Chapter 564: How Do I Walk Like This (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 564: How Do I Walk Like This (1)

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He Ying and her daughter were whispering in their room with their heads lowered. It was hard to tell what kind of wishful plans they were making.

A while later, Pan Nianzhen widened her eyes in shock. “Mother, this… this doesn’t seem appropriate!”

She couldn’t believe that He Ying would tell her to use that kind of method.

He Ying sneered. “How is it improper?! As long as we can achieve our goal, there’s no such thing as an inappropriate method!”

Once things were done and settled, and with her to put her foot down, she refused to believe that her daughter wouldn’t be able to marry Erlang!

Pan Nianzhen nervously gulped and took a deep breath. Her hesitant gaze slowly shifted into resolute determination.

“Alright, I’ll listen to Mother. I know you’re the one who treats me the best in this world.” Pan Nianzhen had warm words to speak, but those weren’t the true thoughts within her heart.

Her mother had devised a plan for her and she was also going to make the arrangements for it. However, she had her own twist in mind.

This was something that she hid even from He Ying.

However, neither of them noticed that the maidservant whom they had trusted to guard the door, Pinglu, had already inwardly taken note of their plan. She even reported it directly to the matriarch’s handmaid, Muxiang, later on.

For some reason, Chu Lian’s whole body felt terribly uncomfortable after drinking the nourishing soup today. It was nearing the end of February and it was still rather chilly outside, yet she couldn’t stand wearing even the lightest cotton clothes in her room.

Her body was so hot that her face was also flushed red.

As she leaned askew on the chaise while looking over the account book sent by Manager Qin, Chu Lian appeared to be in low spirits.

The bedroom was heated, so the handmaids didn’t stop Chu Lian from only wearing a single thin garment inside.

Chu Lian set down the account book impatiently. She looked towards Xiyan and Jingyan, who were moving around quietly as they tidied the room, and asked, “Aren’t you hot? Why are you still wearing vests?”

When they heard her question, Xiyan and Jingyan stopped what they were doing and shook their heads in reply.

“Third Young Madam, why would it be hot? It’s still early spring. The branches of the willow trees have just begun to bloom; the capital is still quite chilly,” Xiyan answered with a smile.

Chu Lian stared at their faces. That seemed to be the case. They had been constantly walking around to organise things inside this warm room, yet there wasn’t any sweat on their foreheads at all. It was clear that the weather wasn’t hot to them.

Chu Lian used the account book to fan her face. Her cheeks were rosy, making her appear like a delicate, languid begonia flower.

“Why do I feel so hot?” Chu Lian exclaimed with irritation.

She really missed the days of eating ice cream during winter. With that thought, Chu Lian smacked her lips while lying on the chaise.

The handmaids knew exactly why Third Young Madam was feeling hot, but they weren’t thick-skinned enough to tell Chu Lian directly.

After hearing her complaint, they bowed their heads with flushed faces and remained silent, pretending not to hear her.

Chu Lian promptly sat up on the chaise, smacking her lips a couple more times. “Xiyan, can you go get me some pears to eat?”

Xiyan didn’t dare to agree to her request. She had a troubled expression on her face as she replied, “Third Young Madam, please have mercy on this servant. Senior Servant Zhong has repeatedly warned us that you’re not allowed to eat cold-natured foods. If Third Young Master finds out, then this servant will be in serious trouble.”

Chu Lian raised her eyebrows. “Whose maidservant are you exactly? You’re not even listening to me anymore!”

“Please have mercy on this servant. Both you and Third Young Master are my masters, so this servant can only follow the rules without bias.”

Chu Lian sighed. He Changdi was truly frightening. The maidservants in her courtyard had all submitted to him.  

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