Chapter 588: Fainting (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 588: Fainting (1)

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“It’s nothing. I have some tasks for you. Send some men to do them quickly, and find some leads as soon as you can.” Xiao Bojian’s voice contained a thread of excitement and impatience.

Since his master hadn’t replied him, One didn’t press for an answer.

After receiving Xiao Bojian’s orders, he leaped out of the carriage to look for his subordinates.

Sitting alone in the carriage, Xiao Bojian leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. A few seconds later, he let out a burst of laughter.

With this gift from the heavens, he finally stood a real chance to fulfill the revenge he had suffered so much for!

He had suffered in silence for so many years, all because he wanted his foes to have a taste of the pain and humiliation his family had received all those years ago.

When his thoughts veered off in that direction, killing intent flashed in his eyes.

How had the sender of that letter gotten a hold of all those secrets?

This wasn’t the first time. Back in Sucheng, he had received an anonymous letter just like this that had told him all sorts of useful secrets, but he hadn’t been able to find the sender then, either.

It was as if there was someone in the background who had knowledge of everything that was going to happen. That person was stealthily making plans to maximise their benefits from each event.

That line of thought made Xiao Bojian shake his head.

He had never believed in the supernatural, so how could he possibly consider such a conjecture?

No matter who the person leaking secrets to him was, no matter how good they were at hiding their identity, he was going to find that person and make sure to shut his mouth forever.

There was one fact he had learned very well. No living man could keep a secret better than a dead man could!

Muxiang was in a heated room in Qingxi Hall directing some servants when she suddenly felt a chill go down her back. At its touch, she couldn’t help but do a full-body shiver.

Immediately after, she hunkered down into her shoulders, finding the chill a little strange. However, she didn’t think any more of it.

Muxiang had been given the chance to reincarnate with all the memories from her previous lifetime. Those memories had become her greatest advantage. Since she already knew everything that was going to happen, who could escape from her claws?

This time, she would lead even the smart and cunning Xiao Bojian by the nose!

It wasn’t even evening when He Changdi returned early today.

Chu Lian felt bored after staying in the study for most of the day, so she begged He Sanlang to teach her some martial arts.

He Changdi was no match for his wife’s soft pleading, so he had no choice but to bring her over to the training room.

Chu Lian didn’t have any foundation in martial arts, but she had received lessons from Wenqing and Wenlan before, so her moves seemed to have some proper form.

He Sanlang was astonished by what he saw. “When did you learn martial arts secretly?”

Chu Lian picked up a dry cloth hanging on a nearby screen and wiped away her sweat. “What do you mean secretly? Why would I even need to learn martial arts in secret? I’ve been doing it openly, alright?”

He Changdi taught Chu Lian a simple set of defensive moves by moving her body with his hands. He had assumed that Chu Lian was just in a whimsical phase that would die out quickly, but they unexpectedly managed to train for over an hour.

It was now spring. Despite wearing a loose, short-sleeved garment for exercising, this bout of training made Chu Lian’s face completely flushed. Even her back was soaked.

He Sanlang took out Chu Lian’s handkerchief to wipe away her sweat, then used his large palms to check her warm, flushed face.

A slight furrow formed on his brows. “It’s fine to train a little for fun, but why are you trying so hard as if your life depends on it?”

Chu Lian pulled him to a bench where they sat together and drank the warm water Wenqing had brought. She puffed up her cheeks and said, “A skill only belongs to you when you learn it properly. Besides, I was just doing my best. I’m not working that hard. You’re overestimating me.”

He Sanlang showed a slight smile as he reached over to push Chu Lian’s wet fringe to the side. “You have Wenqing and Wenlan, and if something happens, I’ll be by your side. It’s very tiring to learn martial arts.”

The noble ladies of the Great Wu Dynasty pursued petite physiques, with emphasis on appearing delicate. Some ladies would even cut down on meals to maintain their figures, so practising martial arts was unheard of amongst them.

These days, it was rare even for the daughters of the military families to learn martial arts.

Despite all that, Chu Lian was going against the flow. It was a mystery how that little head of hers worked.

The look in He Changdi’s eyes darkened. He suddenly recalled that in his previous life, ‘Chu Lian’ hadn’t shown any semblance of appreciation or adoration whenever she saw him heading to the training room. There had even been disdain in her eyes. To her, military officials were always lower than court officials, and she held martial arts in contempt.

Chu Lian shook her head. “Training in the martial arts is good for health and strength. At my age, I don’t hope to become skilled at it, but I still want to learn some moves just in case. Besides, it’s not like you can carry me around everywhere, right?”

Amused by her words, He Sanlang openly laughed out loud like never before. Unable to resist temptation, he then stroked his wife’s soft, smooth cheek.

“From here on out, I shall tie you to my waist, and take you wherever I go.”

Chu Lian blinked at him, “Do you mean that for real? You’re not joking?”

“I wouldn’t dare lie to you!”

Chu Lian noticed that this fellow was becoming more and more of a smooth talker.

He Sanlang hadn’t sweated much, but Chu Lian was very tired, so he waited patiently for his wife to recover as she rested in the training room.

He suddenly thought of something.

“There’s something I need to tell you. House Ying intends to have your fifth sister marry Xiao Bojian.”

“What?” Surprised, Chu Lian raised her head and looked towards He Changdi.

“I’ve heard that it’s already been decided in secret, but it hasn’t been made public. If nothing unexpected happens, there will probably be news of it in a few days.”

Xiao Bojian and Miss Su?

Chu Lian’s thoughts raced. She she recalled the kind warning Miss Su gave her a few days back at House Ying.

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