Chapter 583: The Matriarch's Idea (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 583: The Matriarch's Idea (2)

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He Ying had an instant of panic when she heard that question, but she quickly calmed down.

As for why her daughter had appeared in the outer court, it was her doing of course! However, she had arranged for He Erlang to be the one. She had no idea why it had suddenly turned into He Dalang!

However, since her mother was casting her suspicions on her now, she couldn’t admit to that.

In order to finish up her plans, she had no choice but to use He Dalang now.

He Changqi was the eldest grandson of House Jing’an. He was going to inherit the countship in the future. If she was really able to marry Miss Zhen to him, it wouldn’t be that bad of a choice compared to her original plans.

He Ying’s target shifted in the span of a few seconds of thinking.

Anyway, things had already happened. She just had to push Miss Zhen onto He Dalang no matter what.

He Ying refused to speak. She only continued crying in sobs, annoying the matriarch even further.

The problem at hand was tricky. The victim here was her granddaughter, who had only been living in the estate for a few months. However, in that short amount of time, that lovely flower had been plucked. Pan Nianzhen didn’t have much status to begin with. Now that her body had been ruined, who could she marry?

Even if they managed to get her married, she would only be a disgrace to House Jing’an.

Matriarch He bowed her head. She caught sight of her eldest grandson from the corner of her eyes.

He didn’t have any heirs and he had just divorced. Even though he was nearing thirty, his previous wife had only left him two daughters.

Miss Zhen was Dalang’s cousin and he had interacted with her a few times before. Dalang was meant to inherit the title of Count Jing’an, so he couldn’t stay single forever. He had to have an heir someday.

Compared to bringing in an arrogant young noble miss from the outside, why not simply give Miss Zhen to him in marriage? Miss Zhen was still young, so surely she would be able to give him a heir?

Eldest Madam’s non-stop crying had made everyone fidgety.

Chu Lian looked at He Changdi.

He Sanlang took in the ring of spectators in the parlour with his cold eyes and understood that he was the only one who could do something now.

His eldest brother was still lost and blank. He hadn’t recovered from his shock yet at all. His second brother was still sound asleep. His mother was too soft and she wasn’t good at sticking her head out in these kinds of matters.

Chu Lian did have that capability, but she was the youngest here and it wouldn’t be easy for her to stand out. He Changdi couldn’t bear to have his wife stand out again to face the crowd anyway.

“Aunt, stop crying. I’ll send someone to investigate the details of this matter. If it’s Eldest Brother’s fault, he’ll definitely take responsibility as a man. However, if I find out that this was all part of some unsavoury plot, then don’t blame me for not giving face to my relatives!”

He Changdi’s voice was as icy as the tundra. He Ying couldn’t help but twitch.

She shot a quick, fearful glance at He Changdi, guilt rising in her heart.

Matriarch He’s face had lost all colour. In this short amount of time, it seemed like her hair had turned even whiter, and the wrinkles on her face had deepened.

Since her youngest grandson had volunteered to take on the matter, she nodded in agreement. As much as she wanted to oversee the resolution of this, she didn’t have the energy any longer.

Matriarch He weakly waved her hand to dismiss them all. She spoke with some difficulty, her age clearly catching up with her. “Then I’ll leave this matter to Sanlang. The sun hasn’t risen yet. Return to your beds and get some rest. There’s no need to come here for morning greetings tomorrow.”

After she was done speaking, Matriarch He hobbled towards her bedroom with the help of Muxiang and another handmaid.

He Ying tried to follow behind her, but she was stopped by the maidservant guarding the door.

The maidservant’s face was apologetic as she said, “Eldest Madam, the matriarch isn’t feeling well. Please allow her to have some rest.”

He Ying wanted to barge in regardless, but Senior Servant Liu arrived just in time to persuade her otherwise.

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