Chapter 567: Too Much 'Nourishment' (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 567: Too Much 'Nourishment' (2)

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A corner of He Sanlang’s mouth twitched. He shot a look at his oblivious little woman and didn’t deign to reply to her question immediately. Instead, he waved a hand at the servants to dismiss them.

Seeing the mood between the couple, Senior Servant Zhong understood what was going on. She bobbed towards He Changdi and Chu Lian before leading the two maidservants in the room away. She even considerately dismissed the maidservant who was supposed to be on the night shift.

For some reason, now that only she and He Changdi were left in the room, Chu Lian felt that the atmosphere was a little strange. There was a certain tension in the air. Her throat was starting to become a little dry, so she lifted her teacup to her lips and took a sip of warm water.

“It’s still early, so why did you chase them all out? Do you have a lot of documents to go through? That’s what you work on every night, right? Will you be tonight?”

Another twitch developed in He Sanlang’s forehead. His wife was too good at ruining the mood.

If not for fear of losing control, would he have gone to his study every night to clear his mind?

Thinking of those painful days, He Changdi felt a pang of sympathy for himself.

He dropped all pretenses of courtesy with Chu Lian and quickly walked up to her. He bent down and immediately had her entire body wrapped up in his arms. Without further ado, he made large strides towards their bed.

Realisation finally dawned upon Chu Lian. Her face flushed tomato red, and for a moment, she thought about struggling. However, her body felt like it was on fire. There was a burning desire for He Changdi’s affections in her heart...

He Changdi drew close to her reddened ear and bit her plump earlobe. His low voice had a hint of devilish temptation to it as he whispered, “I’m not going. I’ll be keeping you company all night.”

Chu Lian’s body had become extremely sensitive after drinking the nourishing tonic for so many days. She couldn’t bear with his wanton teasing.

As if a switch had suddenly been flipped, her body was starting to change.

By the time He Changdi set her down gently on their bed, her mind had already turned foggy and her consciousness was fluctuating between the boundary of reason and desire.

At some point, tears had begun to gather at the corners of her eyes, making her wide almond-shaped eyes even more alluring.

She tried her best to hold on to her last shred of sanity to stem the tide of desire flooding through her, but unfortunately, her efforts were futile.

Even though her rationality had already been taken over, Chu Lian still cringed from her actions deep inside. She couldn’t understand why she had changed so much. This unwanted change gave her a terrible sense of defeat.

She whined and made her last struggle.

He Changdi hovered above her, looking down at her discomfited expression from above. He finally sighed and reached out to gently stroke her flushed cheek. His other hand went behind her back to soothe her tensed nerves. “Lian,’er, don’t be scared. It’s perfectly normal for you to feel this way.”

He Sanlang’s gentle voice managed to summon some of Chu Lian’s wits back. She blinked at him in a dazed manner with tears in her eyes, as if urging him to continue his explanation.

He lowered his head and placed a soft peck on her lips before whispering, “Silly girl, didn’t you realise that the tonic was making your body ‘hotter’? Did you think that ‘fire’ could be doused with just a few slices of pears or by soaking in cold water?”

His wife was just too cute.

Chu Lian’s reaction to He Changdi’s explanation was a stunned stare.

She continued blinking her widened eyes without speaking.

He Sanlang buried his head in the space between her neck and shoulder, trying unsuccessfully to hide his muffled laughter.

He stopped his pretense of courtesy and plucked off her thin nightclothes with an agile twist of his hand.

After waiting for so long, He Sanlang had already reached his limits. His feast was already bared before his eyes. There was no turning back now!

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