Chapter 566: Too Much 'Nourishment' (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 566: Too Much 'Nourishment' (1)

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The corners of Chu Lian’s lips twitched. She had just found out they truly wouldn’t be able to move in this position.

With her covering He Changdi’s eyes and He Changdi carrying her…

“Then… then set me down and I’ll walk by myself,” Chu Lian suggested after a long moment.

He Sanlang’s mouth curled into a smirk. “Are you sure?”

He made to set her down.

Chu Lian abruptly recalled the difference in height between them. If he really put her down like this, she would barely be able to cover his eyes, never mind that she would be straining to do so… In the end, she would be completely exposed to his gaze, putting her right back where she started in the first place.

Seeing He Sanlang about to let her down, Chu Lian raised her voice in alarm. “Wait, wait!” she cried.

He Sanlang’s face was lit up with a mischievous smile. He shifted her higher and even managed to grope a feel while he was it. A blush immediately bloomed to life on Chu Lian’s cheeks.


“Aren’t you going to put down your hands? Do you really want to catch a cold?”

Chu Lian bit her lip and slowly pulled her arms back down.

She crossed her arms over her chest to hide the cherry buds on top of the ‘hills of snow’. However, it only pushed her hills together to form an even deeper tempting valley.

He Sanlang’s gaze travelled down her neck to behold the view of that valley. His pupils dilated with interest, but he managed to hide it quickly.

He Changdi would never put Chu Lian’s health at stake for a mere joke. Worried that she would really catch a cold, he swiftly carried her over to the changing screen and grabbed a large cloak. Then, he wrapped it securely around her before running out of the bathroom with her still in his arms.

He took one of the blankets from the bed and added another layer of warmth around her before calling for Wenqing to help Chu Lian dry off. Meanwhile, he turned back and re-entered the bathroom instead.

When Wenqing came in to help Chu Lian dress up, she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. Chu Lian was so embarrassed that she couldn’t look up.

The sounds of splashing water came from the bathroom. It was only then that Chu Lian realised that the bath water hadn’t been changed, and that it had already cooled down by the time she was done.

She hurriedly finished dressing and put on her shoes to rush over to the bathroom, only to see that her husband was already in the tub.

A twitch developed at the corner of her mouth. She reminded, “Hubby, that water’s already been used. I’ll call someone to get you a fresh change of water.”

Before Chu Lian could set off, He Changdi stopped her. “No need, I’m already done.”

Then, he stood up from the bathtub without warning.

Chu Lian got a good eyeful of his perfect figure: tightly packed abs, defined lines down his hips, and… a certain part of him that looked to be brimming with vigour...

Chu Lian: …...

The blush that had just faded from her cheeks came back to life, spreading all the way down to her neck this time.

She was stunned speechless by the sight. It took a good moment before she managed to shift her gaze away in a panic.

By then, He Changdi had already walked up to her and was nonchalantly putting on his clothes...

Chu Lian stomped her foot in annoyance before fleeing pathetically from the bathroom.

That He Sanlang! He looked like an cold, upright gentleman on the outside, but he was actually a great big pervert!

Wasn’t he way too accepting of her? He had actually used her dirty bathwater...

When He Sanlang stepped out of the bathroom, Senior Servant Zhong had come over to ask if they would like their meal served now.

The couple had their dinner on the small table in the bedroom. It was an exceptionally fast meal and they quickly cleared the dishes.

While drinking her nourishing tonic, Chu Lian stared at He Changdi with a strange expression.

He Sanlang lifted a brow. “What’s wrong?”

Chu Lian tilted her head to one side and said, “I thought you were acting especially weird today. Why are you so rushed for time today? You even ate dinner quickly. Do you have to go to your study and settle some business?”

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