Chapter 587: Becoming the Countess is Good Too (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 587: Becoming the Countess is Good Too (2)

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He Ying knew her daughter well and she could read her daughter’s thoughts like a book. Amongst the three young masters of the He Family, He Sanlang was undoubtedly the best in terms of appearance, while He Erlang was second. Coming in last was the eldest, He Dalang, who resembled Count Jing’an the most and wasn’t very appealing.

However, He Sanlang had just married last year, while He Dalang hadn’t even been in their considerations originally. Well, but who could have seen his divorce coming? He didn’t even have a son yet, so thinking about it now, he was actually a great choice as well.

When a lady chooses her husband, she can’t make a decision based on the prettiness of his looks alone, she had to consider his status as well.

Pan Nianzhen looked back up with teary eyes, resisting her mother’s decision timidly, “B-but, I don’t like Eldest Cousin…”

He Ying truly hated how her daughter couldn’t see the big picture. Right now, it didn’t matter whether she liked him or not. She had already given her virginity to him, so she no longer had a choice.

But she couldn’t bring herself to break this to her daughter, so she tried to console her from a different angle.

“Your eldest cousin’s looks may be average, but he’s the heir of the estate. When your uncle retires, his countship will be passed down to him. By marrying your eldest cousin, you’ll become Countess Jing’an in the future. Your eldest cousin doesn’t have a son yet, so if you bear a son for him, you’ll produce the next heir to House Jing’an’s future heir. That will only make your grandmother love you even more.”

He Ying’s kind persuasion made a visible change to Pan Nianzhen’s expression, but no one knew how she actually felt inside.

An hour later, He Ying got up.

“Alright, I’ve said my piece. You should think for yourself whether my words make any sense to you.”

Pan Nianzhen nodded dazedly, and He Ying bent over to stroke her daughter’s hair. With a sigh, she left Pan Nianzhen’s room.

After He Ying left, Pan Nianzhen remained seated on the bed for a long time.

Suddenly, she raised her head to look at the servant by her side, “Pinglu, do you think I should just resign myself to my fate?”

Pinglu lowered her head as she didn’t dare look into Pan Nianzhen’s eyes. Her eyes darted around the room for a few moments before she softly replied, “This… this servant doesn’t dare to make such a statement……”

However, it didn’t seem like Pan Nianzhen was looking for an answer from her at all. She gazed at the floor. At a volume that only she could hear, she muttered, “I just can’t accept this…”


The moment Xiao Bojian left Sixth Prince’s estate, he received a letter from One.

Xiao Bojian first boarded the carriage with the letter in hand, while One followed him into the carriage shortly after.

Once One had taken a seat, his master asked, “Who is it from?”

One shook his head, “This subordinate doesn’t know, this subordinate received it from a child on the streets. The child said that it’s for you.”

“And the child?”

“I’ve already interrogated him. The child knows nothing. He was given a little money to pass on the letter.”

A sinister cast fell over Xiao Bojian’s face for a moment. He opened the letter, and quickly skimmed through its contents.

When he was done digesting the contents of the letter, his eyes widened in disbelief, while the hand with which he was holding the letter trembled.

Xiao Bojian’s incredibly beautiful face suddenly turned flushed. It wasn’t due to anger at all, but excitement.

He gripped the letter tightly while trying his utmost to contain the rising excitement that was about to explode.

However, he was still young. He didn’t have the mature calm and shrewdness of his previous lifetime.

When One saw that his master’s face had tensed up and become a little contorted, seemingly trying to suppress his emotions and failing to, he became concerned and asked, “Master, is something wrong?”

One’s question helped to pull Xiao Bojian back to reality. Xiao Bojian quickly readjusted the expression on his face and threw the letter into the brazier in the carriage.

The fire flashed once, and the letter was reduced to ashes.

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