Chapter 584: Another Plot (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 584: Another Plot (1)

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Within a side room in Qingxi Hall, Muxaing was seated next to a desk. A single candle was lit, its flickering flame causing the shadows on Muxiang’s face to ebb and flow.

Someone knocked on the door at this time, to which Muxiang answered, “Enter.”

A maidservant pushed the door open and came into the room. She turned to lock the door before quickly moving to Muxiang.

Muxiang was seated with her back to the light, dressed in a pretty azure dress embroidered with butterflies, very different from what most maidservants wore. She glanced over at the maidservant, who startled and hurriedly lowered her head, standing to attention.

“How is it?”

“Replying to Miss Muxiang, this servant has already gone out to investigate. Everything happened as we predicted, except for one thing… When Second Young Master drank that sobering soup, there were no changes in him.”

Muxiang let out a peal of laughter. “How lucky for him.”

After a slight pause, she asked, “How did Pan Nianzhen enter Eldest Young Master’s room?”

The maidservant replied in detail, “After she drank that ‘medicine’, she headed straight for Third Young Master’s room. However, Third Young Master had already left, so she entered Second Young Master’s room instead. When Third Young Master went to the inner court, Second Young Master took Third Young Master’s room, leaving her with no choice but to go to Eldest Young Master’s room instead.”

He Dalang had drunk too much that night. His days hadn’t been going smoothly either. In his drunkenness, he had mistaken Pan Nianzhen for Madam Zou...

In order to bolster her courage, Pan Nianzhen had also taken an aphrodisiac. By the time she reached He Changqi’s bedside, her mind had already turned fuzzy, so she didn’t even notice that the man she was with wasn’t He Changdi.

Through this series of mishaps, the two of them had slept together. Of course, Muxiang had her own part to play in causing this mess.

Pan Nianzhen had not wanted to take the drug at first. However, her maidservant Pinglu had persuaded her otherwise and she had taken the aphrodisiac. Otherwise, if Pan Nianzhen had been clear-minded, none of this would have happened.

A mocking curve appeared on Muxiang’s lips.

Even a country bumpkin like Pan Nianzhen wanted to have He Changdi?

She had been practically asking for it.

This was just a small lesson for her. If there were ever a next time, it would definitely be her last!

When the maidservant realised that the air around Muxiang had changed, she trembled in fear and bowed her head even lower. She didn’t dare to speak.

“Continue working hard for me. Remember, your mother and younger brother are in my hands. If you’re not obedient, I’ll immediately have my men send their heads straight to your doorstep.” Muxiang didn’t have any particular expression on her face as she threatened the maidservant. The maidservant fell down to her knees in fright and kowtowed repeatedly.

“Miss Muxiang, please spare this servant’s mother and brother. This servant will definitely work hard for you.”

Muxiang snorted. “Rest assured. As long as you’re good for me, your mother and brother will have happy and carefree lives.”

Once the shivering maidservant had left, Muxiang stayed seated at the desk for a long moment. The emotions in her impenetrable eyes changed as quickly as the candle’s flame flickered.

It wasn’t until the first tendrils of dawn crept over the horizon that she picked up the brush on the table and quickly wrote something on a piece of paper.

She wrote out a full three pages before she stopped. Then, she blew on the papers to dry the ink, carefully folded them, and finally put them into an envelope, which she tucked into her clothes.

Muxiang stood up and walked over to the window, the determination to win flashing in her eyes.

Since the heavens had given her a second chance, she wasn’t going to squander it. This time, she wouldn’t make the wrong choice.

He Changdi was going to be her husband in this lifetime, just as he had in the previous one.

As for that imposter in her body, she was definitely going to unmask her one day and have He Changdi see her for who she really was!

Did that imposter really think that she had turned into House Ying’s Sixth Miss Chu Lian just because she was wearing her face?

Dream on!

She was the only one who could be Chu Lian! The pearl hidden in the dust was her alone!

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