Chapter 586: Becoming the Countess is Good Too (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 586: Becoming the Countess is Good Too (1)

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He Changdi sighed and shook his head.

Eldest Brother had a very honest personality, and he was very filial. It didn’t matter whether this situation had been planned by Aunt and her daughter or not. What’s done was done, there was no way around it.

If Grandmother insisted on him marrying Pan Nianzhen, he probably wouldn’t reject.

Even if it was clear that no happiness would come out of their marriage, he wouldn’t reject it.

It seemed like He Changqi had already given up and was only trying to please others. This course of action was extremely damaging to him.

“Can’t you persuade Eldest Brother?” Chu Lian suggested.

He Changdi shook his head again.

As the three brothers had grown up together, He Changdi knew his eldest brother very well despite their age gap of ten years.

As the eldest son of the family, He Changqi had been indoctrinated at a young age to become a pillar for the family and to take care of his brothers. He had an upright and responsible personality. He had to assume filial duties on behalf of his brothers as the eldest. In the Great Wu Dynasty, filial piety was a core value of the country, so in normal situations, most children would never go against the wishes and decisions of their parents.

Therefore, it was easy to imagine the pressure that Dalang was under when faced with Matriarch He, who was his grandmother

Although He Sanlang had some measure of power in the household, he was still one of the youngest in the family and he didn’t hold any authority towards his brother. Even if he were to persuade him sincerely, He Dalang simply wouldn’t listen.

The only person who could overturn the decisions of the matriarch and He Changqi would be his father, Count Jing’an.

Hearing He Sanlang’s explanation, Chu Lian hastily interjected, “Didn’t you say that Father is returning soon? Let’s write a letter to notify him about this matter!”

Chu Lian’s suggestion made sense to him. He Changdi quickly got up, walked to the writing desk, and begun writing a letter.

Once the letter hd been sent out by Wenlan, the couple finally relaxed their tense shoulders.

As long as Count Jing’an managed to return in time, the marriage between He Dalang and Pan Nianzhen wouldn’t happen.

Chu Lian and He Changdi then chatted for a little more before having their afternoon nap together.

Within a room in Qingxi Hall, Pan Nianzhen was lying on the bed. She had already cried to the point of passing out several times.

When she had been ‘caught with her pants down’ by He Changdi and Chu Lian this morning, it had felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her mind had collapsed instantly.

Until now, she still refused to believe that the person she had mustered up her courage to give up her body to was actually the tall, bear-like He Changqi!

The prince charming she had been dreaming about turned into a black bear. Pan Nianzhen wanted to slam her head into the wall and kill herself, but she managed to stop herself from doing that with what was left of her rationality.

Although she hated the situation right now, she didn’t have the courage to hang herself.

Moments later, He Ying entered.

Seeing her pale and haggard-looking daughter, she helplessly sighed. She walked up to her daughter and sat by the bedside.

“Miss Zhen, Mother arranged everything perfectly for you. How… how did you make a mistake?”

He Ying may have been a selfish shrew, but she treated her only daughter well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have groomed Pan Nianzhen into what she was.

Pan Nianzhen didn’t dare to tell her mother the truth now. How could she reveal that she hadn’t intended to follow the plan at all?

Her target from the very beginning wasn’t He Erlang, it was He Sanlang.

The servant who had told He Changdi that Chu Lian was sleeping had been bought by her.

“Mother, my mind was in a daze then. I don’t know how I made the mistake.”

At the mention of the incident, the floodgates were opened once again. Tears fell freely from Pan Nianzhen’s eyes which were already swollen from all her crying. She threw herself into He Ying’s embrace and wailed, “Mother, what should I do? I can’t live on anymore…”

He Ying wanted to admonish her daughter for having foiled the plan. She had arranged everything to perfection, yet her daughter had somehow made a mistake. However, looking at her daughter’s state, she lost the will to reprimand her.

She sighed and said, “What else can we do? You have no choice but to marry Dalang now!” There was decisiveness in her tone.

Pan Nianzhen sobbed, she obviously didn’t want this.

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