Chapter 572: New Restaurant (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 572: New Restaurant (1)

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“Is it going to be just like Guilin Restaurant?” He Changdi became curious as to what his wife had in mind.

Back when Chu Lian had single-handedly brought Guilin Restaurant to fame, he hadn’t helped at all, but now, he wanted to be a pillar of support for her.

Chu Lian shook her head.

“It’d be boring to do the same thing again. This time, I’ll open a restaurant specialising in roast duck! I’m going to be selling the roast duck I made at Prince Wei’s estate. You’ve already tried it, so what do you think?”

He Sanlang burst into a bout of open laughter. “In that case, I’m going to be receiving complaints from Fourth Prince.”

Confused, Chu Lian tilted her head, but she immediately caught on. “Prince Jin is the owner of Yuehong Restaurant?”

Wasn’t Yuehong Restaurant famed for having the best roast duck in the capital?

Royal Princess Duanjia had brought her there for a meal last year, but the taste of their duck was nothing to write home about.

“Isn’t that even better? Prince Jin is rich anyways, and that Yuehong Restaurant only has a single signature dish. Besides, the restaurant I’m going to open won’t just be selling roast duck.”

Feeling helpless, He Changdi said, “This time, I’ll find you some helpers, so don’t push yourself to take care of everything.”

There were two downsides if Chu Lian personally managed the restaurant. Firstly, it’d be tough on her. Secondly, it wouldn’t reflect well on her since she had given the broken Guilin Restaurant away.

If it was left to someone else to manage, even if people suspected them, they wouldn’t go running their mouths off if they didn’t have any solid evidence. This would also serve to protect the tentative peace between Chu Lian and Matriarch He on the surface.

Chu Lian knew that He Changdi was doing this for her own good, so she didn’t object. When the time came for it to open, she could just make a few covert trips there to keep an eye on things.

Chu Lian nodded.

He Sanlang reached out to pull Chu Lian into his embrace. “We’ll move out once Father returns.”

Caught off guard by this sudden statement, Chu Lian’s eyes went wide. She put her hand on his chest and asked, “Really?”

Her mind immediately rejected this possibility. Although Count Jing’an had three sons, the eldest had just divorced and had no heirs. The second one was a stubborn man who still hadn’t married. She and He Changdi may have gotten married last year, but they had only consummated their marriage recently. Other than that, there was only the elderly Matriarch He and her mother-in-law, who had only just recovered. It wouldn’t be reasonable for the third branch to move out at this point of time.

He Changdi kept his eyes on his wife’s face. When he noticed that the joy from receiving the deeds paled in comparison to the news of them moving out, he became even more resolute with regards to this decision.

Since his aunt and cousin had moved in, his grandmother had become increasingly paranoid. There was a saying amongst the common folk that some things were better with distance.

It actually wasn’t normal for a family of dual nobilities to live under one roof. Now that he had become a marquis, he could leave this house to his father once his father returned. He had his own ways to convince his father to let the two of them move out. Second Brother couldn’t remain single forever either, so Father would make the decision for him. With Mother’s health improving day by day, there wasn’t much left for him to worry about in House Jing’an.

After moving out with his wife, Chu Lian would then be the one to handle their estate, so he would no longer have to be stuck between his wife and his grandmother.

He Changdi stroked her hair. “I’m your husband. Have I ever lied to you?”

Chu Lian’s mood immediately brightened up. She didn’t want to interfere with how He Changdi was going to persuade his parents, so she would just wait to move out with him.

The couple chatted for a while longer before going to have a meal together.

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