Chapter 582: The Matriarch's Idea (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 582: The Matriarch's Idea (1)

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Chu Lian had never seen such a thick-skinned and shameless person in her life.

The lantern lights were burning bright in Qingxi Hall, making it as bright as day.

Everyone in the family was gathered in the parlour of Qingxi Hall.

The expressions on their faces were all grave and serious.

Chu Lian sat next to He Changdi, her gaze focused on their eldest brother, He Changqi, who was seated on the main raised platform.

He Changqi still looked out of it. It was clear he hadn’t recovered from the shock earlier. Although his figure was as large and burly as before, he seemed more like a lone, lost bear right now. The layer of stubble on his chin added to his fragile appearance.

The grating sound of Eldest Madam He Ying’s sobs was ringing in everyone’s ears.

Ever since she had discovered what had happened to He Dalang and Miss Pan, He Ying had been wailing her complaints in the parlour.

She was acting like a crazy woman, unbefitting of a noble, causing everyone in the estate to look down on her even more.

Matriarch He had been awakened in the middle of the night, so her expression wasn’t looking too good. When she heard that something had happened to her granddaughter, she almost keeled right over.

Following that, her ears had been filled with the incessant cries of He Ying, turning her Qingxi Hall into a noisy vegetable market.

Even the servants couldn’t bear to look.

Countess Jing’an was helped into the parlour by Senior Servant Wang. Her face was as pale as a sheet, alarming Chu Lian, who hurriedly went up to support her other side.

When Matriarch He saw that Countess Jing’an had arrived, she finally had someone to vent all the fire in her belly on. She slapped the table and roared furiously, “Look at the son you’ve birthed! That monster ruined his very own cousin!”

Countess Jing’an almost collapsed to the floor thanks to the matriarch’s words.

Luckily, there were two people supporting her on either side, or she might have fainted out of anger.

The normally mild-mannered countess pointed at He Dalang with a trembling finger. Her voice was hoarse with pain as she ordered, “You unfilial son! Kneel down right now!”

He Dalang’s eyes were still empty. Upon hearing his mother’s order, he didn’t give out any sound of protest. He simply knelt down in the center of the parlour. His originally straight back was bent over, causing a pang of heartache in those who cared for him.

Chu Lian shot a look at Senior Servant Wang, and they worked in unison to help Countess Jing’an over to a nearby chair.

He Ying kneeled down on the ground and grabbed onto the matriarch’s legs. She wailed, “Mother! You have to do something for Miss Zhen! My poor, innocent daughter! I was still looking for a good marriage for her!”

Pan Nianzhen had been taken back to Qingxi Hall by now. She was resting in one of the side rooms near the parlour, with Senior Servant Liu and a few maidservants taking care of her.

She hadn’t stopped crying ever since she had returned to Qingxi Hall, no matter how Senior Servant Liu and the maidservants tried to comfort her. Her eyes were already swollen to the size of walnuts. It was clear that she was feeling regret over her actions.

Doubts arose in Senior Servant Liu’s heart upon seeing Pan Nianzhen’s performance.

She kept a watchful eye on the maidservants by Pan Nianzhen’s side.

Over in the parlour, He Ying’s plea for help had only darkened the storm on Matriarch He’s face. Although she still felt guilt over her treatment of her daughter, the current situation was like a slap in her face. Thus, she finally spoke harshly towards her daughter.

“Even so, why didn’t you take proper care of Miss Zhen! Why would she be in the outer court at such a late hour!”

The matriarch still had her moments of clear wit. She could see that something was wrong with the situation.

Even though this dynasty was more open-minded, there was an unspoken curfew at night for the ladies. Once the skies turned dark and they finished their dinners, noble ladies would stay in their own rooms. They wouldn’t leave their own courtyards, let alone the estate.

Last night, the three He brothers had returned at a very late hour. Why had Pan Nianzhen appeared in the main study of the outer court at that time?

The answer to this question would determine whether He Dalang was a victim or a culprit.

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