She had been really scared just now. Once she relaxed, her body started showing her that she wasn’t in the best of health herself.

Senior Servant Liu looked at the matriarch in concern. “Since Madam is fine, why don’t we go back and rest, Matriarch?”

Matriarch He gave Senior Servant Liu a nod.

Senior Servant Liu and Muxiang helped Matriarch He back to her bedroom to rest.

The matriarch had just shut her eyes when He Ying tried to barge in and made a commotion at the door.

This time, even Senior Servant Liu was unable to stop her.

In the end, the matriarch didn’t have any other choice but to let her enter.

The matriarch had originally wanted to take a rest, but she could only lean against the headboard now.

She looked haggard and pale. Her voice was also faint and weak as she said, “Miss Ying, what exactly do you want?!”

He Ying completely disregarded her mother’s physical condition. She moved closer to Matriarch He’s side, grabbed her hand, and tearfully protested. “Mother, you can’t refuse Miss Zhen’s marriage just because Sister-in-Law fainted. Miss Zhen gave her virginity to Dalang; who else can she marry in the future?!”

Matriarch He was really disappointed in her daughter, but children were all debts she owed in her past life. Moreover, she still felt a little guilty toward this daughter of hers, so she still had a pang of sympathy when she heard her complaint.

“Miss Ying, it’s not that Mother doesn’t want to help you, but look at what happened to your sister-in-law. I can’t mention this matter right now.” The matriarch began to cough as she spoke.

He Ying patted the matriarch’s back to help soothe her. “Mother, are you alright? Please be alright. If something happens to you, then who will protect me and my daughter? Sob sob...”

Even now, He Ying was only thinking for herself and her daughter. She didn’t really care about the matriarch at all.

Matriarch He could sense the true meaning behind her daughter’s words. A chill swept through her heart at her daughter’s callousness, but she couldn’t bear to send her daughter away. After all, her daughter had developed this kind of personality because she hadn’t been there to personally teach and nurture her when she was younger. She had turned out this way because of her.    

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