Chapter 578: Mishap (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 578: Mishap (1)

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He Changdi let out a cold snort and mercilessly rejected his older brother. “Second Brother, if you want to keep drinking, you can do it by yourself. I’m tired, so I’m heading back to my place to rest.”

However, He Changjue was a stubborn one. He continued hanging onto He Changdi’s arm.

“Is it just because Third Sister-in-Law might be waiting up for you? Don’t worry! It’s already this late, I’m sure she’s already gone to bed!”

He Changdi chuckled coldly. “Someone who’s still single won’t understand.”

He Sanlang’s words stirred up the hornet’s nest. He Changjue still had enough consciousness left to recognise the insult. Furthermore, his path to love had never been smooth. His brother’s mocking tipped him over the edge and he leaped up to attack He Changdi.

Of course, He Changdi was no pushover. They started brawling noisily right there in the study.

Perhaps due to their drunkenness, the brothers fought fiercely.

The maidservant waiting outside was pale with fright. She hurriedly ran off to find the steward. The steward was already old, so there was no way he could pull apart his two masters. In the end, he ordered some servants to bring the family soldiers here to stop their fight.

“You little brat! Don’t you dare show off with your wife in front of me in the future, or I’ll knock all your teeth out!” He Erlang was still scolding his little brother when they were pulled apart, the very picture of a drunk maniac.

He Changdi had suffered a punch of the corner of his lips, which was starting to bruise. However, at least he had left Erlang in much worse shape. He shifted his jaw and muttered ‘idiot’ under his breath. Just as he was about to return to the inner court to look for his wife, the steward stopped him.

“Ah, Second Young Master, Third Young Master, please, drink a bowl of sobering soup before you head back to rest.”

There was a maidservant standing behind the assistant steward with a food container in hand.

When the steward finished speaking, the maidservant hurried forward and set down the box on the table. She brought out two warm bowls of sobering soup and offered one each to He Changjue and He Changdi.

After that brief bout, both brothers were a little thirsty. He Changjue took the bowl and downed it in one gulp. He even had another two cups of tea in addition.

He Changdi took up the porcelain bowl. When he put it to his mouth, he frowned. The smell of this sobering soup was strange.

He didn’t like drinking these types of medicinal soups, so he only had less than half the bowl.

He Changdi had already sent someone to Songtao Court to ask about his wife on his return to the estate. The person he sent returned to say that Third Young Madam had already gone to bed.

He Sanlang escorted his brother to the study’s side room and waited until the servants had helped him out of his clothes and laid him in bed.

The assistant steward drew closer with a smile. “Third Young Master, would you like to rest here in the outer court, or return to the inner court tonight?”

Since Chu Lian was already asleep, He Changdi told the steward to arrange a side room for him in the outer court as well.

The assistant steward personally led He Sanlang to the side room on the left of the main study.

After he entered the room, He Changdi came out again in a few minutes. He told the manservant guarding the door outside, “Prepare the room next to Second Brother. I’ll sleep over there.”

The manservant quickly ran off to follow his orders.

While He Erlang was a good drinker, he became unreliable once he was high. He Sanlang was worried that something would happen to him in the night, so he decided to watch over his brother instead.

By the time he finally laid down to rest, it was already an hour later.

Ever since he had gotten married, He Changdi hadn’t spent many nights in the outer court’s main study. He had also slept in this particular side room a few times before. However, for some reason, it felt uncomfortable this time.

The blankets didn’t feel as soft, the bedding wasn’t comfortable enough, and his sides were empty, making him feel like the entire room was too empty and quiet.

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