Chapter 565: How Do I Walk Like This (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 565: How Do I Walk Like This (2)

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“Since I can’t eat pears, can I at least take a bath?” Chu Lian compromised.

“Third Young Madam, please wait a moment. This servant will prepare a bath for you immediately.” Xiyan told Jingyan to finish organising the rest before heading out to instruct a maidservant to prepare hot water for bathing.

He Changdi returned to Songtao Court much earlier today, as compared to his track record over the past few days.

As soon as he returned, a maidservant had told him that Chu Lian was bathing. The stiff expression on his face promptly relaxed and a faint trace of humour emerged in his eyes.

He walked into the bedroom and changed his clothes. After that, he sat on the chaise and drank a cup of warm water. Although he still maintained an icy expression on his face, he was already feeling quite restless within his heart.

Only the heavens knew how difficult it had been for him to endure these past few days.

He had finally made it past the number of days Great Doctor Miao had instructed him to wait. He Changdi was so restless that he didn’t even have the mood to continue working today, so he had returned to the estate much earlier than usual.

Chu Lian had already been bathing for quite a while by the time He Changdi returned.

The hot steam coming from the bathtub had made her even more uncomfortable at first, but as the water gradually cooled down, it had become soothing.

With her whole body submerged in water, it felt like the heat being emitted from the core of her body was finally being driven out. She sighed comfortably as she leaned against the bathtub, unwilling to get up.

Before Xiyan even noticed that there was something amiss, He Sanlang had already furrowed his brows while resting inside the bedroom. He asked coldly, “How long has your young madam been bathing?”

Hearing his question, Xiyan calculated the time mentally, and her eyes instantly widened. “Replying… Replying to Third Young Master, almost an hour…”

He Changdi’s sharp gaze swept towards Xiyan. His voice became even colder. “Go receive your punishment from Senior Servant Zhong.”

After giving his order, he strode directly into the bathroom.

He shoved aside the thick curtains of the bathroom and was immediately greeted with the sight of the woman he was so worried about. She was currently leaning against the bathtub with her eyes closed. There wasn’t much steam coming from the water within the tub anymore.

Anger filled He Changdi, pushing him to walk right over and pull the resting Chu Lian out of the bathtub.

Chu Lian had been leaning comfortably against the bathtub, deep in her thoughts, when he had abruptly fished her out of the water. She was completely dumbfounded by this sudden action.   

When she turned around and saw that it was only He Sanlang, the thumping of her heart calmed down a little. However, she immediately realised that she wasn’t wearing anything right now. Her cheeks were instantly covered in a bright blush.

She tried to use her hands to cover up her bare body, but her hands were too small for that. The spark of an idea suddenly flashed through her mind and she quickly covered up He Changdi’s eyes with her hands instead.

“Put them down!” He Sanlang gave off a stern order in his slightly hoarse, magnetic voice.

Chu Lian’s still wet body was being carried by He Changdi. Her husband’s sleeves had been soaked through when he lifted her out of the bathtub, so they were quickly turning cold. However, the hands on her body felt scorching hot, making her tremble uncontrollably.

Chu Lian subconsciously shook her head, but she quickly realised that He Sanlang couldn’t see her gesture.

She had no choice but to speak up and say, “I can’t! I’m not wearing any clothes!”

Her voice was soft, sweet, and inexplicably alluring.

He Changdi suddenly let out a sudden burst of laughter. The curve of his pressed lips tilted upwards into a seductive smirk. “Which part of your body have I not seen before? Don’t you think that it’s too late to cover my eyes now?”

Chu Lian was instantly rendered speechless by his words, but her arms remained stubbornly still.

He Sanlang felt helpless. They had already consummated their marriage, but she was still so shy around him.

He sighed inwardly, but he tried his best to coax her patiently. “How do you expect me to walk around like this?”

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