Chapter 579: Mishap (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 579: Mishap (2)

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He Changdi forced himself to sleep. When he turned to his side, he reached out for the warm body that was usually beside him. The emptiness that met his arm startled He Changdi awake.

He stared at the bed curtains for a few seconds before realising that this wasn’t his bedroom in Songtao Court and that Chu Lian wasn’t by his side right now.

An irritable heat was building up within him. He tossed and turned, but he couldn’t sleep. His mind was full of Chu Lian.

Finally, he ended up flipping the blankets aside and getting off the bed.

The night was quiet. Even the manservant who was supposed to be on duty through the night was sound asleep in the side room.

He Changdi walked over to the window and opened it. He somersaulted out easily and rushed straight for Songtao Court.

The moment he entered Songtao Court through the window, he was stopped by a soft voice, “Who’s there?!”

Wenqing dashed over, only to see He Changdi sitting on the window sill, in the middle of breaking into his own room. The corner of her mouth twitched uncontrollably and she set down her raised sword. She greeted him with a bob. “Third Young Master.”

He Changdi dismissed her with a wave of his hand and finished entering the bedroom, closing the window on the way.

Chu Lian was in the middle of some sweet dreams when something caught her and tightened around her.

She turned around and faced He Changdi, trying to push the thing holding onto her away.

“Lian’er, it’s me.”

He Changdi’s eyes were like black holes in the darkness, as bottomless and impenetrable as a deep lake.

Unfortunately, Chu Lian was still sleeping, so she couldn’t see that his eyes were hazy with desire.

He Changdi traced the profile of Chu Lian’s face with his fingers, but it only made the heat within him worse.

He buried his head into the crook of her shoulder and called, “Lian’er.”

Chu Lian usually slept like a log, and this night was no exception. When she was trapped in his tight embrace, all she did was struggle perfunctorily twice. The moment she found that her struggles were useless, she gave up and let He Changdi do as he wanted. Perhaps due to the familiar scent around her, she grew relaxed and even reached out to hug He Changdi’s narrow waist.

The fire burning in He Sanlang’s heart was becoming unbearable. He kissed the sensitive back of Chu Lian’s ear, huffing out his breath over her soft, little earlobe. His pants grew heavier.

He Sanlang’s hands freely roamed over Chu Lian’s body until she finally awoke.

When she first opened her eyes, a sleepy haze still covered them. It was when her top was suddenly taken away that she immediately came to her senses.

He Sanlang could tell that she had woken up, so he covered her lips with his own and started plundering with his tongue.

Chu Lian made some muffled sounds, intending to protest, but she soon realised that He Changdi was especially forceful tonight. He wouldn’t let her retreat at all.

She was soon teased to the point of wanting.

When He Sanlang finally entered her, forcefully and mercilessly, Chu Lian felt like her waist was about to break. However, no matter how much she pleaded, it was no use.

An hour later, the bedroom finally quietened down again.

Wenqing had remained on duty in the side room at first, but later on, she had quietly slipped away...

Chu Lian was extremely put out. Her throat was hoarse from her cries and she didn’t even know what day it was.

It wasn’t until He Changdi carried her into the bathtub that she regained her senses.

He Sanlang used a soft cloth to clean his wife’s body. Chu Lian was sprawled against his chest without even the strength to move a single finger. She suddenly bit harshly on He Changdi’s shoulder, leaving two neat rows of teeth marks on the muscles there.

In a hoarse voice, she complained, “He Changdi! You’re actually a huge pervert, aren’t you!”

He Sanlang didn’t mind whatever his wife called him. He chuckled lowly and whispered teasingly into her ear, “Haven’t I serviced you enough? I thought all your energy should have been used up by now?”

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