Chapter 577: My Dear Daughter (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 577: My Dear Daughter (2)

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Xiyan didn’t return until the evening. She secretly reported the information that she learnt to Chu Lian.

Chu Lian listened to her report and confirmed her suspicions. One of the cloisonné vases had been pawned away. Although Countess Jing’an had done it stealthily, it was impossible to do it without any traces.

Chu Lian guessed that the money received from pawning the vase had probably been deposited into House Jing’an’s public accounts.

As Chu Lian waited for He Changdi to return for dinner, she thought about how she should tell him about this issue. Unfortunately, Laiyue came to report that He Sanlang was going to have dinner with his colleagues from the Ministry of War tonight. Eldest Brother He Changqi and Second Brother He Changjue would also be present at the dinner, so it seemed like he would be coming back slightly later tonight.  

Chu Lian sent Laiyue back with an acknowledgement. She promptly asked Senior Servant Gui to set up the meal so she could finish eating earlier and go to bed afterwards.

At the same time that Chu Lian received the report, Matriarch He was also notified. The matriarch ordered the manservants of the outer court to take good care of her grandsons, who were returning late at night.

After dinner, He Ying pulled her daughter into her bedroom and whispered into her ears.

Pan Nianzhen’s face instantly flushed. She nervously tightened her grasp on the handkerchief in her hand and asked timidly, “Mother… Is… Is this really alright?”

He Ying slapped her daughter’s back. “What’s wrong with it? If we don’t use this method, you’ll never be able to stay in the Jing’an Estate. Do you really want to marry those poor, powerless, pathetic men? Do you want to serve under their strict mothers?”

Pan Nianzhen hastily shook her head. “No… I don’t.”

“Then do as I’ve taught you. If it doesn’t work out, I have my own way of making sure that no one finds out. If it’s successful, even your grandmother won’t be able to stop you from marrying into House Jing’an.”

Pan Nianzhen summoned all her courage, bit her lips, and finally gave her mother a nod. “Alright, Mother, I’ll listen to everything you say.”

“That’s right. That’s my good daughter. All those years of guidance weren’t in vain.”

The same night, around 11pm, the three brothers of the He family returned to the estate together.

It was already too late at night, so He Erlang didn’t return to the Left Military Guards. He joined his two brothers in their carriage and returned to the estate.

Once the three brothers entered the estate, the assistant steward and a group of manservants promptly greeted them.

The three brothers weren’t the only ones who had drunk a lot tonight. Their personal manservants had also been forced to drink in a separate room.

Their personal manservants, Laiyue and Kangshou, had already been taken to a nearby room in the outer court to rest.

The assistant steward didn’t dare to be remiss in his care because of Matriarch He’s earlier instructions.

Amongst the three brothers, only He Changdi remained slightly more sober. If it weren’t for him, they probably wouldn’t have been able to return and would have stayed outside overnight.

The restaurant they had dinner at was right across the street from Wangxian Chamber, the most famous brothel within the capital.

He Changdi’s personality was such that he didn’t like drinking alcohol. He only had a moderate alcohol tolerance, so even if he controlled how much he drank, he still had a headache right now.

The eldest brother, He Changqi, was the most drunk. Erlang was still able to speak, but he was clearly in the middle of a drunk high based on how he talked!

He Changdi massaged his temples with one hand. His brows furrowed as he gave his orders to the steward in a low voice. “Just take Eldest Brother and Second Brother over to the main study in the outer court to rest. It’s late, so make sure you don’t disturb Grandmother and Mother.”

A burly manservant carried He Changqi on his back, straight to a room inside the study to rest.

However, He Changjue started acting up in his drunken state. He refused to go into the room to rest. Moreover, he even held on to He Changdi, refusing to let him leave.

“Hey… Third Brother... don’t leave! Let’s drink some more. It’s been so long since we’ve had a good drink together!”

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