Chapter 569: Count Jing'an is Returning (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 569: Count Jing'an is Returning (2)

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Sanlang’s wife had been the one to bring Great Doctor Miao to the Jing’an Estate. It had also been Sanlang and his wife who had travelled thousands of miles, risking their lives in the north, to retrieve the key to her recovery, the Snow Mountain Mists flower. Chu Lian was definitely high in the list of people that Countess Jing’an was thankful for.

“My husband and I are thrilled that Mother has gotten better. I’m sure Father will be equally happy once he finds out.”

When Chu Lian mentioned her father-in-law, Madam Liu suddenly remembered some news.

Her lips curved upwards and a warm smile blossomed on her face. He Changdi’s lips were the most similar to his mother’s; thin in shape, but not in feeling.

“Lian’er, I’m afraid you haven’t heard this yet. Your father will be returning from Mingzhou soon. If I count the days… he must be on his way already!”

Chu Lian’s eyes sparkled. Her father-in-law was on the way back to the capital?

This was happening half a year earlier than in the original novel!

She had already married into House Jing’an for more than six months, but she hadn’t met her father-in-law yet!

Madam Liu seemed to have sensed her daughter-in-law’s surprise and uncertainty. With a reassuring smile, she said, “There’s no need to be scared. Dalang is the one who resembles your father the most amongst my three sons. While your father might look a little fierce, he’s a softie inside. He loves doting on the younger generation the most.”

Madam Liu’s description gave Chu Lian a good guess at her father-in-law’s appearance. She lost a little of her trepidation and started looking forward to meeting her father-in-law instead.

Countess Jing’an didn’t stay for long. She soon headed back to her own courtyard with her handmaids in tow.

Chu Lian took a nap in the afternoon. When she woke up, it was to the sight of He Changdi reading a book while leaning against the headboard.

She rubbed her eyes and glared at He Sanlang. He seemed to have noticed her movements from the corner of his eyes. He reached out with one hand and pet her on the head. “Have you slept enough?”

Chu Lian wanted to scold him for getting too greedy last night, going until she had almost fainted. However, just as she was about to speak, her bashfulness overcame her and she stopped.

In the end, she expressed her feelings by giving him a good pinch on the arm.

He Sanlang’s brow wasn’t even ruffled by the attack. When she was done taking out her frustration on him, he turned to look at her. He unexpectedly took her hand in his and reached into his clothes, setting her hand down on the prominent muscles on his abdomen.

“Pinch here. Your hand will hurt from pinching my arm.”

Chu Lian was utterly defeated by his shamelessness. She gave him one last ferocious pinch. Unfortunately, his abdomen wasn’t soft either and it was taxing on her fingers.

On the other hand, He Changdi stiffened from her actions. A dangerous glint had seeped into his eyes when their gazes met again.

Chu Lian quickly let go out of fright. She didn’t dare to provoke him again.

He was definitely a shameless man through and through! The only one who would suffer was her!

He Sanlang knew that she had been completely tired out from last night, so he hadn’t thought of playing with her again. He secretly doused the rising flames of desire within him before reaching out to draw Chu Lian into his arms.

He stroked her hair tenderly and slowly, giving the impression of soothing an affectionate cat.

A comfortable haze fell over Chu Lian from his warm actions. She leaned against his shoulder amiably and even twirled a lock of his long hair between her fingers.

“Oh, right, Mother mentioned some news when she came by to visit this afternoon. Father will be returning from Mingzhou.”

He Changdi’s eyes hadn’t shifted from his book, but he let out a light grunt of acknowledgement. After some time, he said, “It’s due to a secret decree that the Emperor sent out some time back. I just found out two days ago.”

“What could the Emperor’s intentions be?”

Chu Lian’s mind raced. Her father-in-law, Count Jing’an, had been stationed at the border in Mingzhou for over a decade. While the current political state in court meant that military officials couldn’t be compared to the literary officials, it was different for the generals who defended the borders.

House Jing’an was only a countship, but no one in the capital dared to look down upon them because of her father-in-law, Count Jing’an, guarding the border of Mingzhou.

There were at least sixty thousand soldiers under Count Jing’an’s command, twice the number of Liangzhou’s troops!

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